Quick-Vid; Finding A Burrito in the Philippines

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  1. I saw a Puerto Rican dude at the Lapu Lapu marketplace about six weeks ago, that was good enough for me. As for this burrito, tortilla was actually good.. not frozen or some whack hand-made attempt by an amateur. Beans were good, maybe from a can.. but good. And that was the first deli-grinder I’ve had in about a year, so that was a treat as well.

  2. Good job. Diligence does work. Good size portion. Yummy. I tasted the burritos here in Dallas/Ft.Woorth they are not as good as in California. And the portions are small. Food differs in every state in Mexico? Or the diversity of California, just makes the food very good and appetizing.

  3. Hey Henry, I’ve been watching your vlob for a couple weeks now, good work. I saw a show called ang pinaka here on youtube and they did a show on the “Top 10 Buffet Restos” in the metro Manila area. Maybe you could do something on the cheapest “All you can eat joints” where you are now. On the ang pinaka show they had a place called Cocina in Marikina City where the all you can eat breakfast was 99php lunch was 180php and dinner was 220php.

  4. Hey Henry , haven’t seen any new post . Hope all is well . I no you had some bad weather over there . Any just wanted to let you no that I hope all is well .

  5. Thanks, man. I have a new video that just needs final editing, but I’m taking a few days of R&R due to all the projects I have going. But I’ll be back with new stuff by end of the week. 🙂

  6. Well I would not say Tennessee has great Mex food but took my wife to Dos Margaritas the other day and she loved it. She ordered Tilapia! Go figure ha ha… She didn’t know what refried beans were but now likes them and the Spanish rice. So on our next visit she will be sharing with her family some of these treats. I need to have Rosie show me how to make some of this from scratch.

  7. Have you tried the Banana Moon Cantina in Mactan? From what I’ve heard they have the best Mexican food in the Philippines. They grow their own cilantro, they make their own flour and corn tortillas from scratch, and most everything else they use for ingredients is imported from El Paso, Texas. So is the chef. Definitely not fast food.
    There’s some good YouTube videos about it.

  8. Well Henry, I watched em all – took me about 2 weeks! Thank you so much for this. You are a wonderful man and I wish you much success. I will be visitng with my GF who lives in Caloocan / Manilla but is from Surigao and we plan to do a tour of Cebu and Bahol… perhaps we can do lunch. We will be there some time in Jan or Feb 2014. Thanks So Much !!

  9. That’s because, upon inspection I discovered that they are not actually made of chocolate. ha! But I do intend to return there and do a video. Just haven’t made the trip yet as it’s an all-day thing.

  10. I know where it’s at and was just in Cebu this week. But I had a full schedule and couldn’t make it there to do my own review. But it’s on my list for my October visit to Mactan for the All Soul’s Day festival.

  11. Just a teaser.. I’ve been focusing on video so much these last few months, I have some new ideas for the Main site that just need some time to create. So just stay tuned and I’ll be updating there soon. 🙂

  12. I’m good. 🙂 I was taking a 4-day, R&R off-line to recoup my thoughts and upcoming videos. Two new videos today, in fact. Aswangs haven’t gotten me yet.

  13. Search me on facebook under ‘ Reekay ‘ and add me, I’ll give you my text # and show you a nice little DimSum resto I discovered this week, right there in the BQ area. Great food, good prices and nice atmosphere.

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