Real Thailand NOW! Let’s Take A trip Inside Thailand Today.

Vlog#688 Adventure starts now. We will take you from Isaan To south of Thailand during the end of the restrictions here. Outside borders are still closed, but we will bring you inside.
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Equipment used is a
SJCAM 7Star / movement shots in 1080p 60fps
GoPro Hero4 Black (back up camera used with Snoppa gimbal)
GoPro Hero 5 Black (Secondary camera) Used on dash driving video
GoPro Hero 7 Black (Primary camera)
Microphone: RODE wireless mic
Gimbal with gopro hero4: Snoppa
Samsung Galaxy A7 (used during all Live streams)
Power Director for Android:
powerdirector.DRA140225_01&hl=en (Android app when filming with phone)
Edit Program: Magix edit pro 2018 (Primary Edit Program)


  1. Got into an accident on my motorbike in Pattaya. It was really the other guy’s fault. But I said to call and figure out what it cost to replace the damaged plastic piece on his bike. He did and said 1500 Bhat. I gave him 2000 Bhat and he went away happy. To me paying the 2000 Bhat just to have a potential problem go away is better than fighting over an accident in a foreign land.

  2. claus is he in sweden. Then i think it gona be long time before he can return to thailand. They and portugal is the countries with most corona in europe know

  3. Have a safe trip and beautiful discoveries along the way. P.S.: You need to secretly film Paige’s secret sunglass stash. She must have hidden hundreds of those somewhere in the house. 😉

  4. When I drove there I thought I would show them how to drive ‘properly’….I soon realized I was in the way and quickly adapted the SE Asian style of driving and faired much better 😂😂😂

  5. How the Asian countries has handled this virus has clearly worked. Look at their numbers verses the USA’s numbers. Asian people don’t b!tch and complain like people here in the USA.

  6. Asian Lady beetles (ladybugs ladybirds) bite, not hard and with no after effects (that I know of) but they bite! Hopefully people with family in Thailand will get to go back to them soon. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  7. Paige is happy to travel like always ✌👍👍👍I missed what you were saying, watching Paige playing with the lady bug… 😁

  8. Awesome info as always Chuck, the Adventure has begin drive safe have fun and chillout at the beach, surf report if you see again please

  9. Thank you for share your road trip with us. We are all very ancy here in the states. Nothing is normal yet. As a American you know we treasure our freedom to move about, and we still can’t. Makes watching your journey all the more interesting. Enjoy your trip. Kap Kum Kop

  10. Chuck. Foreigner Joe is excited about his get together with you and Paige. He went shopping at Macro to celebrate the July 4 holiday. Happy Holidays Happy Travels.

  11. Some of the times I enjoyed while in Thailand, being in the military, were the US holidays in addition to the Thai holidays. It made
    for good times. 🙂

  12. Happy they’re fixed but I can’t believe your truck had drum brakes. Y’all have fun!! I’ll be with you in Spirit!! 😊❤️👍🏼🇨🇷

  13. Thank You Guys For The awesome comments. If you like to see everyday life for us living in Thailand videos please give us a Thumbs UP. Have a great day, where ever you are!

  14. Thanks Chuck….. enjoy the journey. Thanks for bringing us along… I have to stay home and get my girl back to school. Day two. Didn’t know she would be off a couple of days next week. Thanks for that. Ok… u guys stay safe. :-))

  15. Your comments on driving are spot on and correct. Those that complain either have never driving in Thailand or are just fools. I have seen and known more than a few expats who have come unstuck when contesting accidents and fines at police checks. Keep up your freewheeling running commentaries during your videos, makes them more enjoyable watching.

  16. great video as always chuck noticed alot of rattle when you were going over some bumps on your journey – change your struts and shocks i think its time . good liuck.

  17. Comments in order of seeing it,
    Great intro. That took a long time to set up i bet?
    Paige your awesome. I love how your always smiling 🙂
    How much to see Paige git you in the head with a coconut? LOL
    Thanks Chuck another awesome vlog

  18. Traffic? That’s not traffic, you want to see traffic, come to Vegas on the weekend. Lol. Don’t forget to put your windows up when you pass a cattle semi.😜✌

  19. Need more time at least a hour or more, I love how you run your channel and I have nothing to do in San Francisco, so please upload more my friend! Love you guys hope you have fun there

  20. dude, you are in a culture who typically respect all lives and animals. Except the ones they eat I guess. So why hating a ladybugs, u a big fellow, let them be

  21. Epic kms guys, love the video and look forward to samui, not been there for a few years, we always used to fly in and out of samui as we lived on the island of koh tao. stay safe

  22. Good to hear you got the brakes sorted. I’m thinking about hiring a car to drive to Nong Khai when things open up. thank you for the driving tips.

  23. Enjoy the trip Chuck & Paige! Yes my buddy and I coined the phrase ” make a lane” after watching Thai people drive on shoulder or in the middle of the white line taking up two lanes. We just say “make a lane” no point in getting upset “Thailand”

  24. When and if you get to Chiang Mai this trip give us a call and we’ll take you up to see the temple and the hill village people as well as treat you to a cold one… Drive safe..

  25. Always nice cruisin’ thru the Thai countryside..and always love them clouds..thx for the vid..happy highways 🙏🏻✌🏻🕊

  26. Hi Chuck, glad to see you got your brakes fixed, 300 baht sounds really cheap. Can you buy that radar detector of yours in Thailand ?
    Thanks for the video, enjoy your trip.

  27. Very stylish intro today. Had to check the description just to make sure you didn’t bring in someone like Stanley Kubrick to give your video that something extra. Looks like it was all your own work so top marks to you. 🙂 Enjoyed the video as always.

  28. What Thai people don’t eat Ladybirds in Thailand? Well, I learn something new everyday 555. I think that cow knows that it’s heading to be a burger and there is a Chuck around. Haha, funny when I come to the USA ( for work and holiday) I use to think the same, every town looked the same apart from the tourist areas.

  29. You Know chuck by watching your videos i feel that sometimes Iam in thaialand but i miss thailand and my Wife and just unable to come right now as we have started our work too till jan next year

  30. When I start this video ,your friend Foreigner Joe has already let the secret out that you both are going to his place , and I could see what all he is cooking for you . :)))))

  31. awesome price on brakes, but in all honesty I would be the person that did it myself, not for the fact of being cheap, but simply I have always done my own work, & probably will as long as I am able, I dont do kingpins, lol. I know how, but prefer to pay for that. if had issue on a road trip, I would pay someone to fix before I paid to get it towed home. but I have always managed to limp home & fixed it myself at home
    one bank here is changing names, lots of B.S. but will invalidate all cards and all checks & have to use new cards, new numbers July 18,

  32. Thanks for putting so much into your video’s to paint a picture to tell a progressive story!
    I notice you spent a lot of time shooting a bit of back story!

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