Requirements for Marriage in the Philippines

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The Travel.State.Gov website states “Any foreigner who wishes to marry in the Philippines is required by the Philippine Government to obtain from his/her Embassy an “Affidavit in Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry” before filing an application for a marriage license.  A citizen of the United States may execute the affidavit at the American Embassy in Manila.”

The American Embassy in Manila is located at 1201 Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

The telephone number is (63) (2) 521-7116

Fax number is (63) (2) 522-4361

United States of America Consular Office Cebu – G/F Waterfront

Cebu City Hotel Bldg., No. 1, Lahug, Cebu City

(63-32) 231-1261

Some of the paperwork can be initiated at the Consular Office in Cebu however the interview is done in Manila at the Embassy.   At the interview you need to prove to them that your Fiancee is marrying you out of love not just to use you got get her into the United States. This is why you need to show a valid relationship has developed between the two of you. If they think this is not a real relationship they can and will disapprove the affidavit. Bring plenty of letters from her to you and several photos if you have them. I did a lot of chatting and saved some of the transcripts then I printed them out and brought them to the interview. After the requirements are completed you are free to marry her at any time. If you want a church wedding you have additional church requirement, and a seminar to attend and some other requirements and places to attend. 

The American needs to present his/her U.S. passport and proof of the termination of any prior marriage(s) (court certified copies of divorce degrees or registrar certified copies of death certificates), if applicable. There is a service fee of $30.00 for the affidavit.

The affidavit must be obtained from the U.S. Embassy in Manila. Philippine authorities will not accept any substitute document initiated in the United States.

If your fiancee has children she must bring NSO authenticated birth certificates to the interview.

The American Consular Agency is only open to receive incoming phone calls between the hours of 8am and 9am (GMT +8 hours, Hong Kong Time).

Applications are accepted between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am, Monday – Friday (GMT +8 hours, Hong Kong Time). It is closed on all American and Philippine holidays.

The American Consular Agency is located on the ground floor of the Waterfront Hotel atwaterfront hotel - consulate office - cebu

#1 Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.

The local telephone number is (32) 231-1261.

From the US, dial 011+63-32-231-1261

Other countries dial 00+63-32-231-1261.

Links For More Detailed Info:

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What you need:

American Fiancé:

  1. U.S. Passport or Birth Certificate. (I recommend bringing a couple of copies of your official birth certificate, it comes in handy)
  2. Proof of termination of prior marriage, if any. (This is a certified copy of your divorce papers or annulment.)

Filipino Fiancée:

  1. Photo, Student or Work ID (Name and photo must be shown).
  2. Authenticated Birth Certificate from the NSO (National Statistics Office).Proof of termination of previous marriage, if any.
    1. If between the ages of 18 and 21, and having not been previously married, a written parental consent form (signed by either parent or legal guardian) must be filled out and signed, and then notarized. (Upper portion of form.)
    2. If between the ages of 21 and 25, and having not been previously married, a written parental advice form (signed by either parent or legal guardian) must be filled out and signed. (Lower portion of form.)
  3. NSO authenticated death certificate of previous spouse, if widowed.
  4. Birth Certificates of all children, if applicable, from the NSO.
  5. Evidence of a valid relationship with the American fiancé. ( we supplied plenty of photos of us over time , letters and chat transcripts that show over a period of time.)



This affidavit is issued as a notarial act by the U.S. Consular Officer and as such the consular officer is authorized by Title 22 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 92.9b, to refuse to perform the service if the document in connection with which the notarial act is requested will be used for a purpose patently unlawful, improper, or inimical to the best interests of the United States. Entering into a marriage with an alien strictly for the purpose of gaining entry to the United States for that individual is considered as an unlawful act.


Section 4221 of Title 22 United States Code provides for punishment of individuals who commit perjury in an affidavit taken by a consular officer.

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