Restaurant Precautions: Are They Overkill or Medically Necessary?

As the world collectively reopens, people are beginning to venture out. Restaurants are opening and the new normal guidelines are being implemented. Are the precautions asked of citizens overkill or medically necessary?




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  1. hi scott its Totally OVERKILL,,, ithink theres going to be unrest if this madness go,s on for much longer 98% who have the virus are fine ,its another bad strain of the FLU,,very sad for the people who are effected, of course,, isolate the sick and vulnerable with on going medical issues ,social distancing yes, hand cleaning yes, but too Bankrupt millions of business and companies is just Madness !!,, and get THIS our Politicians here in AUS are getting a 12% pay rise in the next few weeks ,,what a surprise

  2. Okay. That’s a little weird. I understand maintaining social distance from strangers, reducing overexposure to others and a way limiting how many people can be in their establishment; but a family should be able to sit together. At least the food was good. Didn’t see the wife in video.

  3. Can’t imagine the restaurant be able to trade for long losing 75% of their customer, saying that maybe they need to been seen to be doing something in order to stay open who knows?

  4. Wow. I truly thinks it’s a conspiracy to sell Red Tape so they can make little X marks on the tables Lol. Actually it’s just creating more Red Tape and bureaucracy. “This has gotten out of control”. Thanks Scott All the best. Mitch

  5. The “new normal” is a ridiculous phrase. The human being is a social species.
    Accepting current measures as “normal” is like being brainwashed to believe that this is how we’re going to live for the rest of our lives. If this is true, I’d rather succumb to the virus than live believing that every fellow human being is potentially toxic. The phrase should be “temporarily unusual”. Otherwise, what’s the point of living?

  6. respiratory problems, allergies if they kept this CCP propaganda for 2 years. Masks cause breathing problems for people with or without breathing problems. Disinfecting alcohols and sprays contains toxic chemicals that causes to lower immunities and cell destructions to the human body…..Just to sell chinese masks and toxic sanitisers…….holy fuck !!

  7. Way overkill. It won’t last as they will go out of business so quickly as no one will be dumb enough to go through all these restrictions. They will have to learn the hard way I guess first. It’s not a new normal because it can’t be. No one will be bothered to go.

  8. It’s overkill; the whole lockdown is unnecessary imo, especally for a country that has had a low number of cases. Food looked good though!

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