Red Van Tire Specifications

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  1. Power King 14 ply is a bias ply trailer tire often found on drop deck and construction equipment trailers. We have some of these on our farm trailers. Never seen them used on a vehicle.

  2. I’ve seen rims explode from to much tire pressure. Also witnessed the old two pieced rims for trucks blow up because of tire pressure. Call me crazyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Brian, You have blown me away mate, –my own video ! I am suitably humbled LOL. –But now I have even MORE questions ! Amazing enough I thought they were 13 inch tyres but now see they are 12’s? And yet another mystery? 500×12? That is for sure, to any western tyre guy –a strange size then I see they are marked made in Vietnam. So, yup, no denying it, the camera dont lie, a 12 inch 14 ply tyre. Printed on the sidewall plain to see. Havent had time yet to check as I am seeing this at 11-25 pm on a Sunday night but give me till business opens tomorrow to check this out. Should these turn out legitimate, this will revolutionize Australian tyre sales bcoz I will be contacting the manufacturer in Vietnam and bring them in by the container load, we have millions of freight vans here and NO 14 ply 12 inch tyres. They will sell out b4 I can unload the container.But again, you made a video all off my comment, I am suitably impressed, On yer Mate !

  4. Presa is the brand. That is what I just put on y AMG S55. It’s in one of my videos where I came across the old mercury comet. My tire guy is Vietnamese.
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