Quick Tour of Our Apartment in Cebu City, Philippines

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  1. Thanks for another great video Reekay 👍 I was going to retire in Vietnam, I know the place very well, but if I were to check out the Philippines, which place would you recommend I go first ie to live like a local and only Occassionally seek out expats…would it be Cebu, Bohol, Dumaguete, or Davao?

  2. How much is that apartment? Life here, in the USA, really hasn’t changed for us because we tend to naturally self isolate also. All of the stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. we use are still open. We do miss occasional trips for Vietnamese Pho Soup. Our home includes a few acres to keep us busy.

  3. Keekay, I was in that green building , that you could see from your window for 10 days, 2 yrs ago, it is clled The Avalon Condos.
    You are in very nice area of Cebu, if lateron you can not find a place, I could get you in touch with people at Avalon Condos.
    Be wise and stay safe always.
    Bye from Central Florida!

  4. Hey Henry, .. Curt from out meeting at HCMC Buffalo Wild Wings.. I was coming to get a condo in the very same place you are, but a different tower. Bout my tickets Feb 15th, set to arrive Apr 2nd.. and obviously canceled. I WISH I would have gotten there a month ago.. I would rather be in “Your situation” than watching Netflix alone in San Diego Ca.
    I’ll see you there in a few months when flights resume and Kano visitors are welcome again.
    I’ll plan to buy you and your gf a great meal at Ayala.
    Best wishes to you Reekay.. Curt in San Diego

  5. Not sure if a 20-30% less COL over 🇺🇸 is justified for me and my filipino. I don’t want to live in the provinces. Be healthy n safe.

  6. Thank God for Cut-n-paste eh? I read down threw the comments so as not to join the herd in asking how much. People are so lazy…

  7. Great job. Can you do a video on what the president said about shooting those that don’t follow stay at home? And if you actually hear of anyone being shot. Curious. Thanks

  8. Nice place… you and your woman should be nice and cozy during the lockdown… lot nicer than most people in the philippines has… count your many blessings. Stay safe


  9. Reekay whats up my man, been watching ya for years.. hope your staying healthy and Corona free my man…. and way best of wishes from Pittsburgh…

  10. “Vi has two-thirds & I get the other third” (para.) LOL TYPICAL! Like the first time I travelled to The Philippines with my wife, wherein; she had 14 suitcases/bags – aside from shipping 21 boxes – and I had a knapsack!

  11. I see a bad case of cabin fever brewing. Hope you don’t go stir crazy if they tighten the lock down. Stay safe and stay well ❤️🙏

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