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Ok back to rental. Tried an agency, but i guess there wasn’t enough revenue for them or just not hungry.
I might add they leave up the rental offers even if it is already rented to make like they are carrying alot of prospects.

I went to Cebu calssifieds and was making headway, but took a minute and I contacted Charles and he was my savior. This is why it is best to have contacts in Phillipines for things like this, besides being a great guy.

I ended up renting in Charles’s complex, a nice size 3 bedroom apartment (up and down) with living room and dining area with seperate kitchen for 8000P ($200 based on 40P to a dollar). Water is separate for 300P a month and electric separate. If you use fans you will pay around 3000P, if you use AC, well that depends on use and could cost you 6000P to 9000P per monthy.
Yes electric is not cheap there, about 8P (20 cents) per killowatt.

Ok so now I rent and have nothing to put in there. I have GF and 3 kids coming. Shopped around and got a 11 cuft fridg for 11000P and dual stove top burner for 2500P. Here is what was a shock, I bought a living room set made of the heavy duty bamboo for 2500P, which included a couch, 2 chairs, and coffee table. That is about $60 dollars, unbelievable the craftsmanship for that money. Than single bamboo beds for 500P ($12) each. The headboards are incorporated into the bed. Have to see to believe, and gave it the old test by throwing my heavy carcass on the bed to check sturdiness. They don’t budge, better craftsmanship than most items in US. The next thing is a television, and this is where you pay more. Shopping for price, a 32 inch Lg HD LCD for 13900P ($350), a little high for a 32 inch tv, but you take the bad with the good. Using a cheap antenna, I got 9 channels. Want more pay more.

All in all much cheaper than shipping all that furniture from US and remember, very humid so can your wood furniture take that without distorting? The bamboo can.

You can get custom cushions made at low cost, labor is extremely cheap. The same goes for curtains. That is all up to the woman of the house to get that done, because no matter what you choose it will not be what she wants LOL.

A queen size cushion for the bed was 5000P, smaller is cheaper.

Gas for stove is 900P in 30 gal tank, which should be enough for a month, depending on your cooking habits.

If you decide to send kids to private school, it is not really expensive. First it is 5000P ($125) a student per year for books, than 1900P per month for High school student and 1600 for lower grade schools.

Additional expenses would be food and clothing and transportation which is cheap with trikes.

In summary, a smaller apartment would be cheaper, but the rest is about the same. $1500 to $2000 a month would cover all your expenses for a month and still have money left over.


  1. This is an update regarding renting. One thing you must be careful about is landlords taking shortcuts to eliminate expenses.

    Some landlords it seems don’t like the expense of maintaining septic tanks, Ex. pumping them empty, even though it is fairly inexpensive. Their solution is to have the sewer pipe cut so that the sewage is emptied on to the ground every time you flush the toilet or take a shower. Considering the houses are very close to one another, the sewage can run right into your back yard. The health hazard this brings is enormous, it also draws thousands, and also provides a breeding ground for them. Considering Dungue and Malaria, among other diseases Misquitos carry, which there is no antiviral cure, is so dangerous to your health, and the stench is really bad. Unfortunately authorities do not enforce laws that prevent you from doing this, and landlords ignore your complaints. So now your solution is to live with this situation and take your chances, or move, which is what my girlfriend did.

    This all falls into the category of “If you don’t ask, they won’t tell” so you have to ask before you rent if there is any water that runs onto the ground before you rent, other than rain water, and even than you should know, because that could be a breeding ground.

    1. At our apartment the CR or toilette sewage does go into a tank but I often smell gases coming up out of it that smell like rotten eggs or sulfurous smelling. But the wash and sink water runs out to an open concrete lined ditch behind the house that runs out to the main street to a larger concrete covered ditch like those you see all over the place. We have rats running all around in this area. Very common here. I’m going to get some reat poison and put it out there.

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