Relationships in the Philippines ,Beautiful Filipina Vlogger Mia , Why is She Leaving Dumaguete?

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Relationships in the Philippines ,Beautiful Filipina Vlogger Mia , Why is She Leaving Dumaguete?@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I chat with Mia, who has started her own You Tube Channel, and is planning to reunite with her boyfriend in Cebu


  1. i just found Mias channel a few days ago and her videos are great. They are simple and with good information, but it’s her pleasant voice and beautiful smile that makes them really enjoyable. I can see her being very successful. The fact that she is quite stunning is a great advantage to her, obviously us guys like to see something pleasing to the eye, and she is certainly is! Maybe you need to have some visits to the beauty salon Paul, you’ll get more views! Haha, just kidding brother. Love your work

  2. I wish Mia luck. I am not really surprised now that girlfriends of many expats vloggers start their own channel and make good money. I guess they see how much money their husband or boyfriend make. Covid19 is the best time to do it before people can travel.

  3. One of your best! Paul, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Your narrative and Mia’s banter with you were fabulous! Really enjoyed this! You are right, as you were with the Pea, Mia will take off on her channel. Thanks again. Oh, missed Gaylord, and the blue trike?

  4. Love the channel, Paul. Also took a look at Mia’s channel and really enjoyed several videos already. Seems she works very hard on each episode.

  5. Enjoyed that video. Paul I think you are right. Mia is going to be a hit on YouTube. She is the complete package. Experience will be the icing on the cake. Again well done to both of you. 😊

  6. I’ve seen Mia’s channel and she is very charming and sweet. We had a broadcaster here in the UK, (he has passed now unfortunately) called Terry Wogan. I remember him saying “they either like you or they don’t “. How articulate you are, your subject matter, and what clothes you are wearing all take a backseat to this. I wholeheartedly agree. When I watch you Paul, or Pea, or Mia, or Calvin, I watch because I want to see them because they are warm and familiar. The presentation and subject matter never, for me, determines whether I watch or not. Good luck and God bless you Mia. And of course Paul. Not forgetting Mae.

  7. Momma MIA. What a beautiful lady. I’ve had my 2 COVID19 vaccine shots. I should be able to fly to the Philippines. Guess I’ll have to keep on dreaming of paradise. 😢

  8. enjoying the content. I’m thinking about swinging that way once everything is relativly normal. Are there any rental sites for apartments in dumaguete?

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