Relationships in the Philippines, Look Who Stopped By The Apartment Today!!! June 14 2020

Relationships in the Philippines Look Who Stopped By The Apartment Today!!! June 14 2020

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  1. Wow she is beautiful..I heading to Phillipines soon wanting to build property for myself and would like to meet and marry a Filipina woman….you guys got any single ladys looking for a name is George and I’m 44 and from Australia… cheers 👍🏾👍🏾

  2. Paul
    As ever fantastic post.
    Regine did very well , especially as a 20 yr impromtual on your site in a second language. All the very best for her future.
    Her gift should had been a small umbrella for her future tour guide career.
    Stay safe , stay you
    From sunny Cleveland Ohio…

  3. Her parents didnt tell her the truth to spare her feelings but i think they sent her to live with her sister because they couldnt afford to feed her.

  4. Good morning Paul. I’m still waiting for airlines to start again. I got stopped from moving due to covid. Ruined my plans to retire. Well I’m still retired doing nothing but waiting for airlines to open. Dumaguete was my first stop to check out but now I guess it will be anywhere I can go at this point. The craziness here in the USA is nuts! It seems no one here really cares how many people are losing their lives. No masks! No care! At this rate Americans will probably be the last people any country allows to visit. When I do get to finally leave I would love a tour guide and think it would be a good business for your guest. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Funny and cute video i tell all my friends to go to the philippines and tell them about your you tube channel but there all scarred to go. I offer to take them but they all have excuses lol

  6. We all need structure in our lives…including me…..I feel that she needs Structure IF this relationship does not work out…I wish her well…..She is still forming her life direction.

  7. She’s a nice kid. I hope she sticks to people closer to her own age. I simply don’t believe that she dreams about 57 year olds.

  8. Hey Paul, you seem like a happy carefree guy, good way to be, hope I can feel that way once i move from this irritating continent to the Philippines. What advice would you give towards happiness, when you are sick and tired of Ground Hog day and daily BS?

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