Reekay’s Video Diary: Relationships & Travel

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  1. I don’t quite understand Henry ?? I do feel for you, going thru these heart
    wrenching relationships that are not working out for you, but I do have to
    ask you this ?? Your a smart guy–why don’t you just ask the girl on the second
    or third date, if she wants kids or not?? Maybe you think you can change her
    mind, on the baby issue, once she gets to know you ?? I would think if you did
    do this, and ask the girl upfront it would save a lot of heartache. If she says she
    wants to have kids, then get out early, so it limits the emotional attachment.
    I’d like to know why you don’t do this ??- Your very thorough on everything else??
    Maybe I don’t understand something about the culture there ?? ( Grant in Canada)

    1. I’ve written off the one who changed her mind about having a baby.  I can tell it’s something very important to her and I’d not trust her if she said she suddenly changed her mind.  As for the first woman, still paper-married (for now).. if ever there was a soul-mate worth waiting for it’s her.  For now, just taking it one day at a time.

    2. In the time I’ve been here (about 20 months as of now).. I’ve only been in 1 actual relationship.. the one that brought me to the PH to begin with.  She was in the midst of a divorce in the U.S. when we met in California, but as time went on the divorce didn’t go through and thus (we) were caught in the middle of a bad situation.. with the way laws are here in the PH regarding such affairs.. it was best we separate for that and other reasons.  But she and I agree on the ‘no babies’ goal in life.  (she has older children already).  The only other relationship that never actually got started was with a woman who told me (several times) she did not want to have children.  After 6 months, when we finally decided to start a relationship.. she changed her mind.  So, we decided to not start the relationship but.. emotionally I was already invested so it was a real bummer to wait that long only to see it fall apart.  But the issue was discussed in detail repeatedly.

  2. This is a good share, Henry. Folks want to connect with you as a person, not just as a writer/reporter/expat in the Philippines. What you go through, personally, makes a difference in how your other videos are perceived, enjoyed and shared.

    So, met any cute girls, lately? 😉

    1. Thanks, man.  As for girls.. it’s kinda like a non-stop river of sweet girls everywhere I go.  I introduced to 4 just in the last few days, spent some time with 3 of them but only as friends.  I’m hesitant to get too involved with anyone right now.  It’s been a rough 12 months relationship-wise so, I’ve been keeping it light.

  3. video diary that the whole world can see, taking your vlogs into the next level of sharing is a great idea. considering you are doing videos and have followers you are a celebrity man. I know it won’t be just like of entertainment but something that can be learned from. will wait for your video diary…

  4. Smart man, Henry! How many guys have we heard about coming to the PH for retirement and blowing up their wallet because the can’t control themselves. Then they have to go home. Kind of defeats the purpose of retirement, huh? And it’s not like more children are needed in the PH, that’s for sure!

  5. you’re a wise man Henry, I’ve been doing the same thing for a year and a half now, just keeping my life simple and uncluttered while allowing the psyche to mellow out and regain some sense of peace in those areas…

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      yup, that’s more than ok in fact its necessary for your well being and the health/well being of any future relationship you may pursue…

    2. It’s been great to be just sort of “freefalling” (as Tom Petty would put it).. taking it easy, making plans on a whim and just getting my head/heart back in a healthy spot.  I love being in a relationship, but that’s on the back-burner indefinitely.  And that’s okay.  🙂

  6. i found my filipina wife thru ”plenty of fish” site, at her home away from home,hong kong.she was working there,mature type,like myself,no kids and living alone.her sc enario sounded just like mine here in the usa, so i contacted her on thanksgiving of ’08,we married in santa rosa in ’09..the rest is history.i know what you mean about a narrow window for finding the right girl..keep looking,you’ll find her..thanks for vids..

  7. I am enjoying your thoughtful videos and wish that i had more time to watch the lot.
    Planning a 6 week visit in May 2015 to test the theory that it is possible to travel with sufficient support even if one has a debilitating illness.
    I am also considering moving to the Philippines (from Australia) full or part time as i believe that it will be affordable to have a full time “carer” or “maid” to increase quality of life for someone on a low income.
    The big downside for me is the constant gimmie, gimmie gimmie.
    My mother needs medical money, my daughter needs school fees, the water buffalo died etc etc. I have been told by an Australian man who lived in the Philippines for over 10 years that: 1. Lend = Give and 2. That anyone from a western country is regarded as an “americano” and therefore a multimillionaire with a personal money printing press. 
    Thanks again for taking the time to make very helpful videos

  8. Great vlog, nice to hear where your mind is at on a more personal level and you’ve got a great attitude.  Have faith and remember that even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.  🙂

  9. You’re a pretty tolerable guy Henry.  I could easly get along with you for sure..And no! you don’t have to be real detailed about you’re personal life and relationships. And yes,. there are nosy and mouthy people….It’s 0k just to have a trusty companions like, those ladies if you prefered them..As far as for me,. I’m pretty much a loner because I’m an artist…I’m more into my intricate arts than being social or getting involve with any people. For an aventurous guy like you should be free as a bird like me,.! no responsibilities.  There’s way too much to discover there in my Islands..So, enjoy yourself..and be safe. Thnks for sharing..If you have time you should uploads and share about exotic jungle and sea creatures like, starfishes too start..I miss them so, much… and  Show us them nasty cobras too..Thanks!

  10. Thank you for the share of your personal life Henry. On the bike issue i want to give you IMHO some Pro tips.
    Full face brand new “BRIGHT” coloured helmet
    Bright coloured bike
    Good brakes, good tyres, loud aggressive horn and the subtle look at me horn 
    Always leave space between you and everyone/everything else
    Never take a risk, never. A car can dent but you can break.
    Relax and enjoy the ride just be alert and cautious
    And as far as the guy getting hit, well that happens in every country. Maybe he was unlucky, maybe his bike failed or maybe he was inexperienced and a careless rider.

    All the best from Australia  

  11. I can relate to taking it easy with the dating scene there for now.  My first several visits to Phils still echo in my mind and heart.  I met scores online to make sure I had enough to pick the “best one” when I got there.  Little did I know they would ALL be sweet and charming.  So kind and nice and special, each one in each one’s own way.  Terrible me, the foreigner, to come and turn their world upside down as I checked each one out.  What to me was a casual date and get to know, for them was a glimpse of freedom from poverty and chance at a prince from a foreign country.  Handle with kid gloves and don’t lead them on is my advice to those seeking filipina companionship or relationship.

  12. Hi Henry! My wife and really like your videos and web site. I’m on vacation and we are watching **ALL** of your videos.  My wife is a teacher and if you need any help or any different point of view feel free to ask. I’ll send you our facebook information.

  13. Hiiii mr reekay’s I like your videos I am currently in Cebu and just before two days I came back from moal boal beach my favorite place in the whole world so peaceful like no other anyway am traveling tomorrow out of Philippines after 6 month of staying am so sad it’s really such an amazing place to be in specially with these great people around . so enjoy your life and take care 🙂

  14. Babies are part of there culture, you are going to have a hard time finding a girl like that. My knew I couldn’t have children before we got married. but after a few years she started nagging me about a baby and still does once in a while.. But we are fine. I been married to my filipina for 10 years.

    1. as an update.. i’ve recently met a filipina who shows a lot of promise.  i still haven’t asked her to be my g/f (yet).. been spending time talking and getting to know each other, nothing physical.  she’s 21, single, no kids and works to provide for her parents.  solid family and after a few days said she’s open to the idea of no kids, but only if her and i work out for the long term.  so, for now i’ve at least found someone open to the idea.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Phssstt… Henry, perhaps you should be thinking about a Ladyboy…  beauty of a woman, sex drive of a man, no periods/menopause, no kids, loyal, independant, loves to travel, looking for a experienced mature man. 😉

    3. Welcome to the Philippines it is never as easy as it looks.. 🙂 What do they say these days It’s more fun in the Philippines.. Haha!  🙂

  15. I know some expats who were so fearful of the constant baby topic that they got the old “snip snip” to avoid surprises. I sense that you’re a caring person and can understand your frustration, but keep things in perspective. You could be back in the states trying to find someone who’s not preoccupied with their older kids and their problems, or a woman who can’t stop talking about her grandchildren!

  16. sounds like something i would like to do have fun ,no kids good, my are in there twenties as well , heading there soon Bohol sounds like a good adventure ,i have a friend an aussie mate he loves it ,anyway enjoying your clips ,keep up the good work ,   

  17. When I saw your vid that you are travelling around I thought you must be single again.  One can only hope to meet interesting and fun people that can enrich us.  Okey reason for this comment is to suggest BOLJOON and OSLOB.  That is only if you are an outdoor nature tripper.  As for relationship potential, there is going to be a lot of false starts and disappointments but when one gets lucky…its all worth it!  It does come when you least expect it.  Mine did:)  I hope yours will too.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Im sorry to hear this.  You must be referring to the one who was in the picture you sent me through FB.  Enjoy your Visayas tour and  I wish you rewarding relationship and it does not have to be romantic (at the moment) as long as it makes life fun, interesting and worthwhile.  The best of luck to you and your travel.  

    2. Thanks.  The one I met on Panglao/Bohol really threw me for a loop.  I waited 6 months for her to complete her widow’s mourning period only to find I’d been replaced half-way through that period.  The whole experience really took a lot outta me, trust-wise.  For now, just gonna take a break from all that.

  18. I can relate. In march I was Davao and my 40year old girlfrind wanted to have a child, no more kids for me, so the mother is arranging for her to marry a Philippino guy.    I moved on to Dumaguete and rented a small motorcycle, then crashed.

  19. That’s cool reekay you don’t send out your personal back ground on your video clips and on your website. I do the samething i gave out my personal life i even watch my back.

  20. Don Russell.. i’ve been seeing your posts but there is no ‘Reply’ button for some reason on any of them.  are you posting directly to the video page?  hopefully with this post you can reply here.  my only means of contact is facebook these days.  i haven’t used email much for over a year.  if you can contact me on facebook at;  ‘reekay velez’, i can answer your questions in private.   if i get a chance i can do a search at my email account for your email and respond there.

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