Red Red The Chicken Whisperer

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  1. “The eye worm is a small, thin white worm. It attaches itself in the corner of the chicken’s eye, underneath the nictitating membrane. The presence of the worm causes the chicken extreme discomfort and impairs their vision. Infested birds are often seen continuously rubbing or scratching their eye.”

  2. I always had my kids help as soon as they could folding clothes watering plants picking up toys etc… I had so many friends that didnt know how to cook or clean or do laundry …..I think its good to include them with everything so they learn God Bless

  3. Seem’s like Red’s English is slipping to the wayside. He does seem to understand very much of what you say to him anymore. Maybe he is just distracted.

  4. Glad you mentioned about reds eyes Brian. They will peck at anything shiney.
    Kids his age, little bunches of energy( bouncing off the wire etc!
    Caught my wife’s little cousin( reds age). Hitting the top of our flat screen TV with a badminton racket one time! Why? God only knows.
    Didn’t do the picture quality much good, had those black lines down the screen afterwards. 😂

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