Quick Video Postcard: Tanjay Mangroves Boardwalk – Negros Oriental

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines As the perfect gentlemen you are, Henry, I trust you offered them options to get out of those wet cloths.  

    2. @Rafael Castillo it was an awesome day.  the three of us rode home in the pounding rain for an hour on my bike, arrived in dumaguete soaking wet.  even so, had a great time.  🙂

  1. Henry, I can see why you don’t know were you are. Those two girls are ( family show and it maybe your friends daughters) Miss Philippines and the runner up.
    I’m jealous, how do you do it? I was skeptical on how lovely the girls are, but now I have to re-think all of this after today. Your ship has just sunk with the other two girls in your charmed life. You better hope they never see this video.

    1. @Ben Person filipinas are, in my opinion, the perfect blend of latin and asian features.  there are so many beautiful filipinas, it is just amazing.

      as for my other romantic prospects, i already spoke with both of them that i’d be dating again so they’d not be finding out second-hand.

  2. Yes, I was amazed also by these two girls. I want to ask, why two very nice looking girls? You must know how we envy your lifestyle. How on earth to you manage four girls? I would like to see your filing system. You have me so convinced now, if you told me you could walk on water to Cebu from where you are now, I would believe you.

    1. @Patrick Faiola yes, although i must say i only have strong feelings for one.  the other is her best friend who came along.

  3. Cool video Henry.  There are boardwalks over the mangroves like that in Florida.  Can’t wait to get to Dumaguete!  Three on a bike!  I like your style!  Cute girls!

  4. Hi Henry. I believe it is “Kumusta” or “Kusmusta kayo.” And the answer is, “Mabuti. Salamat.” But that sounds too much like My booty. Slam it. Ooops.

    1. @swissclimber1 the one in white was introduced to me.  we immediately knew we liked each other.  it’s been a very comfortable, easy time getting to know each other so far.    the other is her ‘bff’/best friend for years who is from the same province.  

  5. Hey Henry- the good thing about being in the PH, is if one potential
    prospect for a lover doesn’t work out, you can’t get to down, coz right
    behind them there’s always a couple beauties to fill in. Good luck with
    them–must be nice living in paradise, with all the available young beauties.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines -I’ve realized after watching your videos,
      for the last couple years, I’m definitely living in the wrong place. For a guy that
      likes younger women–the PH is the place to be-“no doubt.”

    2. @Grant Bedard very true.  for a guy who is willing to have kids, it really doesn’t take long to find a wonderful woman.  the key is taking the time to get to know her, so there are no big surprises later.   🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Henry; I was in Cebu at the end of July for about 10 days and your videos were pretty much my guide to the city. Thanks a lot. As for my retirement plans–check; done. I’m retiring in the Philippines or at least planning on it thanks to you compadre! 

    2. @Sergio Valdez the video doesn’t even do them justice, seriously.  the first time i saw the one in white last week, my heart stopped a beat or two.  ha!  🙂

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 more details at a later time.  for now, she and i are still getting to know each other better.  but, definitely we’re both interested in continuing to see each other.  🙂

  6. Henry, I’m a little confused, perhaps you can elaborate? I know you are looking for a long term relationship without the possibility of having kids of your own again, but when you date such young ladies, will they not want to have children & start a family of their own? If you told them right from the start you had no intention of having children, how could you honestly expect them to stick around? I think this will always be your greatest obstacle to overcome..

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines You’re right Henry, honest communication, and intentions clears up misunderstandings…. although if a girl  lights up my life,
      it would not matter if she had kids…but then that’s just me.

    2. @Bush Channel Yeah, by 90% of the girls want them.   So Henry do you find many younger girls that don’t want kids.  I doubt it.  Why don’t you play daddy and marry a single mother.  That way you’re actually bringing something to the table and you can make a difference!

    3. It couldn’t get worse if you told them no shopping at Macy’s or at the outlets at Camarillo the final straw would be rejecting anything from LBC..

    4. No doubt, I’m not in the typical position of most guys who are willing to come here and start a new family.  What you say is true of most filipinas.  But there are exceptions and other men in my situation have found them.  (we call them unicorns)  As for how can I expect them to stick around, it comes down to honest communication.. being very clear so there is no misunderstandings.  Some fiipinas I’ve discussed this with said ‘No’ to a long-relationship, but ‘Yes’ to a short term one, or a FWB arrangement.  

      My work is cut out for me, believe me.. I know.  What I’m looking for is very rare.  But after trying to make an exception and take on kids I have found that I really, really do not want to do that.  The ONLY exception I would ever make is for April.  But she and I broke up for other reasons not related to the kids.  And so, the search continues.  Hopefully for not much longer.

  7. Kumusta! Maayong hapon! Hello! Good afternoon! Even you can greet  only Musta! If want to ask “How are you?” it can be Kumusta ka?   Maayong man, is the answer in Visayas….but who knows all the differences in every part of the islands there!!

  8. Haha…very nice Henry. Muy lindas.

    Btw, have u considered including the locals in ur videos? Maybe like an interview about their lives, attitudes towards foreigners…etc

    1. yes, both very sweet.  the other one in the background has a b/f already.  the one in white and i spending more time together.

  9. Thanks for again sharing a good video with nice views 😉
    Seriously what is it with the thumbs down on all of your videos no matter what you share there is someone sitting in a dark place and pressing thumbs down.
    Guys if you don’t like Henrys videos then just move on.. 

    1. Sad that some people are filled with so much hate.
      But thanks again for making my life a little brighter for every video you upload.
      Sadly we couldn’t meet up in January but some time on some Island 😉
      Ingat / amping and stay safe

    2. @Tom Køster i don’t know what’s up with some people.  i ban/block about 2 or 3 people daily because their very first post is along the lines of something blatantly racist, either against me or filipinos.. or making some insane accusation.. name-calling, etc.  some people are just full of hate.  best i can do is ban them and move on with what i’m doing.  they can take their dark cloud somewhere else.  as for me, i have a life to enjoy here in the PH.  🙂

    1. Yes as one who also does videos I like how he does that. I love it its so subtle and jjjjuuuussssttt enough to wet your appetite. I disagree with someone asking him to do interviews and all of that. I rather like the mystery of it all. I noticed Henry is REEEALLLY GOOD at sneaking subtle peaks of the lovely ladies that accompany him. That thingamajig he done under water at Oceans 24 was a real gem. Uhhh, let’s not mention to my girl I thought so. :-/ Hahahaha. Good stuff.

  10. Henry you lucky dog. hehehe You sure picked a hot sexy lady there. Man, she has the same figure of my wife. Good for you. That’s how you do it because this way, you are not getting depressed or feeling lonely or something.

    1. @Grant Bedard it’s most likely the demographics here. A large disproportionate imbalance of numbers of eligible males suitable for partnership as to the numbers of nice good looking sexy girls here looking for the right type of man that can take care of them and not the other way around. Obviously, they want to get away from a life of hardship and poverty. Look I even produced a baby girl and not a boy. Some of the guys here are also gay so that increases the odds for older suitable men. Lots of the girls here have to look for men outside of their own Filipino circle. So the girls here want a man that is also not emotionally or financially a burden to them as well. Some guys have emotional baggage that they still carry with them so that’s how it is here.   

    2. Hey Roland-haven’t talked to you in awhile- just thought I’d say hi
      to you here. Your right – Henry is a lucky dog. No shortage of girls
      over there in PH, no matter how old you are. ( the way it should be)

    1. @ronald black well, it’s a process.. trying to find the women for a life-time companion.  if i’d found her by now i wouldn’t still be dating.  ha!  

  11. Hey Jack great video and nice looking girls
    Hope you the best with a relationship with either of them both are absolutely gorgeous!
    Glad you are back in the saddle. They are young…so be patient. Your videos are proof that broadcast TV has nothing on realife. 🙂
    Keep em coming! !!!

  12. Hello I was wondering if you could share any thoughts on bringing a Filipina to the States. I’ve been talking to one online from a small province in Davao. Now she’s in Saudi Arabia working as a maid on a contract, so its a whole other spinoff. Im thinking of trying to pay for an early termination of her contrct, then bring her here to the states. I know it sounds dumb. Have you heard any stories like this?

    1. Do not do it.  I know a several Pinays that all left the country with the first guy that would marry them and came to the USA.  They all have Facebook accounts showing they are single.  They all go out and party like they are single and looking for their upgrades while they are still married.  You could end up exactly  like these 4 husbands!  Remember ANYBODY can get married.  Finding a good one for life is VERY  hard.

    2. @grant3787 from what you’re describing, you haven’t met her in person yet.  if that’s the case.. that is a huge commitment.  especially considering you could only get her into the usa with a k-1 (marriage) visa.  you’d need to marry this person (a total stranger you’ve never met) within 3 months of her arrival.  so.. what you’re really asking is;  “should i marry a woman i’ve never met in person?”  my answer would be ‘No’.   I have a saying, “Just because it can be done, does not mean it should be done.”   🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I would be worried about you if you were not distracted !! Lol !! Wow, pretty hot Henry !! Good luck!! 

    2. @Grant Bedard so there i was.. at the boardwalk waiting on the girls.  i figured i’d have enough time to shoot a video while waiting.  i did the whole video and, forgot to press the ‘record’ button.   i guess i was distracted.   🙂  gonna try again tomorrow morning.

  13. It has been my experience that many of the single foreigners you see in the Philippines who are living there are some sort of outcast from their own society. 

    1. @Jack Reaster i’ve seen some sketchy dudes that i just won’t deal with.  like any other statistical group.. there’s always those peripheral ones that aren’t part of the general mean.

  14. Judging by one of you previous videos you have on your dress to impress shirt  and she is decked out in he all white beautiful little outfit trying her best to impress you. Hope things go well for you………………..Good Luck

  15. Morning Henry . I have been checking out travel to the Philippines . And now it looks like from Canada i have to fly to Manila . I don’t really want to stay there . I have been told that for me to go to Dumaguete it is a 8 hour bus ride ? That sucks . Do you know another way to go there ? After watching your videos ,i like the same things that you do . Thats way i love your way of life there . Thanks Gib

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