Reopened – Walking Street Pattaya Thailand

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Walking Street, the worlds largest redlight distract is officially reopened! In this video I leave Koh Samet to go see how Pattaya’s nightlife has recovered…

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  1. If you’re in Pattaya, hit up Runaway Bar on Soi Honey. The owners are good guys and it’s not high pressure like a lot of other Pattaya bars.

  2. Hi Chad, while I understand your frustration on not being able to show the tourist things, I can only speak for myself but I have been thoroughly enjoying your videos through lockdown and everywhere you’ve been. You’re doing a marvellous job showing things just as they are and as I had to cancel my trip to Bangkok and Samui due to the “situation” you have made me feel I have been there in a way! Looking forward to see how Bangkok is coming on!

  3. Your honesty and genuine frustration when things don’t go as planned is heart warming, but please don’t see it as failure. Your channel is second to none, just keep doing what you’re doing and take comfort in the knowledge you have an army of followers with you every step of the way.

  4. man I know you like editing/adding audio and making “cool” stuff.. but simply walking around some of these places and let the camera do its thing for 60 seconds, the audio intake… sometimes those are the best scenes/content. Love the vids, watch em all!

  5. From a Thai-American, your pronounciation of Pattaya is pretty good. Now, I want you to correctly pronounce the word KOH, island in Thai. It’s not KOE. KOH is pronounced with a soft-sounding “o”; this is why there is the letter “h” at the end. The letter “k” in KOH actually sounds more like the letter “g”. Say the word GOLF. Then say it again without pronouncing the letters “l” and “f”. Say GO with a soft “o”. That, my friend is to correctly pronounce KOH!

  6. Walking Street won’t come back until international tourists can come back. Also, I read something about the closed bars and ago go’s. The thinking is many of them negotiated lower rents while they were closed and the rent goes back up once they open. Why open and pay higher rent if there are no tourists around?

  7. It’s ok Chad, even though it does not turn out as you plan, your videos always make me and I am sure many people that we are travelling along and experience unexpected things! Life is unpredictable after all. 🙂

  8. Don’t sweat the content, bro. Just keep doin you!
    And continue being thankful you’re there and not stuck in the U.S. while the shitshow sitch continues.

  9. Chad. Thank you for your upload of videos and keeping us updated on what is going on in Thailand. I really truly appreciate you doing these videos. I enjoy them very much. Thanks for sharing what is going on in Pattaya on Walking Street. It was good to see. I live here in Florida. Fort Lauderdale area. Things really sucks here we can’t go anywhere. No beaches, no bars, etc. Things here in USA are totally mishandled because of our weak government here. I am watching the Thai news and your YouTube channel on updates on Thailand. I am hoping I can travel to Thailand in December 2020. Many of my girlfriends in Thailand are calling me, WhatsApp, etc. I have no answers to tell them yet because I don’t know we US citizens are going to be allowed to travel to Thailand. Things here in the US are chaotic because of the situation. I praying to God I can travel to Thailand in December. I am thinking if I can. I will just go ahead and apply for retirement Visa to live there. I was scheduled to move to Thailand in December 2021 but now I am thinking to quit my job and do it sooner. Thailand brings me a piece of mind. When I am there I am so relaxed. Here with the pressure of work and every day life. I am ready to go. I am kicking myself because I was in Thailand in December 2019. I just came back to US in January 2020 before the situation blew up. If I known this was going to happen I would have stayed in Thailand. I only came back to the US because of work. I am tired of working in corporate America. The politics and craziness that go on in some of these big companies are a amazing to say the least. I am an Engineer who works in Management throughout much of my career. I am tired of the corporate America grind. I am ready to leave it all behind. Just as how you did Chad. Leaving grind in Atlanta and moving to Thailand. Peace

  10. Every time after I party for a week in Pattaya and need a break away from everything I got to Koh Samed for 2-3 days. Love that little island!

  11. You ALWAYS entertain me Chad. I complain to my fiancée all the time when you don’t post a video. I’m glad you were able to decompress and get your mind in order. Sorry bud but you have spoiled us, or maybe I’m coming from a spoiled American point of view? Who knows.

  12. Energy cannot be created or distroyed; it can , of course, be transformed. How this relates to he Go-Go dancers of Pattya??
    CB, more research must be done, we be counting on you!

  13. Dude why why patty ? Don’t soil your channel by posting the well known global Brothel. I think you should delete this. I’d bet it’s gonna hurt your revenue

  14. The thing I have learned from your videos is how well you roll with the situations. Plans don’t always work out but you roll with whats in front of you better then most people…great vid as always…can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  15. Dude it is so refreshing to hear you pronounce pattaya properly 😊
    Enjoy your trip and thanks for the time you spent making your vlogs

  16. It seems over the years the night life has moved from walking st to soi bukow /soi lk metro area , walking st is now Chinese tourists and russian with beers bought from 7/11,

  17. I love America too even though I haven’t been there i would like to go there when the time is right, only one problem I do got some bullshit on me a criminal record few years back anyone knowledgeable if I’m screwed or not? Please reply

  18. the best way you can support the people of Thailand is to get your own house cleaned up so you can go there! they need their foreign visitors.

  19. Sorry man you say Pattaya incorrect, no offense, my wife is Thai and she never ever heard anyone to pronounce it as you. I mean expect tourist, but Thai knows that foreigners can’t speak correct Thai. So my friend you are wrong in that matter. If you read that name in English maybe yes but Thai definitely wrong.

  20. I think at this point most of us westerners just want to see content from a place we cannot visit. You do not need to make everything perfect man. I have found all of these videos super interesting

  21. Thx for the upload, Chad love every bit of it. Try Sai Yok national park NW of bangkok and visit the bridge over river kwai. There you have some insane history and jungle hiking

  22. You are correct that the accent should be on the first syllable. But the mistake you are making when pronouncing Pattaya is you say it as Pat-tee-ya. That is incorrect. It should be Pat-thai-ya.

  23. Turks are everywhere mann 😂. That’s called “Maras” ice cream and its made only in or around city of Maras in Turkey. It’s very hard and won’t melt quickly. Dude i miss that😂😂

  24. I could see a TT currency exchange in the back ground closed on walking street that suspires me more that thee 7 eleven they never close there. Was the club that was closed Insomnia and I-bar complex?

  25. So it’s the old saying “If a tree falls and no one is around, does it make a sound?” while the Thai equivalent is ” if there are no tourists, do ladyboys still ask “you want sucky fucky?”.

  26. “You are so fluffy and so fat.” Lol. Thanks for another video, yeah, like you said in your earlier video, it is going to be tough to do anything touristy for the rest of this year at a minimum. Chip up, though, at least you get to be there. Remember its the journey and not the destination. 🙂

  27. The first time I was in Pattaya I hung out with a lady my driver who picked me up from the airport ( car service )
    and she has lived there most of her life and she said you pronounce it just like you said but you already know that.
    Another good video.

    Florida Dave

  28. Glad you’re ok and took some time out for yourself, everyone needs that from time to time, to not burn out, love your videos 🔥🍺🍺

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