Queensland Real Estate Law, that could BANKRUPT you.

Queensland Real Estate Law, that could BANKRUPT you.


  1. Please follow the instructions at http://reiq.com/everyonematters

    (First click the link and scroll to bottom of the page, then follow the below steps)

    STEP ONE: Copy paste the appropriate template letter in the links provided below into an email.

    Template letter for landlords

    Template letter for real estate supporters

    STEP TWO: Insert your name at the end of the letter in your email.

    STEP THREE: Copy and paste the following subject header into your email: Urgent Review of Special COVID-19 Residential Property Protections

    STEP FOUR: Copy and paste Premier Palaszczuk’s email address into the recipient area in your email: thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au

    STEP FIVE: Press send.

  2. These laws are really messed up. Outrageous that landlord insurance will not cover the loss. Are your solicitor what happens if you want to sell. Does the legislation cover this. I will fill out the form to help out. Unbelievable how unfair it is for the landlord who has a mortgage to pay

  3. Hi Peter you almost popped a cork in this vid. Isn’t it the case that the proposed Qld legislation mirrors what is happening in most states of OZ during the covid-19 crisis. Some states have already enacted.

  4. Owners of property in Australia be warned. If you are not a resident for tax purposes in Australia, you are screwed. Some people like it that way because they need to hide money, but many are small time owners of a small property, maybe just one single, one room apartment and need to rely on that rental flow to live. Good luck finding an accountant or solicitor to help you. you are spot on about the political nature of the bid to help tenants, but I can tell you Victoria is no picnic. And new laws are proposed. Already, it isn’t fair.

  5. They don’t think. They actually think they are doing good and that is the sad thing. Idiots in charge shocking it really is. You invest in something and get the rug ripped beneath you. It’s just so wrong

  6. Risk of investing. I’ve decided and started to sell off all my properties, because the local laws will benefit the tenants more and more. Asset inflation means fewer owners, lower rental returns and effectively increases the need for tenant protection, which most govts will only be too happy to provide for the majority, which will undoubtedly approve of these measures. GL but you’ll have a hard task convincing govt. Who knows how long these measures will be in place for…

  7. How many stupid decisions have been made in this whole Covid 19 situation by politicians all over the world? It looks like an orchestrated mess up. World after Covid won’t be the same anymore. Now politicians can enforce anything in their personal agenda under the umbrella of “We are trying to do good” “We wanna save lives”, without ever being held responsible for any of their decisions. Sad to say, politicians nowadays don’t do anymore what’s considerate or reasonable. They are either driven by panic/fear or by some other hidden agenda. Both disqualifies them of being a politician to make decisions, which effects thousands or millions of peoples.

    “We only did, what we thought to be right. It’s all because of the virus”.

    Watch and learn.

  8. Peter, I live in Queensland and you have to understand that rightly or wrongly the Labour Government thinks that with the Corona virus that rich landlords will just toss those poor workers out of “their” rental homes if they can not pay rent because they have been stood down without pay.
    Obviously a Labour government wants to appeal to the “poor” workers, not those “rich” capitalist landlords.
    Whether its fair or not that’s politics.

  9. Hi Peter
    Absolutely gob smacked !!!
    I thought we had it bad in the labour people’s republic of Victoria.
    This just can’t pass. Will totally destroy people’s lives.
    Why on earth would you invest in Queensland ?
    Good luck mate

  10. I’m pretty familiar with this law—it’s called Communism. It doesn’t surprise me to see Australia turn communist, after all it is owned by China.

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