Relationships in the Philippines, Dating “Older” Filipinas Paul in the Philippines Old Dog Dec 10

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Relationships in the Philippines, Dating “Older” Filipinas Paul in the Philippines Old Dog@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I discuss the pros and cons of age gap relationships in the Philippines


  1. Hi Paul. Morris Massey had a program called What You Are is Where You Were When. Explanation of how people change over generations and like how you changed from your 20’s to your 30’s. Agree that life experiences make all the difference in how you live your life. Thanks

  2. I am 56 and my girlfriend is 50… She said why don’t you get a younger girlfriend????? All Americans like younger girls? I said you are younger 6 years. she giggled.

  3. Paul, Baby Mae is a gem and you’re a lucky man. My wife is filipina and is the exact same way, she knows how to budget and save and almost every time we eat a meal at a restaurant she is always concerned about how much the meal costs. She is always telling me she is a simple girl and doesn’t need expensive things. My wife is 24 so I recon I’m an extremely lucky man as well.

    God bless you and Baby Mae.

  4. Yes Paul. She is very conscientious of the money you spend while she realizes her very hard work for the very little money she made. Thank you for sharing this story as it hopefully makes everyone aware that going after 20 to 25 year olds is NOT all that glitters!

  5. I had 2 girlfriends before I met Cathie, they were both in their upper thirties. And both were after nothing more than using me for a finance machine for their family and their children’s educations along with being very immature about everything especially money. Then I met Cathie that was just a couple years out of college and no children. Very mature for her age and amazingly very very frugal and could stretch the peso till it screamed.

  6. Sounds like the moral of your story is if you are going to be with someone, find someone you respect. My favorite part of the story is the American breakfast that Mae made for you. Cheers

  7. You’re right Paul and people mature at different rates and some resist maturity even into their older age. I would love to meet a woman with a good intelligent, curious, stable mind who can also laugh and not be so serious all the time. Companionship, being affectionate, and good conversation is very important to me. If that’s not happening with any woman or anyone else I get to know then I’m not going to be your friend. Takes a bit of time sometimes to get to know if they’re good for me, but eventually I’ll figure it out. Life experience is very important and I don’t expect a 20 or even most 30 somethings generally to have enough life experience. Luck plays a huge role in finding the right woman. That experience you had with Mae and your breakfast was great and I agree if a woman did that for me I would appreciate it and respect what she did showing me that she really cares about me.

  8. Catholic church tells them have more kids. More kids. Dont worry cant afford. Jesus will take care of. How poor is phillipines? How many massive typhoons nail that place? I dont think he knows about the phillipines……sad but true. They pray so much. And never get a break…

  9. as a long time sub i an starting to appreciate your soft side. Babe May has legit needs and loves you very much. she needs a child to remember your kindness and love for the rest of her life. the child will be there long after and you are dead. everyday of the rest of her life she will feel safe and secure with your child.

  10. Well I married a Filipino women 12 years younger then me. I was 52 and she was 40. We’ve been happily married almost 10 years now. And you are 100 % right on this subject. And these arent younger women. These are kids ( in my opinion ) And these guys that go over there and start dating these girls have no intention of getting married to them. Its 6 months to one year. Then its on to the next one. I think that call that using someone.

  11. Baby Mae, is so adorable, sexy, can cook and good moral principles, …. you are a lucky man. Ben Franklin said “funny , the harder I work the luckier I get.” You must be a hard worker. I’d make babies with B.M. Grow the love.

  12. I’am 68 and my Thai girlfriend is 40 and we’ve been together since March, the virus has made me stay in Thailand and am happier than ever, I had to ditch my 23 year old Filipina as I couldn’t travel there, so due to circumstances I realise that being with an older women has worked for me!

  13. 250 peso vs 58 peso. The first word that came to my mind was “touche”. She most certainly made her point and definitely won that discussion. LOL She’s a keeper.

  14. I wouldn’t think it would be permanent. First she was cheated out of a decent future by being sent off to work at a young age, then her dream of having a baby is being denied. Sure it’s been 2 years. But her clock is ticking. It’s not too late for her to move on and get what she desires. Personally, I don’t think it would be fair for me to pursue a filipina that wants a baby if I wasn’t willing to give her one. But hey, she’s there of her own free will. I’m not knocking anyone. I’m just saying I wouldn’t expect a life long relationship with her.

  15. Yeah Paul that whole TAMPO thing that the girls play would get so old so fast that I would think it would only happen once and then her bags would be packed and outside the door. When you’re in your 60’s hanging with a twenty something would be like emotional torture, life and youth is short the lack of commonality with such drastic age difference let alone energy levels would kill most relationships after the initial glow.

  16. Paul I want you to pay my respect to Baby Mae. Please tell her this. Thank you again for your excellent comments and perspective. Live life, you and Baby Mae continue to be blessed and happy.

  17. Yes i agree i had a young gf and it didnt work out but my wife was around 38 i think when i met her a totally different realationship its a problem you hear about a lot guys who go with a very young bv 1 has had no life experiance and thats a recipie for disaster

  18. I can say from my experience last year when I visited the philippines.. I met many of my filipina friend’s in person both in there 20’s & 30’s.. they all seemed mature to me in are conversations & actions with me.. I met many of my friends together in groups and alone together one on one.. during my 30 day visit to the philippines no one ever tried to take advantage of me.. or use me for money or gifts.. I do think filipinas in there 20’s in general are much more mature then american women in there 20’s.. maybe because they experience a much more of hard life & without the luxury’s that they have here in the united states.. 🙂

  19. In total agreement with this presentation…”.been there, done that”… at women in her 20’s…is like watching your daughter develop…you are going to have to put up with a lot of immature mistakes, that you can’t fix….if you try, you will start acting like her father.

  20. I can definitely see my GF (45 y.o.) making the Western breakfast at home as did Baby Mae. She runs a 20-year-old fan that clangs and will not replace it. And she tells me (a 66-year-old) that she is old. I reply that I prefer a woman, not a girl. Love her common sense.

  21. Thank you Paul and I couldn’t agree more. My girlfriend is 46 has worked from a very young age and is always very conscious about money spent. She will not shop anywhere but the oki oki stores.

  22. Nice Paul you and Mae are happy and you arn’t with a duaghter. I can see the happiness in both of you. Way to fire .
    Sincerely Bruce Tattrie Edmonton

  23. So Paul , quick question.
    Have you ever been looking at a street sign or some other inanimate or insignificant thing and Mai accused you of “looking at that woman?” Lol 😆
    You know because there’s always another woman in their minds.

  24. Just a suggestion … Need to film outside too from streets, shops. markets , beaches and so on … you can show that in the background as you do taking … need a green screen that’s all

  25. it seems to me that the different for a man between a girlfriend in her twenties to one in her thirties in the sex thing. if you, as a man,have a strong sex drive, you will choose the younger one.

  26. Paul, I like you and Mae! But you just told the story 1000000000000000000 Story of a Filipina that’s older!!! as you say. a older pinay as you say! Your words. But it’s all good. 😊😊😊

  27. im stuck in Wisconsin we buying a house in Cabayo Laguna south of Manila i was there in Feb, lockdown started in march i should have just stayed lol
    but had to come back to finalize my retirement i have a ssrv visa in the works but covid screwed that up hope soon to get there and start my life

  28. In a word mate, it’s called integrity.
    And your analogy of difference between 20 & 30 is spot on. A 20 year old has mush between the ears.
    Ten years of the rough & tumble of life in the Philippines & reality grows much clearer

  29. Im ok if she has children 10, 14 my phipina 32 the child issue is settled matter no more children .Many guys wont no more children I get that i have 5 grandkids .

  30. you lived your life with open honesty there, i to have a older Filipina also, because i dont want any kids my girl friend is 50 so im safe when i get there i would enjoy getting some coffee and shoot the shit with you love your channel keep up the videos listening to you is refreshing compared to some of the other bloggers

  31. 250 vs. 58 pesos…yep she understands. Good hearted woman for sure. That’s one reason why when I watch HER video’s I mostly let the commercials play thru.

  32. As usual another great video!

    In my view this is what would work for me: 35-40, no kids, never married, father is head of the household, christian background and down to earth with life experience without a history of promiscuity and definitely no tattoos.

    Thanks Paul, keep putting out excellent content!

  33. You got it going on Paul. The budget you’re keeping, and the woman you got is to be really appreciated. Not every expat hits the jackpot like you. Happy for you both. 😎

  34. My GF ( Ne) is 45 & I am your age. We have been together since I came here 2 yrs. ago when Ne picked me up @ the airport. So I have never actually dated a Filipina. Ne was the first one I ever chatted with online or met in person. She does have 5 daughters & I love them all. All but 1 is an adult & she is 14. Ne is the grandmother of 4. If she isn’t mature by now she is never going to be. She left home @ 16 to work not to send $ s home to her parents. they have more than I do & her siblings live well. She left because her older sister is bossy She doesn’t take a lot of crap. Kids I love & wouldn’t mind having 1 although I think I am to old to be having them.I do know older guys dating girls as young as 19 & hear them complain she acts like a kid, No joke she is a kid, We don’t have a lot of problems others do.

  35. Paul, I am a big fan of your channel and have followed you for nearly a year now. Please don’t fall into the click bate girl in bikini shot thumbnail crap. You don’t need to do that. Plus it is disrespectful to May. Take care see you on the next video

  36. What are your thoughts of meeting women in the Phillipines. Do you feel they are after your money.? I have met fillipino woman online and they ask me for money. What do you think?

  37. Hi Paul, Jan here in The Netherlands. I fully agree with you. I am 65 years old, and already 4 years retired. A lot of young girls from even below 20 years contacted me for a relationship. |But I have met a very cute humble provence girl, she lives in Lapu Lapu, 35 years, and she is my absolute nr 1! I am giong to meet her as soon as the borders are open again. So thanks for your wise lesson and all the best for you and May.

  38. Surprised me with Mae being the subject of an older filipina 😁 also surprised me you are thinking of adopting junior 😁

    Interesting to hear your thoughts. You are a much deeper thinker than me. I just think you fit with them or you don’t. Mae seems to fit with you well, if you had met her at 25 I think she would still fit with you.

  39. I truly loved your story in so many ways. You have such a wonderful partner. I seldom hear these kind of stories and so well put. Thanks so much. I met someone some (many) years ago in Asia who had a 16 year old son and things did not seem to fit in the way it should. I will call her Lady. Lady did not seem to have a job but was very frugal to say the least. Owned a car and rented. Her mother was a class act and could cook in a 5 star restaurant. I had means and had a very, very nice airplane and was a staff engineer/scientist with patents with a very well known electronics company so I was not hurting in the least. Lady did not know that at first as I dressed down but came from a very wealthy family. I got nothing from my parents but go get what you need in life. So lady and I hit it off but something just did not fit. To make the story short her son’s father was a prince and they kept a low profile. Lady is my wife and we still live the same way. It is not about money as my wife keeps harping at me for dressing better. I am a scientist and that say’s it I guess. Really loved you story and will always remember it. TNX.

  40. Just upped my online age search range. LOL. The young ones pics look great, but it’s always a waste of time.

    I just uploaded a cover version of Norwegian Wood by The Beatles. Not sure if you’re a Beatles nut like me, but here’s the link. (My channel also has videos about Makati and BGC.)

    Thanks Paul.

  41. I married my wife in 2016. She was 29 then and several Americans called her an “older Filipina.” I was 46. I wasn’t aiming for anyone much younger!

  42. Your explanations are why I follow you on YouTube. I’m retired, single, no kids and happy. Never wanted kids, was married for 13 years. Thirty six years of being single and I’ve never been happier. Lived in the PI in 1971, for a year, while I was Air Force.

  43. Wow php$58.00 pesos brillant. She’s a keeper. God bless you both. Thank you for sharing. My wife is 31 yrs old and I am 60, and things are working out great. Her story is almost the same as Baby Mae’s, working for the family to go to school.

  44. I laugh my ass of at that. Mae is far from older. It seems to me that most are dating babies younger than their own children. I have no age issues once so ever, more power to them. Just seems like to much difference. I decided to retire at 51 and move to PH, but got stuck in the lock down, now just turned 53 still stuck, Ive decided to go to Mexico for now perhaps in a year I can find me a “older” Philipin honey. Ill be happy to take you and the old woman out to lunch when I arrive Paul. Thanks for the content and have a super great day with that old lady. Lol..

  45. Hello Mr Paul. I always enjoy your video’s.I will be looking for a 29 to 38 year old when I get there.I am 64 now and will be 65 before I can get there

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