Real Estate Crash in Australia Looming

Real Estate Crash in Australia Looming


  1. Crashing an economy is another way of stealing money from the middle class and upper class…more shifts of riches because the people who will buy is the banks and super rich…..

  2. Why can’t people just buy one home and be happy? They are taking a big chance overextending and putting their family at risk. Real estate is a very chancy risk in the first place. Unless you are going to live in another country and rent your home in your country in my experience it’s too much of a risk. Unless you are a millionaire.

  3. You may well be right about a downturn. On the other hand, they are taking interest rates to zero and printing money like crazy, which normally precedes higher prices.

  4. Australian properties are stupidly overpriced. It is due for a crash. This is the only way the younger generation will be capable to buy a first property.

  5. @Sandro Love

    pls make a video about 3d government control… people have no jurisdiction over their houses..

    dont tell the secrets here!!! same applies to cars as well or why do we have to register a car to someone else…lol

    PS: have you ever wondered why you NAME is in capital upper letters when you get mail from government, police, tax office, courts, council…. time to research this!!! stuff written in capital letters is not English by definitions its a sign language….

  6. For every tenant, there is a landlord and for every landlord, there is a tenant. If you screw with this balance, the government then has the problem of housing people. And does the Queensland government have the wear for all to step up to the plate and take the place of the private sector to do this ?. That is the million-dollar question for me and do they want this headache ?. I personally can not see this legislation getting off the ground. It smacks of policy on the run and I do believe we will see a backflip or some type of an amendment to this legislation. Watch this space …

  7. …I see a looming mega- crash coming in the States. Chase has come out and said, “No more Jumbo loans”. California, New York, Miami are places where Jumbo loans are the norm. Try selling a house for $650,000 when there are no buyers. Try finding a CASH BUYER for a 650K house. Prices MUST CRASH !!…We are headed to 40 million unemployed. Best Buy electronics has just laid- off 50,000 people. 15,000 retail stores will close for good..Owning property is the last thing you want to do

  8. Its like going to the grocery store to buy food, stealing the food and telling the store owner thats ok because of coronavirus. Whats worse is QLD GOV is allowing people to get away with theft. They are criminals, issuing people with licenses to steal.

  9. If this was the USA, someone would have already assassinated Premier Palaszsucks. Also how does a person with a last name from Communist Kazakstan get elected Premier of QLD anyway? Too many idiots in Oz now.

  10. As a Filipino living as a permanent resident here in QLD, do you recommend waiting the price to crash before buying or just invest real estate in the Philippines and rent in Oz?

  11. Exactly my words ever since…. Good talk! Will we ever go back to normal? Have any of the rules and regulations implemented after 9/11 to fight “terrorism” been reverted? Not a single one comes to mind. Where this will lead? Even trying to stay positive, my perspective of where we are heading globally glooms every day…. All the money printing of each central bank in the world won’t stop the economic short medium and long term impact of this global shutdown.

  12. We are now living in a socialist country. Look at the bigger picture. They are intentionally crashing the world economy with this plandemic.

  13. Peter your view is very short term! Id also be very supprisedif any bank would offer a buy to let morgage with a 90% loan to value ratio, prices could drop 20% they could also rise back 20% in 12 months once theres a vaccine youd be crazy to hand the keys back as long as theres a paying tennant, calm down!

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