Relationships in the Philippines, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks, Golden Years, Nov 19

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Relationships in the Philippines, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks, Golden Years, Nov 19@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I chat with Ernie and Dina about how they met on a dating site and their 13 years of Marriage in Dumaguete Philippines


  1. “Nobody can cook food like I can!” Absolutely Correct! No one, i mean no one can cook like a Cajun. He is from south Lu-sian-a, he can take the most basic foods and spices and make the best meal of all time. My friend’s mother in Houma, made us a “red bean & rice” with hot dogs once and I still remember how good it was. No where in the world can people cook better than a true Cajun. Nice interview.

  2. @Scott Brinks – you beat me to it! I’m from New Orleans, and Ernie is most definitely a Cajun. I knew it as soon as he opened his mouth, hahahahaha.

    I’m married to a Pinay and I cook for her, too. When I first met her, she was astonished when she found out I could cook and love to cook.

    But, you know, it’s an interesting dichotomy you experience as a young man in (most of) Louisiana – the two things you do, is, you play football and you learn how to cook. I don’t think that split exists anywhere else in the States.

    Anyway…..nice couple! Paul, thanks for sharing their story.

  3. Very good vedieo one of your best I just love that couple I’m from Alabama not far from lousianna I know a lot of cajuns this guy here in the vedieo is for real.thier love you can see it they are a lovely addictive couple. I love to hang out with people like them as old folks use to say they are the salt of the earth. Thanks for sharing this with us

  4. What a great couple and the inspiration to everyone he seems to and endured things that most people can only just think they know they have no idea what real world war is about they can play the little computer games all they want to but until you’re in the thick of it and the bullet’s is whizzing by your head you don’t have a clue they talk about dog eat dog when you’re in war there’s only one thing on your mind and that’s to stay alive and keep your friends and your team alive and that’s it what you have to do to survive You don’t think about it at that moment even though it may haunt you the rest of your life but you’re putting the situation to where you have to survive and make sure everyone gets back home safely So thank you Ernie You are inspiration to all people you and your wife being together and married for 10 years and totally together for 13

  5. Gumbo and Jambalaya, good stuff. Bet this guy can cook it up and he has me wanting some. Looks like a great couple. Paul you are out there meeting new folks and bringing it to us. Thanks, my friend.

  6. Hi Paul I realized that I missed your previous interview with that very talented musician. I just caught that now. See if you can get him to cut a cd . His choice of music. Let me know if and when he will . I’ll send him $60.00 + shipping cost. Through western union. He or you can contact me at
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  7. All in all there’s no such thing as a foreigner, love is the same feeling in any language…amen people, keep on loving ❀️ thx for the vid, you have a knack for interviewing πŸ‘πŸ»βœŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ•Š

  8. Guys like you, me and Ernie are pretty simple. Give us a beer, a burger and someone to take care of and we’re good to go….Oh Ya don’t forget the SSI check…LOL take care Paul

  9. It was a very interesting interview. This is to show how love conquer all from Louisiana to Dumagete love story. I want to hear more of these two, you could see how both of them are in love since the start of the interview β™₯ they are holding hands.

  10. Great video and an amazing couple. Being from neighboring Texas I recognized the accent immediately. You will never go hungry with cajun friends. Good people.

  11. Paul I saw a comment on another channel by someone going by the name “Old Dog” using your image as the profile picture. Just wanted to make you aware of it because at first I thought it was you but I checked and the channel is only 5 days old. If it is you then I’m sorry.

  12. Loved the interview Paul. As soon as I saw Ernie and especially Dinah I could see how happy they were together. The happiness was oozing from Dinah especially. Dinah said it all right at the end…RESPECT…just as you stated in your other vlog…’Love or Respect’. Nice one Paul.

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