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I can’t make this point any stronger, now is the time to get into real estate investing. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Get in now and get the right training now while the housing prices are down and Jackie is the one to teach you. You can buy houses with bad credit and no money believe me it can be done. Collect some of those 20,000 35,000 and 50,000 checks for yourself. I know Jackie personally she is from the Dallas Fort Worth area where I used to live.  If you are looking for a top notch mentor and you should be, I recommend Jackie Lange and Jack Miller’s excellent training materials, and to get you started in the right direction.




Real Estate Investing


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Real Estate Investing is a way for you to make lots of money while you are still residing in the US. Make the money first save it up and then come to the Philippines to retire. Believe me now is the best time to get in. Housing prices will go back up history has told us this, so get in now buy houses for 50% or 60% of the like new ARV value.

Did you know you can buy real estate without any of your own money, and with bad credit, it’s called OPM which stands for Other Peoples Money. There are so many different ways to be a real estate investor, you could flip houses, which is legal, you could buy REOs or bank owned homes, you could buy homes going into foreclosure. read on… Buy at reduced values as these banks don’t want these houses on their books. Check out the sources below and find out how to do this.

There is a ton of free education out there, and I will point you to a few of those websites and individuals in this post.

Jackie Lange is a Texas real estate investor that got started in 1996. She has just about done everything related to real estate investing and is in a position to enjoy life. Let me say first that real estate in the best way route to riches currently and is completely legal.


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Here’s a sampl post right out of her blog:

When I first started learning about real estate investing in 1995 I attended seminars taught by the late-night infomercial gurus. The amazing thing I learned was that 98% of the people in the room had been attending his seminars for years ( at several $1,000’s per event) but they had not even done a real estate deal yet. That tells you how bad the training is.

Back then, I also visited some of the freebie real estate investor forums and found that there was a lot of bad advice from people who had studied the strategies but never actually done a real estate deal. Once again most of the people who go to the freebie forums are people who are NOT successful real estate investors.

 I was beginning to wonder if there was any really good investor training.
Then, in 2000, when I attended a Jack Miller seminar i was delighted to find that 98% of the people in the room were extremely successful real estate investors. They attributed their success to Jack Miller’s savvy, yet risk free, techniques and strategies.

Jack’s training made a huge difference in my real estate business. I was able to recognize more opportunities, maximize profits, and minimize risks by following his advice.
After several years of attending Jack Miller’s seminars I convinced Jack to allow his seminars plus his written lessons and sage advice to be published on the internet so many more people could benefit from his wit, wisdom, and training.

That’s how was born.

Now you have the opportunity to tap in to the same training that the most successful real estate investors got… at a fraction of the cost.

Who do you want to learn from – the guru who only has a 2% success rate Or Jack Miller who’s has a 98% success rate?


Note that the few who do not succeed are the ones who never do anything.   A little ACTION is all it takes to be successful.

Jack Miller’s online seminars at CashFlowDepot will teach you step-by-step what you need to do to succeed in your real estate business. You’ll learn how to create cash flow and build wealth.
JOIN NOW for only $197 (that’s a bargain I’ve seen it a lot higher than this) per year to get instant access to Jack Miller’s wealth of real estate investor training which has helped tens of thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

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BONUS #2 – J.J. Luna’s ” How to Be Invisible” 248 page e-book which will teach you how to protect your assets and your privacy.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for late night guru seminars or home study courses.  You won’t learn the information you need for success at the freebie forums either.
Learn from home with the BEST real estate investing training at — now only $197 per year.

To Your Extreme Success,
Jackie Lange

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Please check out Jackie Lange’s real estate blog, and Cash Flow Depot is a paid subscription website with plenty of quality training. is another source of real estate investing articles, where you can learn some of it free. I recommend checking out articles on Options, Notes and Distresses Property. You could also read about foreclosures, bank owned or REOs, Flipping, rehabbing and For Sale By Owner. All excellent and perfectly legal ways to make not some money, but your fortune. Put yourself in a better situation to ride out this terrible economy. Once you have your fortune move out of the US to Central America or the Philippines.

I’ll add more later, this should get you started in the right direction.




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