Reflecting on 1 Year as a English Teacher Trainer in Vietnam – Farewell Kyle!

In this video Kyle talks about how it feels to be finished working at Ninja Teacher Academy, how it was training over 100 TESOL trainees, his like and dislikes of living in HCMC and what’s in store for his future. You can learn about how to start teaching English in Vietnam here:


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  1. So happy for you ! Best wishes on your new journey.

    A bit sad I will not have the opportunity to learn from you as I’m heading to Ninja Teacher in February.

    Thanks for all you have provided via YouTube as I will continue to follow you.

    Again best wishes 😊

  2. Alex and Kyle, I’ve loved watching your motorbike adventures thru VN this year. Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I hope 2020 brings you many more exciting times! -Motogirlz

  3. Thank you Ninja Teachers. Coming up on my second year teaching English in Ha Long Bay (Northern Vietnam). This place and its people have surpassed my expectations and it all started with watching Alex and his you tube videos. I would not be here if it wasn’t for the inspiration and vision of Alex. Kyle set up my course and gave me good advise throughout my stay. It is a real honor to be a part of such a successful program. Thanks gentleman. You will be missed Kyle, but may the good lord above be with you in your future plans. Cheers. Raymond

  4. Alex, please don’t downplay the pollution in Vietnam. It’s a serious problem with health risks. Witch people can then decided if it’s worth it. Don’t become money, hungry mate, you’re better than that. Merry Christmas

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