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I interview Riza , Baby Mae’s Younger Sister, 21 years old, widowed, who is tired of Filipino Men and is looking for a responsible and caring foreigner that is willing to accept her and her children


  1. You might want to advise Riza to update her Facebook page as it currently shows she is in a relationship and there is no mention nor pictures of her children but I did send her a friend request

  2. Happy bday Paul, new friend here from Belgium, i would love to get to know Riza but i didnt see the link. Maybe u can give me? Enjoy ur bday Paul

  3. Am I really the first one who makes a claim ?
    Expat/Foreigner – check
    Funny – check
    50 + – check
    Under 60 – check
    Honest – check
    Respectful – check – comes with age Willing to start a conversation to see where things are going – check
    Making friends never a bad thing.
    Kids ? Come with the territory when dating a young lady. No problem
    Thinking of moving to the Philippines- check – as soon as possible ( stupid Covid )
    So far so good I guess.
    I leave the rest up to her.

  4. Happy birthday, Paul. You look pretty good for a crusty old fart. But you can’t hold a candle to Riza. Beautiful and sweet, and I hope she finds the man of her dreams.

  5. Sorry to hear about her loss she is a beautiful young lady hope that she finds a man that will be a perfect match for her good luck and blessings

  6. Riza, I hope you can find someone for you out there. I’m sure with that smile and positive attitude you can! Hey.. i get to be the first comment!

  7. Met MANY Filipinas who are either Widowed or mistreated by other Filipino Men. I am engaged to a Very good Woman and am waiting for The FULL lift of the Restrictions to come back to Quezon City to Finalize the Marriage agreement. I think around April or May sounds more like it.
    Thanks Paul/ L.A. has too many Drama filled Feminist and I Love Feminine, Humble and Caring Women. Just turned 66 and a “Health Nut”
    You’ve got THE BEST Filipino Channel.
    The Filipina Pea is good too!!

  8. Paul this is such a nice thing you are doing for this young woman. I hope you will help her screen guys so she can find a good man who will be dedicated to her and her children.
    Good luck Reeza!

  9. Happy birthday uncle Paul. I hope you and Mae are doing well. I have enjoyed your channel off and on now for about 2 years. Riza sounds like a lovely girl but a little on the shy side πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful women and so it will be a short time because she is pure hearted.We all go through trials but I believe in karma and so she will find a really good guy.

  11. She is a very beautiful young lady , she should not have any problem finding someone from your audience . I just hope she is fortunate to find a person that will love and respect her and her kids.

  12. So great you do this! Nice to see a sincere, honest approach to both parties involved, that are searching for a companion. Appreciate your channel Paul πŸ€™πŸΌπŸ»
    Get ready for a flood of interest, even with kids!

  13. Wow! You are the man! You attract beautiful women like the rest of us attract mosquitoes!
    So sorry to hear that Riza has had such a tough go of it. I hope that the future has much goodness in store for her. She is certainly attractive enough and soft spoken, I can’t imagine her having any problem meeting prospects. Be cautious and don’t rush into anything.
    Baby Mae and Paul are both wise and know the pitfalls to avoid. You have good support there!

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Paul in the Phillipines.
    Have been following your channel since your beginning and it is quite interesting.
    I am just 2 years older than you I guess and someday I will visit Phillipines.
    I am a tech guy but for those who are linked completely to Nature that country is simply a paradise.
    Woman seems to be the best companions also.
    Who knows, maybe I could drop myself in this basket… lol…lol..
    Anyhow if I ever get there for a visit or whatever i will meet you for sure.
    Have fun on your Birthday although I guess this comment will get you on the other day.
    A big hug from a Brazilian and Spaniard man.

  15. Baby Mae sister Riza does have a beautiful smile and she does speak clear English when she does speak that is πŸ˜†. She should have more faith in herself and see she speaks just fine. I wished that i was there to meet her and just chat over a meal or a drink wether its water, soda, coffee, tea or alcohol. She is doing it correctly be friends first and let time tell how it goes from there. I hope she finds what she is looking for and get the respect she deserves.

  16. Happy Birthday Paul πŸŽ‚ Hope you have many more. Baby May’s sister is beautiful and wish her luck with her quest for a good man to appreciate her. ❀

  17. Hi Riza, you know, I’m used to seeing so many headings of philipinnes youtubes claim they are interviewing a “beautiful” single mom or single female, but in most cases it is an overstatement. In your case, it’s an understatement. Paul, why would you, instead of Baby Mae do a video with her? You’re ugly when you’re not sitting to someone that strikingly gorgeous! (just kidding Paul) (no, i’m not). Actually, I can’t talk about anyone looking ugly – I would say i’m nothing to write home about, except that I am, just not in the good way. Riza, I must confess, your pedigree raises my admiration for you far further than your stunning good looks. Your sister, Mae, is, i’m sure not just in my mind, but in the minds of many viewers, the warmest person on the youtube planet. I don’t post to her channel as much as I would like, but she is warmth, class and charisma personified. I love her spirit (calm down Paul). I will try to leave you a note on your facebook page, if you don’t mind. Either way, I predict you will have no shortage of inquires & suitors, any of which would be lucky to have you. Please give your sister my best regards.

  18. Happy Birthday Paul, I have the same life as you , but I live in Thailand! I got stuck with a very damaged Filipina! Just my luck! I finally had to move on! Lucky You!

  19. Wow, she has that spark just like Baby Mae. Very wise words for everything you said, Paul. I hope no scumbags contact her and only sincere good men. Watch out for her, Paul.

  20. Hi Paul,

    I didn’t see a link for Baby Mae’s sister. Did she find someone already? I normally wouldn’t be interested in someone as young as she, but she is Baby Mae’s sister, that’s all I need to know. I was thinking, it would be a good idea if she had health insurance for her and the babies. Could you find out how much a years premium for Phil health is? I send you the money. You could just tell her one of your subscribers donated it. I really enjoy yours and Baby Mae’s channels.

  21. She is a true sweetheart! Been through a lot at her age. And with all of that she continues to smile! And I know she has God on her side πŸ™πŸ»

  22. Wow She is Beautiful. Hope she finds a great guy. She seams really nice. I love kids. I don’t have any of my own but my girlfriends has a big family and the kids adopted me. hehehe.

  23. Hey Paul and baby Mae my friends, Reza is absolutely gorgeous. She is really a very sweet lady. And thanks for speaking for us old guys 😊 I hope that Reza finds a very nice guy that will love her and her children and treat them with respect. And Happy Happy Birthday to my friend.πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ Stay safe and healthy and God bless you and baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

  24. Congrats with your birthday Paul ! Hope you and Baby May enjoy your birthdayparty, and i wish you many years in good helth. Riza is goodlooking, I believe she will find a nice good guy. I wish her all the best.

  25. Paul, you’re a great host and spokesman for Riza. Wishing Riza, Baby Mae, and you all of the best! Thanks for the positive comment about us “Older Gentlemen.” Aloha from Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

  26. Hey Paul, Happy Birthday. Great vlogger, super content. If you every get to Naga City, Camerines sur hit me up. We have a decent place to have a Texas Style BBQ. Regards

  27. Seems like a very sweet lady. 3 kids is a lot to take on for any guy, but hopefully she’ll meet a great guy who’ll treat her and her kids right. I wish her all the best! πŸ™πŸ»

  28. Hi Sir Poul… I am so excited to contact this lady and be my witness that I am so honest and faith to her and the kids.i am 58 years old in healthy and fully energy and have enough money to live in the Philippines in simple life satisfied as one family with my respect plz. U am trying my best with Mae but not successful… Maybe with u I will… Thank u in advance

  29. Wow! What a doll baby. Unfortunately for her I’m already married to a beautiful Filipina who I love dearly. I wish I could help her. I don’t know if I can. I enjoy helping to match make but I’m most cases the American guy will want her to move. She appears smart and resilient but I get the impression she is not even prepared to deal with the rat race that is life in America. Three you kids make it doubly difficult cause he would have to be knocking down close to a six figure income to give a beautiful young lady like her the life in America she should deserve. Difficult but not impossible. Who ever marries her would have the most beautiful wife in town.

    Of course that would be assuming she would even want to come to the US.

    I don’t know of any guys who would be interested in relocating to the Philippines but I do know a few guys who might be interested in a lovely girl like her that brings along an instant family. I’ll do some asking around.

  30. If she had one kid I could have accepted her with love and respect and would have given her a beautiful life.. Moreover I am 60 and she is 21 that’s too big age gap.. But she seems a good lady whom men have used and thrown away

  31. Riza does have the million dollar smile. I didn’t know she was so much younger than Baby Mae. Going from single to three kids would be a shock for some guys, but it could be a really great experience.

  32. Riza looks like a wonderful girl. She’s also cute!! Your great friend Paul for helping Riza find her special someone! God bless you both and Baby Mae!!

  33. 21? And a 5 year older? Did I hear correctly? Holy crap! Filipino guy being an adulterer? What else is new. That’s the way of the world over there. Slam bam thank you ma’am. I speak with some authority. All my brother in laws are like that.

  34. Iam 52 and have a 7 year old son. The Mother left me for another man. I was stationed in the Philippines as a U.S Marine and spent 20 years in the Marines. We wish to return to the Philippines. I currently live in Mexico. I dont drink or smoke.

  35. She is a beautiful woman but I hope she is careful in selecting a foreign mate. Not all men age 50+ dating a younger woman (30+ years their junior) are genuine. I am an old fart myself but I believe she can find someone between 40-55 that would make her happy. She shouldn’t count those 40-50 year men out. I hope her the best…. and FYI Paul, I didn’t see the FB link. πŸ™‚. Like always, I enjoy the content and looking forward to moving to the PH, retireing.

  36. God Bless you Riza. I hope you find a wonderful older man who can give you and your family everything you and your beautiful family deserves. May Gods blessing be upon you and your search for this special man.

  37. hi Paul, Mark here..Moving there to stay as soon as restrictions are lifted,,Great channel your age and an ex finance manager and car salesman from North Carolina.I was in the Philippines for 2 months island hopping in 2019..Fell in love with the country..Would love to meet Reeza

  38. She is very beautiful. I am sure she would already be hooked up if the world was open to travel. If her demeanor is anything like Baby Mae’s what a caught

  39. Hi…you didn’t put her FB link…but think I found her—unless she has more than 1 account. I sent her a message. Id be interested in getting to know her better.

  40. Wow! Paul… You’re such a great friend to have in May’s Family.. She is perfect for a woman who loves her children first and ready to date again.. Thank you for the honest interview… SHE IS SO GORGEOUS… IS SHE A CHRISTIAN FILIPINA

  41. Happy birthday Paul, I did not see the Facebook info for Reza. I am subscribe to you and Mae’s YouTube channels. Considering everything she’s been through Mae is one of the most sweetest positive people out there and her sister seems to have that same attitude although I don’t know much about her other than what you have talked about. But I think it’s probably be because of the way they were brought up his children. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself I’m 59 years old I was married 32 years before I came a widower myself. The fact that she has children does not bother me at all in fact I had twins myself they are grown and have children of their own. I think 21 is really young and I don’t know if that would be fair to her but I would like to start communicating with A few of these Wonderful ladies in the Philippines and planning on moving there if and when this pandemic is over and things open back up. If Reza is anything like Mae A man would be truly blessed. Tell Reza hi for And that she is very Guappa Guappa in more ways than one.

  42. She’s very pleasant and there will be plenty to choose from, hopefully she takes enough time to make a good choice, not only for herself and the children but for the lucky gentleman also..thx for the vid Mr. Matchmaker lol…and because of covid don’t breathe in, only breathe out..πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»βœŒπŸ»πŸ•Š

  43. I’ve dated a couple of women with children. I still see their boys to this day. I miss the kids more than their mom. They really love me, their mom not so much.

  44. She is quite beautiful but I think our age gap is too much I am 59 and she is 21 and I don’t feel we would have much in common, the 3 children wouldn’t be an issue but the age gap I feel would be too large for us to over come. I am coming to Philippines as soon as ban is lifted I am looking to go to stay in either dumaguete or Valencia but may consider lapu lapu also

  45. She seems very sweet and very kind and I am coming to Philippines to retire as soon as Philippines allows expats to travel into the country but she is just too young for me I’m 59 and at 21 that is too large an age gap, the 3 children would be know problem but I think the age gap would be the problem.

  46. Paul, very nice talk with Riza. Just in that short time I do sense that she is a very kind person. I understand her thinking and it’s a smart. Looking out for the future of her children. I’m sure she will have many Swains that will be counting the days until they get to meet her. Thanks Paul for helping her. Be Happy, Stay Safe.

  47. Happy birthday Paul πŸŽ‰ . I can’t find her FB page in description . I will leave you mine its Filipina heart if she’s interested and you can also send friend request too . Thanks 😊

  48. So, the 50+ guys know everything… Well, I’m 47 and clueless, so I look forward to the knowledge windfall over the next 3 years lol. Good luck to her, she seems nice.

  49. Wow Paul she is beautiful! You know what it’s like in the USA to find a good woman. Sure wish I could get my plane ticket. Happy birthday 🎁 to you

  50. Riza seems like a wonderful young lady. And Paul, Happy Birthday. You are quite fortunate, getting to spend your birthday with not one, but two beautiful Filipinas.

  51. First of all, happy birthday, Paul! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Second, Riza is beautiful and still effervescent, despite the hardships she has endured – I can’t imagine she will be unsuccessful in her search for a foreign husband. I wish her the very best in that effort.

  52. Another respectful interview Paul with Mae’s sister.. “As sweet as Mae ” I didn’t think that was possible.. But I believe it coming from the family genes.. I wish Riza much happiness in the future. God bless her beautiful children.. I am sure Mae is very proud of her little sister.. And Paul you have some work to do with Senior for sure..

  53. Happy Bday Paul πŸŽ†πŸŽˆβœ¨πŸ°β˜•
    Riza and Baby May have similar laugther ( when they are a bit shy πŸ™‚ , and it should not be a dealbreaker with her children, they are still young, still possible to form a bit if necessary.

  54. A beautiful woman who’ll make some lucky foreign guy very happy.

    I wish her all the very best, now & in the future.

    Thanks for sharing Paul & happy birthday.

  55. In the UK men in their 40’s is the highest divorce rate by far. Any of these that want a ready made family I think is her best target, & maybe 45-49 age group. I would drop her minimum age level slightly.

  56. Great vid Paul. Riza is beautiful. Im sure there will be a whole line of guys 50+ would love the chance to make her happy! I’m 44 unfortunately πŸ˜… and from the UK and plan to come to Duma this year, all the best fella, keep up the great vids!

  57. I think she would be better starting at 40 plus, rather than 50. This because there is lot of men who divorce in there 40’s. To start at 50 is too high, she is still only 21 with a young family.

  58. Thank you Paul. She is a very beautiful lady with a sincere smile. Once again, Paul thank you for the beautiful entertaining and educative videos you work hard to produce for us. I am here in Texas enjoying all of it.

  59. Hi it’s Mal from Las Vegas just wanted to say I’m a very interested and will be going to the Philippines when this covid is over I love kids . I have a daughter

  60. Well I’d love an opportunity at love but I can’t get there hopefully I will be there next winter for the whole winter and then move there the year after

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