QuickVid: The Atong Kamalig Resto in Dumaguete

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  1. Hi henry are there lots of caucasians there? I know for sure in boracay there are many, seems like every restaurants you go to in dumaguete there seems to be caucasian

    1. @klintph in dumaguete, lots and lots of expats.  more than i’ve seen on any other island personally.  boracay had more south koreans and japanese, plus caucasians.

  2. Thanks for the videos I started watching Popz first then yours & Neds I have seen them all hehe sure enjoying watching them. I married my wife in Cebu in 2007 we live in Oklahoma now with our 3 year old son,Its the happiest time of my life!!Your g/f looks awesome good luck,wonder if Neds going to get married?hehe.We will be visting Cebu in May it will be my 7 time,love it just cantmake any money there,we want to retire there,we are going to look for land this trip any tips about buying property?Take care Edwin Cleofe & Gabriel

    1. property, can not be owned by a non national of the Philippines, how ever, you can lease land, build on it, but you need to check everything very carefully as Henry says, if title is not clear, your screwed, if running a business, you need a national for the certificate, ( rebel resorts covers this) make sure if you lease land to build on, you get a pre agreement, that should you leave, the owner must buy buildings of you, it is complex to say the least

    2. @edwin mclean i don’t know much about buying property here other than the basics.  be sure to absolutely get a certificate of clear title.  if anything goes wrong, that’s usually what it is and can really make a mess of things costing more money and lost time.

    1. @jeff01101 Yes, if you order from the value menu.  Try two Quarter Pounder’s and a large French Fry to share, no drinks.  Over $14.  

    1. @matt hajas for some reason they are extremely generous with toast on the breakfast.  like, six pieces of toast.  i feel bad i can’t eat it all.  but the food is good, the price is right and live music with no cover charge on a weekend evening.. can’t beat it.  🙂

  3. I find watching your videos so relaxing and enjoyable. You are so lucky as I am pursuing what you are already doing. You are friendly and out- going and your videos convey that feeling. Always  looking forward to the next video. Thanks..

    1. @Gio Paredes between the beaches in duarte, the hills in valencia, the social hub at the boardwalk, the mall, etc…  it’s kinda like a miniature california in a way.  a little of everything, all nearby.  🙂

  4. Wow dinner for 2+drinks only 500p thats fantastic Henry, I thought I was keeping up with your vids but did not know Lyn-Lyn worked here great video Henry thanks again my friend.

    1. @Philo M i love the sweet bbq ribs w/rice they have there.  but i only have it maybe once every 6 weeks or so.  very sweet and mucho cholesterol.  ha!

    1. @Lazarus Ross yes.  the land must have her (the filipino citizen) as the primary owner of title.  you name can be on title as well (optional) but you could not control or sell the property apart from her.  bottom line of the requirements is to ensure PH land remains in the ownership of Filipino citizens.

    1. @Juliet Espinosa i was just there again this morning, had the chorizo omelette with garlic rice and juice.. came to 145p.  very filling breakfast.

  5. Reekay, can you add a segment to your channel? If possible, could you randomly interview backpackers and locals? Just a couple of questions about the place from two point of views. =)

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