Can I afford to retire in the Philippines?

retiring-philippines-smallCan you really afford retiring and moving to the Philippines?  I think that is a definite “yes”, that is if you like the worm climate, walking on the beaches feeling that sand on your feet. Going for a dive or swim whenever you want or if you are single meeting beautiful women (Island Girl) of the Philippines… You can do things here that would be completely prohibitive in the USA unless you are of the upper wealthy class or just happen to live on a beach somewhere in California. How about living in a 5 bedroom home on the side of a mountain overlooking the city below with a clubhouse that has an Olympic sized pool and do it for half the price of a 4 bedroom home it the USA except for Detroit you can buy a house there for $15. This is quite possible here even for just an average  American like me. My website  is all about such a move.






Live in a nice home with an affordable price. .



Live on the side of a mountain overlooking Cebu City below away from all the busy rushed life style.


You can make this happen if you have sufficient retirement benefits to sustain yourself here and that can be as little as $1000 a month but more ideally around $2,000 and up will allow you to live comfortably here. Most Americans that retire and move here create a job for themselves something like a unique business, a restaurant but not Filipino there are too many of them here now. Sandwich Restaurant something like Subway of your own creation. A store or a karate School something like this to make the extra money so you can go travel around the 7,107 alluring islands of the Philippines.



This is an Irish American’s business, it is already finished and serves European and American food. You can even get a Thanksgiving meal here complete with turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, yams and all the trimmings.

This is Jesse J-Dog Boartfield’s Restaurant, bar and internet cafe’, both of these are in Cebu City.


I Hope you choose Cebu City it is the second largest city in the Philippines. The weather is relatively cool compared to other places in the Philippines, we have the ocean breeze and it get into the 70 here at night. Then look me up when you get here.




This SM Mall will be the same size as the SM Mall of Asia in Manila.
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