Relationships in the Philippines Interview with a Beautiful Filipina Old Dog New Tricks May 8 2020

Relationships in the Philippines, Interview with a Beautiful Filipina Old Dog New Tricks May 8 2020

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  1. I really liked your guest today. She was very pretty, honest about herself and great insight to what she is looking for. Hope you have her back soon.

  2. Great interview with a great guest! She is lively and honest and seems like she’d be a lot of fun to spend time with. This was a real treat. Thanks very much, Paul!

  3. Great interview Paul. I would love to see more like her. You do a good job guiding the filipina and helping to allow her to get her message out

  4. Wow. Im American, Blue eyed, long nosed and old with money..
    Fillipinas and I are made for each other. LMAO
    Only thing is… I like internal beauty, humble, loving and caring females..
    None left in the USA
    Time to move and be an expat 👍

  5. Paul, I remember you. You sold me a lemon K Car back in the 80’s LOL. Seriously, I really enjoy your videos and adventures In the Philippines.

  6. Great interview Paul and good questions. I am wondering if it is better to meet a nice lady in the church rather than a bar? More interviews please. God Bless all of you.

  7. Love your channel Paul…fairly new subscriber…have experience with Philippines since early 2016…long story haha…I have a Filipino son from my ex…blah blah etc….love the Philippines and hope to meet a girl that is content with me!

  8. Paul:
    I bought an airline ticket to go back to Central America 6/8/20 after a 2 month sequester, restaurants are open to 25% occupancy in Florida so the Philippines should probably opening up their as well in little time . Enjoyed your interview, she seemed very candid.

  9. Paul, are you aware that most of the girls that we kanos consider beautiful local men don’t? They believe they are average or below average. Even some Filipinas also think that we don’t have taste when it comes to women. One time I asked a Filipino men about puti (whites) scooping up their girls and he said that’s not a problem because we take the ugly ones. Funny but it seems that in their view we are not competing for the same women with them. On top of all that we often date single mothers that no self respecting Filipino men would marry or seriously date. (it’s a cultural thing) We also date women well beyond their 30’s that is already considered old in the Philippines and we also date women well below our social class that is also not practiced in the Philippines. People don’t marry out of their social class there. And the list is long.

  10. Paul is buried ‘alive’ in the compound with Gaylord😊. That’s why your channel is great because you have single moments alone where you share your thoughts/stories and what have you, then you have guest moments which are not only informative for others out there but also funny. Your channel will never go down because you mix it up with different topics and people or vloggers.😊

  11. What an accomplished woman ; honest, into diving and racing motorcycles. English pronunciation is pretty good too. Well summarized by Paul who is becoming a good interviewer.

  12. Paul; 11:20 .. ‘God help em if they’re in NJ’ .. Yes Paul; I’m in NJ so what the hell?? Cape May County is nice you know! That’s where I live by the way.
    Anyway; lovely interview. You can tell the girl I was in Mindanao last October and planning to go again. Would love to meet you both.

  13. Hello Paul, Thanks for the upload another great video. Talking about less foreigners, it will be interesting to know how many have left the Philippines since the honey badger began. I hear there maybe more repatriations flights available for US citizens tomorrow. I’ve always heard that Duma was full of foreigners and it will be interesting to see if that will still be the case. Thanks again

  14. Great interview Paul. Full of content and humor. You are great with how you conduct and make the girls feel comfortable. Keep Bringing it OLD DOG………….LOL.

  15. Earl Scheib……Auto painters …They paint the Car and the Headlights and the Windshield and all for only $69.95!! LOL (Just Kidding…Kinda)

  16. It’s money (resources) and also the genetics they like about whites foreigners. They believe in mixing the genes. But most of the world thinks the same way. Ironically the only people who don’t know this fact are white men and therefor they devalue themselves in their own native countries.

  17. Man, that girl 👧 is on point. Her honesty goes a long way. Great 👍 job Old Dog 🐶 steering the conversation with great 👍 questions. Your channel is always a great 👍 time with some good laughs. Your personality and sense of humor is contagious 😷😂😂😂

  18. Happy, friendly what more can you ask for. If only women in the USA would be more like this but sadly most are not no matter how nice you are or how much money you spend your never good enough and the other guy is better but only for a few years. I would say the average american women is happy with you for no more then ten years that’s it. I was lucky to make it sixteen years with my wife but when times got hard she was on the run and I never was a fat guy just a hard worker but being alone now for the past six years has taken years off my life for sure. Not sure I will ever make it to the Philippines but wish one of these lady’s was in the USA for me to meet but the odds of that happening are few. Thank you again for your video’s Paul and as always take care and good luck, Mike

  19. Power ranger always gets them! LOL Stability, improve the life, have a future, loyalty… and those who will troll about Filapina’s and money, let them tell us which kind of women on earth do not consider that? Eh?
    Galylord is looking good in his over-watch position! He seems entranced by the subject.

  20. Good video Paul. Anne seems very nice a good choice for a interview. Please do more interview videos, male and female. help them tell their story, there’s more to talk about than dating

  21. That was just like the car salesman that explains everything about this beautiful car, then the customer says I’ll take it. The salesman says, I’m sorry but it’s the owners car and he would never part with it.

  22. she is very nice girl and speaks very well. would like to hear from some single women. I have a gf but curious to see what single women would get for reaction on your channel. keep it up paul and mae!! god bless you guys

  23. Australian men also say the word NO when philipino woman ask for money.
    I would expect she go to work, pay her share of the bills, before she gave money to her family.
    My money is not for her family, it’s for my family in Australia.
    By the way in Australia my girlfriend is 17 years younger than me & she works very hard. She expects her family in China to support themselves.

  24. It is joyful to see happy people talking and laughing. There are way too many grumpy people around me here in the US. I am looking forward to getting back to the Philippines (Who knows when)

  25. Damn Paul – great interview and you’re always a step ahead of us in asking the right questions! She seems honest and her English speaking is pretty darn good. Thanks Paul!

  26. Motocross Wow! it is a tough Sport for sure..She is Clearly a very Adventurous person…..I Hope it all Works out in love, and Also Her Career as a Diving Instructor

  27. When you called Mae Earl Scheib, I had to laugh. I was thinking she sounded more like Cal Worthington. And you are her dog Spot!

  28. Ive been talking to a gal in Dumeguete and i told her i like watching your channel and she does not like you. This could be a red flag.

  29. Ann was extremely honest and up front with her answers. I would imagine that a lot of us watching this interview were hearing answers that were on our minds for some time. The why question answered so clearly , and with complete transparency, and no beating around the bush. It certainly makes a lot of sense not to rush into a relationship until you get to really know the persons motives. The best interview ever Paul. As someone commented, you should have been an investigative journalist. A huge thumbs up mate ! Chris in Australia <><

  30. the only place that I would dare to live is phillipines because they are the only ones in Asia that have a similarity with Hispanics

  31. Hello great video.she is cute but not my type.i have a lady friend from bohol who i met on Filipino cupid 2 years before i met my wife.we were supposed to meet in Philippines in 2016 .never made it there but we are still friends.she is single and wants me to introduce her to 1 of my American be honest most friend i know are assholes or addicted to a form of i won’t subject her to them.she is osw in Taiwan right now.
    Anyway your videos are entertaining.Ms vie posted a question the other day asking our opinion of what we honestly think about her.did you see that post??
    Stay safe

  32. Anne was a great guest. She did not appear to be camera shy at all. On another note, it seems she somewhat downplayed the importance of physical attraction, but I’m sure she’d agree an old Expat with George Clooney looks is going to get way more Filipina attention than an old expat with Woody Allen looks…Smiles!

  33. Hi Paul.🦘🦘🦘 It’s always entertaining & informative when you have a young Filipina on your channel. I hope Miss Dumaguete returns! ✅👍 There’s a good balance on your channel with serious stories, funny segments and the occasional gem such as the story about Tommy a few weeks ago. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 🦘🦘👍✅

  34. I like her. I may have to make that flight. The PI may be ok. I was stationed in Okinawa and had alot of Filipino friends, I do miss the culture.

  35. Don’t know about the rest of you men. Give me an woman who’s willing to spend her money on me and all my needs/wants….. And I’ll take her!

  36. People who say it’s all about money are simplifying it too much in my opinion. Girls being with someone who has some money as opposed to someone who never has money, obviously equals a better life, with less stress about where the next meal is coming from, and how to pay the next bill. Come on guys get real, who wouldn’t want that whatever country they are in. And yes, believe it or not, Filipinas are attracted to the look of foreigners. Nice honest interview Paul, she’s a nice girl.

  37. People who say it’s all about money are simplifying it too much in my opinion. Girls being with someone who has some money as opposed to someone who never has money, obviously equals a better life, with less stress about where the next meal is coming from, and how to pay the next bill. Come on guys get real, who wouldn’t want that whatever country they are in. And yes, believe it or not, Filipinas are attracted to the look of foreigners. Nice honest interview Paul, she’s a nice girl.

  38. Cool chick… I ride a Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special… I love my bike. Any chance you might know how much it would cost me to ship my Harley from San Francisco to Surigao, Philippines? I really can’t live without my ride; it is good mental health medicine. Semper Fidelis. 💪🤠🤘

  39. While I do believe she is being brutally honest about a foreigners ability to financially support her, I do not for a single second believe that she finds an older foreigner more attractive than a young Filipino guy in his 20’s. I actually have several Filipino guy friends in their 20’s and they all look a heck of a lot better than I do, especially with their tshirts off. But on the other hand, they all smoke (cigarettes), they all drink alcohol, and very few of them have stable employment.

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