Relationships in the Philippines Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Love or Respect?11/15

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Relationships in the Philippines Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Love or Respect?11/15@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I ask the question, what is more important to you, Love or Respect?


  1. I agree Paul respect his earned love is another thing if a woman disrespects me publicly it hurts it definitely affects the relationship. I think in North America we’ve become through capitalism we’ve become a very individualistic society very selfish self-centered self-driven so yes love and respect are two different things and if you don’t respect each other love can go away

  2. Great subject. Thank you! I think you can have respect for someone without love but it is difficult for me to imagine loving someone if there is no respect.

  3. My experience with women in the US is if we are having a disagreement in a public place, even a minor one, she will intentionally cause a scene and loudly say something meant to cause people within ear reach to be on her side or look badly on me. Common decency is just not a thing here.

  4. Good Points Paul – Humility, Respect – Saving Face in Public – All are things taught and valued in Asian Countries. Not taught or valued in the U.S. and not even understood by most in the U.S. I agree it is a shame as it does create a more friendly environment in public and at work and sometimes even at home. Ahhh you scored points there by remembering the anniversary date !!! Just look at her face light up – LOL. Respect or Love – I believe they go hand in hand. If you really love someone there is some respect that automatically goes with that and can be seen and felt. If there is consistently No Respect being shown then any claim of love is obviously false. That’s how I see it. However everyone and every culture is a little different and is why we date until we find “The One”.

  5. Nice Paul I learned long ago first person you have to love is yourself 😍and then and only then you can truly love others. America’s biggest downfall was the glorious Steinem era burn your bra don’t be feminine get yourself a pair of plastic testicles for your panties so the women can act more manly and we can look at the divorce rates in America 60 70% Asian culture much different females in Asia love being feminine they identify by being female The man in Asia finds it easy to respect and love their wives a lot of American women are very angry that they bought into the woman’s lib BS filipinas Thai Vietnamese women all very beautiful very warm and affectionate

  6. interesting discussion Paul, perhaps there are male/female differences or emphasis, and I agree with you I found the Filipinos to be refreshingly polite and courteous waaay more so than in my Western culture, I really valued and admired that, also big tick you remembered anniversay date, impressive LOL, cheers mate

  7. blessed so much , Top Toppic , 03:20 minute ,
    so Paul , ?? does that mean , i am in love every time i see a woman , crossing the street ??
    that really makes it so much easier to understand most of Male Man ,,,,,, wat ???
    Male Man , just kidding hahhahaa , so nice this video , thank you

  8. i think they go hand in hand. you cant love someone you don’t respect (excluding family), but maybe you can respect someone you don’t love. i respect everyone until the give me a reason not to respect them. it also comes to self respect too. 30 years ago i told my first and one true love to leave. I still love her and even think of her from time to time but i respect myself and do not allow people in my circle of life if i can not trust them.

  9. I have told all of my friends the same thing. My wife treats me with a respect I have never found in an American woman. She is beautiful on the inside and the outside. These women have the morals and values our grandmothers had. Somehow I think you talking about saying that you love them when they walk by is autobiographical. You know before you knew very much at all about Mae you liked what you saw on the outside. Then when you found out what was on the inside the deal was done. Congratulations to the two of you. Keep up the good work.

  10. Finally. A video that REALLY hit home to me. Instead of the fluffy ego inspired videos of late a thought inspiring well done video. Well done. hahaha just kidding love all your videos. Keep um coming.

  11. Respect in the Philippine culture is huge. My knowledge of this went on for nearly 2 years when I first met my partner. Story started with my self wishing to help poor people who are in a bad place by no choice of there own. I sponsered a young Philippino, Mother with 2 young children one not her own but a relative of hers who Mother died very young and her, own widowed, Mother who also needed help. I helped because it was my wish to give to help others for the reason as a young boy myself I also was very poor growing up with no Farther or a home to live in. Time has past with my sponsered family we chated daily and love has grown from this bond the respect comes before any other part of our relationship that has blossomed. I plan to marry my Philippino girl freind which is a very happy ending to our friendship that we both respect. We have more in a relationship than most people could ever dream of. On the other side posestoins don’t make us happy there a burden in our lives. Safe place to sleep and shelter and we are happy with every thing in life.

  12. I have found Filipinos are much more respectful than Westerners, and it’s easier to love people who respect you. I want both to be honest. There is always the classic difference of ‘ loving ‘ someone, versus ‘being in love’ with someone. It took me a while to learn that.

  13. I read a book a few years ago, Love and Respect, part of a couple’s seminar through church many years ago…written by a marriage counsellor it’s basic premise is that a woman needs to feel loved and a man needs to feel respected… My own view is that they’re like opposite sides of the same coin…if something’s not working in your relationship give the coin a flip…

  14. I have not seen much of your channel, but you are very fortunate to have Baby Mae, what a beautiful smile she has. Also to be called Sir John here in the Philippines, gosh in Florida, where I come from it is just some old man I am, shut up and get out of my way.

  15. Great Topic Paul. I had just happened to be up with my 10-year-old son when to did your survey. It was an interesting topic conversation between us also. Both of us respect. I think for me, after being married to Thai girl for 17 years she always loved me but didn’t respect me at all. (she cheated many times, stole money from the family, wouldn’t come home for weeks sometimes.) Anyway, because the resect was so bad, I had to divorce her. I want to run fast away if I hear a girl say she loves me because I dont trust that word, You should have to earn love like you have to learn respect and earn it from others. In Thailand where I lived for 5 years, there are lots of untrustworthy girls that just say they love you to get money. Anyway, my 2 cents. Keep trucking.

  16. Respect is not earned respect is given to all if you walk up to someone you show them respect because you respect yourself even if they don’t respect you always show respect respect like trust loyalty love it’s all part of the cycle..

  17. Your on a subject that not only defines east from west but also men from women. Not losing face in the east and lack of respect in the west. I’ve found in philippines culture it is necessary to watch what you say a do, being careful to display the proper attitude . That works for me and is one of the reasons I like the phillipines and her people. I hope you can address this issue again PO, Thank You and have a great evening 😊

  18. What attracts me to the Philippines is the culture, the women seems to have a ‘genuine’ respect and caring nature they portray toward all people young old poor and rich this is not something you find a lot of here in the usa anymore.. To many woke feminist and soy boys are taking over over America culture

  19. Respect must be earned
    Comes from association over time, trial and error.
    Respect is the base support for true love.
    Without respect the LOVE is verbal only and actually meaningless with no value and baseless.
    (That’s my opinion)
    Baby Mae is from a different culture all together and mindset ,. But I guarantee, if you disrespected a filipina over and over, they would lose thier love for you over time and vice versa

  20. This is an excellent Topic! About three months ago I been watching videos on how Blacks are treated in Asian Countries, how Asian Women treat Their Men, they aren’t Feminist! Humm…I saw how Thai wants foreigners to pay their parents for raising a good daughter, I thought No not for me!
    I began watching more clips on The Philippine Culture, and Women! The term Expat, & their currencies I like their humble ways, not angry like American! I will see if he has more clips I really like the Topic, and loved the connection with both of them.
    I recently checked out The Filipino Pea. I’m attached to her Clips whenever I can view them. She’s so sharp, & has revealed so much about their culture, scammers, laws, etc.
    Paul said he doesn’t reply much but if he did this one time,(1) Please tell me the best Apps to try to meet Women,(2) the best places they live or parts of the Philippines? Thanks I’m Very Serious about relocation. Good day.

  21. Paul Mar really has come from a bud to a I don’t know for sure but I think someone may have had something to do with that…I recall when she first came on with you..;ook at that and look at her last interview..SOOOO awesome Paul

  22. Unconditional or agape I will always have for Neneng. I could neve stop loving her even if I tried because the is no conditions on it. If she ran off with another man (which she wouldn’t) sure I would loose the romantic love and the friendship love but never Agape love. Good video. One thing I learned in relationship counseling for a large church was love and hate are the two sides of the same coin If they were in love then they just had something to be worked out. If they acted like they hated each it could be saved the love emotion was still there. If they were totally indifferent to each other it was over and there was nothing I could do to help them they just didn’t care.

  23. Paul, Love and respect kind of go together…you see that your love for Baby Mae encompasses respect, too. So…I love you both and love my wife…in the same realm you can have disagreements or opinions…that is where your loving relationship… yours with Baby Mae and mine with Annie can get along find where the element of respect falls under the all inclusive love… Did I do a good job to confuse you?

  24. I saw that when I was there. Everyone called me uncle or sir. Something that disappeared 50 years ago in the states.
    As for love and respect, oh boy. Red the book “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. Explains our difference but has no answers.
    An old friend that has since pasted away had a gf for 25 years. They both had their own houses. Only stayed together every other weekend at one house or the other. Loved each other, respected each other but couldn’t live together.
    You guys are too funny

  25. Love & respect aren’t mutually exclusive. If you love someone and they constantly disrespect you will lose love for them. Now there are people who stay in a disrespectful relationship, because they don’t respect themselves enough to leave. In Asia culture respect is highly regarded.

  26. hey Paul you really are a good communicator. clear and no BS. thanks for the love for the Philippines ❤👍. great seeing your videos. pls keep them coming.

  27. My first thinking is..Love is a feeling…Emotion and Respect is an action or behavior. I can Respect without Love but…thinking that if I Love; then I also Respect…just woke up and not sure it jives but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  28. Respect would trigger love for a person.
    I admire how Baby Mae gets exposure to new ways of socialization.
    I like how she makes you feel worthy.
    Age gap benefits both enjoy without demanding.
    Continue to enjoy each other.
    Life is short.
    You’re both privileged

  29. It’s funny, you couldn’t get Baby Mae on camera just to say hello. Now she can’t wait to come on and speak her mind. She has grown. It’s because of you Paul. Much respect to you….

  30. Paul.. Glad to see your back.. I think you needed a break and reboot last month.. You seemed a little down… Just remember the viewers love you and Mae and wish you too all the best.

  31. In a good relationship, if you love then respect must go together.. but in a bad relationship, love and respect need not go together. You don’t love someone but you can still respect the other right to exist.

  32. I am the same way …if a woman respects me …I will love her.
    If something happens in public and disrespect is shown, I will
    not automatically stop loving her …instead I will examine if
    I did something that caused her to lose control of her emotions
    and therefore, perhaps I deserved it. But if a woman disrespects
    me because that is how she feels good about herself in front of
    her friends or family, we are finished.

  33. 50% of people will automatically tune this out, but God in the Bible commands men to Love and cherish their wives… And God commands the wife to Respect the husband… It doesn’t even mention a wife loving her husband but commands respect.
    Isn’t that what you just said in this video. You and I need respect. Mae and my wife need love, it’s not that complicated 😃

  34. I totally agree with you Paul! Respect First! I’ve cut off Family 👪 and friends because of disrespect! Don’t ever disrespect me or Embarrass me. It’s difficult to Love someone after they disrespect you!

  35. I’m an American guy. I need respect and someone that sincerely cares about me. I would rather be alone than be in a relationship of convince. But that’s me. I’m in the best relationship in my life with my Filipina girlfriend. We both agree that there are hard stops in our relationship. Cheat, violence, or fall out of love; then its over. Thankfully, we work to make each other happy in life.

  36. As always a great in the USA it is rare to be respected. I think the older generations respected each other moreso than todays population however this varies by various nationalities. As a man i value respect from a female to be more important than looks. I give a gf the utmost respect but seems to be harder to find a partner that will give back a quarter of respect that I give them.please keep up the excellent vidieos. ciao from an older italian

  37. Both !!
    But if I have to choose one i choose respect.
    If you respect the person ,you won’t hurt them in any means,but at the same time if you love the person you should have respect 🙂

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