Quarantined Bangkok Starts Opening Up… a Little (part 1) Walk ‘n’ Talk

greetings folks. I wanted to upload this as soon as I had a chance so sorry for the weird title initially. I’m taking advantage of every reasonable opportunity to get outside and use the new gimbal… that this video DID not yet have. right now, I’m on the BTS heading across town to get to some markets and spend time outdoors!!!

as always THANK YOU for watching and the comments. chat soon my friends.

live the Dream.


  1. Is Dusit Thani Hotel or Chao Phya Hotel still in business? In my time (70’s) they were 5 star. I liked the $6.00 ones myself lol.

  2. I do really like your pink facemask. I also like Hello Kitty, My little pony, and I’m seriously considering buying a Chia pet (cha cha cha Chia)

  3. Oh corse. All the Thais are not coming back yet because no international flight not open yet. So what’s the point going back to work till then.

  4. How man Skype type video chat programs are there and are the mutually compatible?? I just got my new smart phone and am learning everything I can about it versus my home computer.

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