Reopened: Koh Samet Island Thailand

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July 1st 2020 all bars, nightlife, entertainment districts, and national parks have reopened in Thailand. This means Koh Samet, an island that is a national park has reopened after being closed for months.

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  1. I Hope to get on Samui next year for Honeymoon. Been there 5 Times but still cant get enough of Thailand and the Feeling is Like coming Home every Time we arrive at the Airport. I really Like your Videos the Last weeks. Keep Up the good Work. Greetings from Germany πŸ€™

  2. KOH SAMET what a beautiful islands thanks for the tour!! By the way you do a great job editing ,, thank you ,, stay safe from the US

  3. Been watching your videos, since my fiance and I are looking at Thailand as a possible honeymoon location this coming October, if the borders are open… Your videos are easy to watch and informative.

  4. Hi Chad watching your vids is like I have two lives one I live in crazy covid England and the other my daily fix from far far away your the man respect.

  5. Monster like Mr. CB media videos!! Monster stay at same Koh Samet hotel as Mr. CB last year. Monster like go to 7-11’s buy beer in one chips in other..😈

  6. Watching you follow your dream is an honor at many levels. My blog. Is dedicated to people following their dreams and you are the perfect example. In your travels you meet and see amazing stuff, because you are drawing to you…kind of a karma thing. Stay safe and we are looking forward to more videos. (Locked down in SF Bay Area). Namaste

  7. My mother is from Rayong. I was in Rayong and Koh Samet back in 2012. When I arrived in Koh Samet, I didn’t get charged the foreigner fee even though I was an American because I looked Thai. Chad, are you going to Pattaya on the way back since it’s literally next door to Rayong? I’m supposed to be in Hua Hin and Rayong this August but I seriously doubt I will be let into the country especially now that Covid-19 is spiking in the US. You should take the ferry from Pattaya to Hua Hin to visit Jonny!

  8. How that beach was in your video was how it was each time we went in the early 2000s. After seeing videos over recent years I thought it was 100% lost to mass tourism … maybe it’ll get a break for a bit πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ take care man!

  9. Excellent just what I needed, instead of you I wish that was me on that beach watching the sunset, your still a pussy for not eating the whole shrimp. Yes I bought one of your shirts so you can continue doing what you doing and me dreaming of south east Asia.

  10. Honestly mate I think you were born to do this, everything is so natural as well as being informative, awesome work. You should have your own travel television show as you are more entertaining than the muppets out there presenting stuff,ha! Good to see you are in good health , keep safe my friend and thanks for the upload.

  11. NEVER take the speed boat. Burst fractured my spine and nearly paralyzed me when Crockett and Tubbs aired the props out over some huge wave.
    $18,00 and 3 weeks in Phuket hospital.

  12. koh Samet is my favourite Thai island for doing absolutely nothing. I usually stay at either LaLune or Lima Coco accomodation. The night time ambience on the beaches is truly wonderful.

  13. I bet you’re glad, you’re not in the US right now with all the domestic terrorism masked as “protests” going on

  14. Today, on July 1st it is 12degree C where I live in Norway. Due to my vacation reasons July is when I can travel, and normally we have been going to Thailand for a month. This year we are stuck, with 12c weather.

  15. now we know where you hide the sofa man..

    Samet is a nicer than i thought … didn’t know it’s a NP either
    what happened to the lens on the way back?.. all of a sudden we were on Betamax quality

  16. My thai wife said never leave a grain of rice on your plate when you finnish your meal bro thats bad in Thailand from wife πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

  17. Goes 130kph down some narrow klong in a longtail.
    Goes like a madman in the middle of Bangkok in a janky looking jeep rod.
    Does drag pulls down a busy issan road in a 7 turbo Isuzu diesel truck.

    …scared of minivan driver.

  18. I was in koh samet a few years ago. Beautifull place. I was in Ban Chang for work and travelled to Koh Samet for the weekend. A great experience. There was a oil spill in Rayong a few years ago, but they cleaned that up and you can’t se any of that on Koh Samet anymore thankfully.

  19. Chad. Think about doing a video just on “Street Dogs” only. Must be plenty of “content” on them, I love Street Dogs from India to Mexico.

  20. 7:13 wow 32USD it’s like 305 Norwegian Kroners that View is deff worth it,
    305 Kroners you don’t even get a sleeping bag for that that’s like the worst Hostel you can get in Norway two times that price

  21. I’m a retired bro from many areas of the planet..Been here since 2015. I can see that Island in less than two min from where I live.

  22. Another Island destroyed bye tourism in thailand ☹️ last time i was there was over 20 years ago, even then it was to much tourists there. Sad to see the destruction on the Islands ☹️

  23. L O V E Koh Samet! Been there 4 times, 2009, 2010, 2018, 2019… we always stay at Samed Villa resort. Dont go with the crazy slow boat! Take the catamaran, i think it was 150baht. Last time i rode the ferry you took i w@nted to die, no wind, 50degrees celsius, boat barely moving…. it was torture! Skiped it now in 2020 due to crazy amounts of chineese in 2019, then covid happened and reports i got said there was no chineese on the island… gahhhhh. Seems crazy slow in the video… Songtaews crazy expensive… i remeber in 2009, the only road to AoPai was a djungel dirt trekk, and there was like 5 cars on the whole island.

  24. Brand new subscriber – love your channel and you videos, but HATE the way you pronounce “Mishubishi” – there’s a “T” in there somewhere as well as too many “H”s when you say it, and which syllable you emphasize when you say “su-KHUM-vit”. I’m pretty sure it’s “SU-khumvit”… Other than that love your humor, the way you keep the subject matter interesting, and you general shooting style. Keep up the great work – can’t wait until your next upload! πŸ˜€

  25. Was planning to go to koh samet in April. That didn’t happen. Hopefully when Thailand is open to the uk I will visit for a few days.

  26. Busy because a 2 day buddha thai holiday is coming up. They won’t sell alcohol during the holiday. But a lot of thais head to the islands during the holiday

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