Quick-Vid: Arriving at the Nigi Nigi Too Resort – Boracay

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    1. @HonestAbe White there are cheaper places, but not on the beach.  (get what you pay for)  also there are other resorts on the PH which are on the beach, but it may or may not compare to the fine, white sands of Boracay.  most likely, they won’t.

    1. @HonestAbe White meanwhile, compare on travelocity for a hotel room “right on the beach” in Miami, California, Acapulco and you’ll see the difference in price from the PH.

    2. @HonestAbe White boracay is THE most expensive island in the PH, so these prices are not the norm.  i’ve stayed in nice, clean, secure hotels in Cebu for as little as $15 a night.  I stayed in Iloilo recently for just $14/night.  resorts on smaller islands can go for as little as $50/night if you shop around.  (check out Warren’s Beach Resort, near Bogo).

    1. @MrMongo321 yah, her and the other girl at the desk were really hospitable and professional.  they had everything under control.  🙂

    1. @matt hajas i gave up television back in 1981.  when i was married i had a favorite show once a week, but other than that i figured out i added YEARS to my life by not watching t.v. since then.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Henry, you noticed you hit over 10.000 subscribers now ? Right now the counter is on 10.015. 

      He he, I wanna bet ABS-CBN, ABC Dev Corp, or the GMA Network will contact you anytime soon to have you for an interview nation wide 🙂 You probably the most well known foreigner promoting The Philippines Internationally.

    1. Thanks henry I had a condo in maktti and house in bay bay Leyte since my wife died I gave it away to her famliy married 17 yes so everything you say is so true thanks Henry

  1. G’day from an Aussie living in Bacolod…Boracay will do your head in after a few nites, but still worth the trip.
    MUST DO – Get a tricycle to take you to the ‘MT. LUHO View Point’ Lookout towers (made of bamboo), you get a 360 view of the whole island and surrounds, takes from memory around 10-15 minutes to get there. You will also on the way there pass interesting sights like the local garbage tip.
    From the towers get a tricycle to ‘PUKA Beach’ where you can relax without too many other tourists. Just at the entrance to the beach they have some real genuine local made souvenirs.
    Following all your videos now, thanks. Rob

    1. @edwinodus while i’m on vacation, i have a friend watching my apartment, in dumaguete.  after my trip in boracay, i plan to use his apartment in cebu for awhile.

  2. You still get those horrible old rattle-bucket aircon units everywhere in the PIs, even in a $150-a-night room. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve jammed paper in them to stop the noise, or had to request a change of room or unit because they simply don’t cool the place. 

    1. @Emil Savundra aircon worked great though.. i even found myself turning it off before bed and room was still cool in the morning.  slept great.  🙂

  3. I used to love that point after a long travel on hot and sweaty transport, to get to the hotel, get showered, and then relax, freshen up and the first venture out in a new place. 

  4. Great videos Sir Henry! I can’t wait to be there next month! ^_^ LOL I booked a Cebu-Kalibo flight tho, which I think we will have to travel another 2 hrs to get to Caticlan then the ferry. I hope to see u in dumaguete.

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