Reekay’s Kitchen; Making Chicken Flavored Rice (or Broth)

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  1. Check you out,,bbq chicken? Henry here in states you know everyone has outdoor gas grill,,,there seems outdoor kitchens,,,,i dont think ive seen one grill there,,,your mom ever plan on visjting you there?that be cool video,,i joke with my parents telling them ill set them up in nipa hut,,,lol

  2. IMHO, your rice is too pasty.  Send it back to the kitchen.  Use less water and add a little oil to help the grains separate from each other and from the pan.  Some people rinse off the grains too, but you lose vitamins like that.  Finally, brown rice tastes much better and is more vitamin rich and healthy, with a lightly nutty flavor (use water at a 3 to 1 ratio with brown).  The trick to rice cookers is very simple.  Use less water to make the grains firmer, or more for softer – this entails accurate measuring, but results are very consistent.  Now, let me swish back to the kitchen.

    1. @PalJoey1957 i’ll get into brown rice later. some people prefer to always rinse the rice first, others don’t. i’m keeping it simple for now as this is just an intro to cooking basics for the moment. i always add a dab of olive oil when making pasta, to keep the pasta from sticking to each other. with rice i prefer to use a little butter.

    1. @John Brown ha! even though i’ve used the knorr’s chicken bullion, i always know there’s a ton of salt in it. i wanted people to remember there’s an old-school way of making soup stock. my gramma did it really old-school.. with the chicken feet sticking out of the pot. 😀

  3. Hey Reekay please never give cooked chicken bones to a dog or cat. They are too brittle after cooking and can splinter in an animals mouth or throat or esophagus making big complications. Nice video otherwise as ever

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I agree Henry, both of my dogs of 15 years been eating chicken bones since they were a pup and I never once had any issues of choking or problems. We’re talking about all kinds of chicken bones from wings to the legs.  Anyway, thanks for the cooking tips, now it’s time to whip those carne asada, tacos and burritos, posole, menudo, etc… also maybe some tips in home made tortillas? Cheers from LA 

    2. p.s.  i would wager that more dogs each year have intestinal or choking issues with tennis balls, legos and rawhide toys than chewing down a chicken bone. 

    3. @brandywell44 i know a LOT of people seem to believe this, that dogs cannot eat cooked chicken bones (supposedly due to the fragments). but first let me present three items;

      (1) raw poultry bones and cooked poultry bones BOTH will fragment when chewed. it doesn’t matter either way, raw bones are not going to be eaten whole, they will break up into pieces same as cooked bones. if anything, boiled bones are softer.

      (2) from my own experience in over 40 years of feeding chicken bones to every dog i’ve had in my life.. never, ever out of over a dozen dogs did a single one of them choke on a chicken bone. never happened. 40 years, over a dozen dogs, weekly given chicken bones.. not one incident of choking or intestinal issues. (note: the only time i had a dog get intestinal issues was when he got hold of a piece of corn on the cob and the cob got stuck in his bowels. vet removed it and he was fine.) finally,

      (3) canines (wild dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals, etc.) eat poultry bones as a way of life for thousands of years. not a single wild dog kills a chicken, eats the meat and leaves the bones behind. 🙂

      more info/discussion on this topic here;

  4. I love rice! Maybe it’s because I am partially Asian by ancestry and I grew up eating it. Rice does have somewhat of a boring image among some white folk but you’ve just proven you can make it interesting just by using a few simple ingredients. Nice work!

    1. @Gerrygambone you can get a cheap one for about $10. or you can get a ‘fancy’ one with timer and stuff for about $20. if all you want is a basic model, Unitop has them for about $10. 🙂

  5. I like the natural way you make chicken broth. No msg, no preservative and not a ton of salt. I’ve eliminated salt in my diet pretty much due to hypertension. You mentioned brown rice as an alternative. I like that since rice has a very high glycemic index which can cause diabetes. 

    1. @OnYourMark ! for a while i was mixing a 1:3 ratio of brown rice to white rice (in the bag, raw) and then cooking it that way.. to get the advantages of the fiber. pure brown rice is a bit on the chewy side, even for me. 🙂

  6. Hi Henry, if you can… can you teach how to make a real Mexican Guacamole? My landlord before was Mexican, She sometimes make me a Beef wrap with Guacamole.. OMG to die for! I really miss it 🙁

  7. I can’t wait to see some PI dishes! I have a great passion for cooking as well. I’ve been cooking since age 9 or ten. I think the first thing I learned how to do was bacon, eggs and toast! Ha! Seems so simple now.

    1. @J Ward yah, i started cooking around 10 or 11, after my mom divorced and had to return to school and work after her divorce from my dad. same for me.. began with scrambled eggs on toast for my little brother. then french toast, then pancakes and there was no stopping after that. 🙂

  8. Too lazy to cook. Hehe

    Prefer to go to KFC. While still in Manila, frequented Max’s in Sta. Cruz.

    Oh, yeah, Jack’s in Monumento … renowned for its flaming chicken.

    Those good young days!

  9. the cheap rice cookers like the one you have shut off by a temperature sensor.  when the water is gone. the heat no longer spreads away from the heating element. the rice will quickly build heat and the cooker will sense it and shut off.  it also has a spring loaded shut off to make sure that it does not try to heat when the pot is not in.

  10. I never measured anything either. All of my cooking is under my trial and error plan. If its good, its good, if its bad than I now know what not to do next time lol. Do you know how to cook real mexican rice? As a filipino-american, i eat white rice almost everyday, but I wanna mix it up a bit. I know how to cook garlic rice thanks to your prev video btw. And I know how to cook somewhat a jambalaya rice, all I add is sausage (louisiana style). I hope you do more cooking shows! 🙂

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