1. Duhhhh – In the video I noted this goes into effect on July 31 – I was SUPPOSED to note that it goes into effect, today, July 26 here in Dumaguete.

  2. Just as the president tells his people to endure a little more by extending the lockdown until August 11. Yeah sure…he just keeps doing this for a few weeks at a time to give the poor some hope. Hopefully there are wiser heads on this board, but I doubt it as the lockdown will continue for the remainder of the year and many will starve. The motorcycle shield…WOW…how brilliant!

  3. I not shaming or judging anyone or any leader for what they are doing to be safe. The world and the people where not prepared or know what to do. As time passes we will get smarter. God bless the Philippines.

  4. It’s all about power and money. There’s zero science for any of it. Oh, you have to walk across the sanitizing mat for your shoes because magically the CCP virus lives on asphalt that is blazing freaking hot in the sun. They truly have no clue. There is zero actual leadership that has any knowledge that is based on real scientific facts. They just play off of fear and emotion.

  5. Our 12 yo God daughter living with her father on Bohol, is not allowed out in public, (although the father has a pass) and she has not left the house for more than 3 months. How seriously deranged is this rule and what about the effect this house arrest is having on a young child? There is something seriously wrong here, is this lawful or is this just b/s? My wife and i are very worried what effect this imprisonment is having on a young mind, and is already showing signs, including incompatibility between father and daughter???
    Ned i would like your opinion here. Bob, NZ.

  6. god are they hitting foreigners hard if u have to leave here as yr on a visitors visa, as i found out because i,m on visitors visa and my time runs out soon and ive book and payed for my flight out before my time and if my flight is canceled, and i need to get an extension on my visa i have not only pay for the extension but then i have to pay 25,000 and its not my fault but this is philippines anything to get exra money out of us

  7. The dumbest country in the entire effing world!!! This is what I feared when VIRUS happened, and that is being here in Duma if it happened living with pure stupidity is too much!!!

  8. It’s just a control thing and all pushed by the WHO. Obviously a brown envelope with a wedge of pesos ‘Do as we say’ so you all rush for the vaccine just to be back to normal when it comes out. The Philippines is top of the list to vaccinate because their idea is to sterilize everyone in order to reduce population.

  9. This is as dumb as it gets. Who are the morons making these decisions? If you live together and either of you have Covid then both of you have it. Use common sense and stop with all the stupid rules.

  10. Confirms that I will look into a car/van when I come. I have a wife and daughter anyway, so… Ned, I see these Suzuki multi cab vans there. Rebuilt from parts from Japan. They look pretty neat and are around $5k newly rebuilt. Any thoughts or experience with them.?? Aren’t you having a child?

  11. That’s just beyond insane and punitive at this point. Controll the speed of the spread is the idea. But in the end, there’s only one way out of this, especially for the Philippines…
    I hope Filipinos take I good look around at this… They keep this crap up and I sense a Mary Antoinette moment coming on …. Every time I think we have gone off the deep end here in the US, I just look east and my head explodes…
    When is the world going to understand, contrary to popular belief, we are not Gods and this thing is going to run its course regardless of what we do… all we are accomplishing is destroying our country’s and changing the date on toe tags. Thank God it’s finally got the point of critical mass here…
    Watch as this thing burns it’s self out in under 8-10 weeks in the US with no where near the carnage chicken little has predicted..

  12. Had a checkpoint health worker make my wife get in the backseat of our car. I just told my wife to comply, then pulled over a kilometer up the road and she got back in the front again.

  13. today is the 26th Ned you talking today the 31st July at the start you did say that hahhahaha just to correct you about the back riders stuff you cruel man poor little cat

  14. Wow the blokes that have issues with their partners are going to love this law lol. Does this include bicycles and trikes.
    Next they will be asking tourists to wear wrist bands so they can check where they are and use it like a credit card OMG

  15. if they are living in the same house why would they need a shield when they are exposed to each other at home. this is complete Insanity.

  16. in December i hope i can fly there……this time i rent a moto…they need dr licence.?or iwth passport is ok…….which place is nice to book hotel??in the town or have another nice place next to the beach..??Duamuagete city i mean

  17. Totally ridiculous, these people are already together and why put that thing in between them to get lose and flight away ready to kill someone like in Florida in a hurricane…
    We are fine here in Central FL.

  18. Sounds oppressive, heavy handed, dangerous, and useless to me; Just adding more suffering onto existing suffering for the Filipinos!

  19. Certain guidelines implemention has me scratching my head.
    The market place I have seen has put up barriers along the curb and covered them with tarp which restricts airflow and gets people closer and unable to maintain any form of distancing.

  20. here in Indiana the Governor said no mask after Monday July 27–class b misdemeanor=6 months in jail &/or $1000 fine! a county in Florida says face masks in your own home!!! no mask there–$100 fine 1st 2 times, 3rd arrested… bet if Trump says Nov election canceled due to Covid, Covid will suddenly disappear! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cff-R6Cdhw

  21. Went out today in Duma, no dividers and plenty of backriders. Check points were not stopping anybody. Hoping it stays that way. Good points in your video though.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  22. HOW ABSURD!!!!! S Korea, Europe, Vietnam have scooters and motorcycles WTF
    i don’t think so.
    Philippines you are embarrassing!!!!!!!

  23. If it makes you feel any better Ned, they are not handling the dreaded malady very well in the US either. Way too much contradictory information and protocols and regulations. And they are not rioting in the PI like they are in major cities here and tearing down statues and vowing to defund the police etc.

  24. I read a news article that the Philippine engineers society wrote the government that those barriers were unsafe on the motorcycle causing turbulence in the airflow and possibly making the motorcycles crash

  25. Ffs wear a poncho, garbage bags, tyvek suit or something…just like a full body condom lol no skin on skin contact. gotta be safer than a barrier..

  26. That’s about the most moronic thing I’ve ever seen or heard about … can the Philippines make themselves look anymore foolish? Awful leadership….wow

  27. Hi mate,.IAM close living in casay just up the road and I see hundreds riding 3 up with no mask or helmet when I ride into your town.things must change for the safety of all. . great vlog mate

  28. Latest update. As of April 1st 2021. All couples will need a bed barrier installed with a standard gauge opening for jer jer , no jer jer can take place any longer then 3 min for your own safety

  29. There are small groups of people in power in the government that are anti motorcyclists.
    They’re using them as a type of scapegoat.
    That’s what it’s all about.

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