Quarantine in Thailand, Trying to Understand

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Vlog#814 Things are tightening up in Thailand, so all we can do is make the best of a day and try to understand what is going on. Today it still makes no since to me… Life living in Thailand.
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  1. Hi Chuck .. Paige got suck a positive attitude about this entire situation. .. I’m here freaking out about what’s going on ! Can she teaches me how to be so calm and strong !! God bless all ! 😀

  2. Love to see you flying Old Glory. I tried that at our home just outside Savannakhet, 2 days later was told to take it down. Damn commies 555

  3. Hi Chuck & Paige 🙂 I Just wanted to say Hello from Jersey (Channel Islands U.K.) I’m a RN currently on the 😷 virus frontline working with isolated patients! Some days are better than others! It’s tough, both physically and mentally but the fight goes on. I’m a new subscriber! 👍 During my few days off & work rest breaks I often watch your videos. All I can say is a big thank-you for keeping me entertained! Im planning to semi retire to Thailand hopefully next year🤞 stay safe 🙏

  4. Quarantine means staying at home, isolating yourself from other people to prevent spreading the virus.
    CDC guidelines include:
    -Stay at home
    -Use standard hygiene protocols daily
    -Wash your hands frequently
    -Do not share household items, including towels and utensils
    -Do not allow visitors Stay at least six feet away from other people in your household

    Two of you could be infected.
    Your mother and father in law could be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with this virus.

  5. Chuck you should be used to this.. Its just like being in the military..
    Never any Toilet Paper,
    Lots of tinned foods,
    being told what to do all the time
    Being ordered into groups or defined groups
    watching others panic
    constant instructions that change all the time
    information that is out of date by the time you get it
    being told what to do in your free time
    standing in long ques to get food or supplies
    carrying a mask with ya at all times
    weekend plans all screwed up
    Favorite bars are off limits
    living under cerfew
    Constant travel restrictions,
    And Hurry up and wait is the standard.

    Yep, just like being in the military. Man we can do this standing on our heads! Salute fellow vet. – GO NAVY!

  6. Martial law is the default position for the Thai government. They will be in their comfort zone again. They have more generals than some countries have soldiers. LOL.

  7. Well funny I’m enjoying the time at home. Sleeping in and being lazy.lol. I work alot so now I feel semi retired.
    Hope your life gets back to normal soon chuck. I will sleep in again and enjoy life.

  8. Careful with your mother in law there. She looks like a woman scorned (during her preparing lunch conversation)……. You have done a lot for them. She doesn’t understand how to be happy 24×7, perhaps

  9. it is now very quiet on the street, good that you still get a visit from the dog 😂.. that app is to register everything you come into contact with, so that all you get infected then they know who you have been in contact with , everywhere in the world now get that app.I think it is very good that Thailand takes those measures, so that they do not get into trouble like the rest of the world .. because what is happening in Europe and the Us is incredible, I hope they will tackle the China after this epidemic, or we may expect it again after a while .. they are much worse than terrorists for me .. now at least 240,000 people are going to die in the US alone, and if they don’t take precautions it will become 2,200,000 … and in italy and spain only 45% of the population will survive ..you do not see your friends or relatives die, therefore it is not scary for you, I hope it stays that way .. here it is not…healthy people and children are dying here now,,,so stay save guys,and 👍up for the vlogg

  10. Hi Chuck – in UK, 10 days of lockdown. Pretty sure I had the virus back in January! Dry cough for a week, aching body for a couple of weeks and, most unusual had no sense of taste or smell. If it was the virus I guess it was a mild case of it.

  11. That should not be done! It’s against our rights it’s none of their business were we are!!! They are using this virus to do things that should not be done! People understand this virus is blown way out of per-portion the numbers are fake the count is fake. The flu is more deadly than this virus! They have a cure msm is trying to debunk it but everyone who takes recovers quickly. Stop watching the msm and do your own research!

  12. Hi Chuck and Paige, great job as usual keep it up. You asked how this virus thing will be dealt with so here is what is happening here.
    Here in Australia we are all at home voluntarily if you dont have to go out. Millions have lost their jobs, and the Government is propping up the economy with giving all of those that have lost their jobs $1500AUD a fortnight.
    There is also a $730AUD payment this financial year, and then again next financial year for those already on benefits, and the Superannuation rules have been changed to allow some access to your fund if you have one.
    The state boarders are closed to anyone that is not a resident of the state trying to get home.
    They are also providing free child care for the essential workers that are still fighting this bug.
    Anyone that is returning from overseas is being quarantined for 14 days in hotels being payed for by the government and being supervised by the Police and Army while they are there.
    Banks have put mortgage repayments on hold for 6 months,
    Some states have closed liquor stores and gun shops as well.
    Interesting world we are now living in, so stay safe.

  13. Arrived back in Europe on March 29th with one of the last available direct flights. I only had 1 small room. So i preferred to stay at my own apartment. Stay safe na krap

  14. No Chuck, you are right! “People get crazy!” Gun sales in the U.S. has increased by 60% and with the openness of American society we have a truer picture of the enormity of this virus and many are finding it hard to cope with the reality. SNAP! I’m afraid of what that means! I’m glad that things are looking good for Thailand because they enacted the stringent measures of quarantine which have limited the spread of the virus.
    Test! Test! Test! The only way to truly know the true extent of the spread can only be revealed by testing. Unfortunately many countries can’t afford that option so they must take steps that seem overreaching by most but are necessary. All those workers that fled through Bangkok may have taken the virus back to their villages and homes. What are the medical capabilities of these villages? In the U.S. they are expecting the rural areas to be hit hard as over 120 rural hospitals have closed since 2011.
    Given that a 26 bed facility normally service on average 28,000 people the math is not promising. I hope that the fast action of the Thai government will stem the spread as I intended to retire to Thailand next year. Good luck to us all and keep the videos coming! They have just extended our stay at home order in Virginia until the end of may!

  15. Over a hundred degrees? So it’s comforting…. This is nothing more than a test for communism. To seee what they can get away with, get your arms, it’s time to rise up!

  16. People are so funny… Here’s a thought, leave your phone at home! And what about the people that have the old Nokia phone that you can’t put Apps on?

  17. Just an FYI
    Because it probably doesn’t matter. But,…
    So weird, YouTube says this vid is 50+ minutes long
    Even though counter says it’s 26 minutes long

    & though Ive watched through, it keeps suggesting I “continue watching”
    When I do
    It replays the last minute, ends. Then again, shows that I’ve only watched half.
    & again suggests I “contue watching” , taking me to that last minute, again
    Over & over

    Dont know if it’s just some YouTube BS
    I saved a screenshot, if needed, or it matters, at all

    🤗 hugs, for the Mafia

  18. With all these closures, curfews, and forced quarantines, I’m starting to feel this social experiment is like cooking a live frog… Unfortunately we the public are the frog…

  19. Adapt n Adjust n improvise n for a Vietnam Veteran like myself it’s easy to get through this people have to b resilient n listen to the guidelines n this will pass stay positive n keep the videos coming they are helping people get through things so take care of Paige n Mafia n family n friends. Stay safe my friends

  20. I’m not just worried about the virus I’m worried about civil unrest as well. I’ve got people dying all over the county. Just lost a husband a Wife in Boynton Beach that we’re married for 51 years. Times like this it’s no good to be a hypochondriac. Seems you have Doppelgänger hanging out there.

  21. Say Chuck what type of camera do you use? Also could my wife and I who is from Yasothon come and visit with you when we come over next year?

  22. Hi Chuck & Paige
    Spanish Prez is considering continuing the lock-down until 26 April. DARN! We will be fed the details tomorrow. Luckily we have a big sunny roof, although ordinance states you cannot use a ‘community roof’ you can only use roof if it’s a private roof. This is one ‘law’ we will have to ignore as there is plenty of space for us to share. There are 7 of us who use the roof at different times of the day.

  23. It was nice to hear about Mafia taking care of your 70 year old neighbor by feeding her and then giving food for he to bring home to. her family. A sweet and generous act that doesn’t really surprise me. Sounds like Thailand is taking the drastic action it will take to fight COVID-19. I hope that they are stocking up on beds, respirators, ventilators and protective gear for the medical personnel and first responders because, trust me, they will be needed. I understand from my son that parts of Thailand are expecting rain storms. Such good news for the farmers. Here’s a tip when it comes to waxing that floor after it’s all clean. We had a very successful company that provided food service and janitorial to military dining halls and my suggestion for the floor is to apply your wax, diluted with water, using a string mop and wringer bucket. The wax won’t build up so fast . If you use a paste wax, and Mafia wants you to continue using it then you have that great scrubber/buffing machine and all the elbow grease you need. :-). This recovery won’t be a short thing and they are thinking there’s a chance it may snap back in one more cycle. So, relax. Better for your BP. Good health to you, Paige and your mini Mafia.

  24. I was supposed be be flying to Bkk this week for a 3 week break and to spend some time with the wife & family, will try to get there in November now hoping this is all over and forgotten by then!

  25. Does Your father -in-law own a Gun?usually the 1st people they go after is the white guy.Look at the Congo in 1965,the Simba;s killed the Nun’s and white people living there until Mad Mike Hoare and the” Wild Geese came in and restored order.

  26. Machine cardio, baking, reading a book, doing yoga, so many things you could do with all this extra home time. You should teach Pa Red and Soi Mafia Texas Holdem and get some poker nights going. I have a feeling Pa Red would be the best player in your house if he learned how to play.

  27. Hey Chuck, Here is a bread recipe for you and the Mafia. Buttery beer bread.
    3 cups all purpose flower…1/4 cup sugar…1 tbs baking powder…1 cup melted butter…
    mix dry ingredients then add 12 oz of Leo and mix to bread consistency. Pour 1/2 the melted butter into bottom of bread pan, add the bread and pour rest over batter.

    Bake 50-60 min at 350 until brown and toothpick comes out dry…Different beers give different flavors. Enjoy!

  28. “People are civil when their bellies are full.”

    Phone trackers sound like cyber ankle bracelets. 😮
    What if someone wanders off without his or her phone? Next you get fined if caught walking without smartphone!? WWS! 😯
    Tricky stuff because not everyone has a phone let alone a smartphone. 🤔

  29. If they are keeping track of someones phone what’s to keep someone from leaving their phone at home and taking a nice bicycle ride just to get out of the house? 😀

  30. The pandemic has reached my future home village. A woman returned from Japan, traveling thru Bangkok where she was screened at the airport, not displaying symptoms. Another flight to our region, where her family picked her up at the airport and drove her home, where she was supposed to self-quarantine for 14 days.

    Supposed to.

    She felt she wasn’t a risk, so she visited the shopping mall, the village farmers market, etc.

    The result? Seven hospitalized, all family and a neighbor, including her own elderly mother who is now critical. Unknown numbers now at risk. The town has been completely locked down, including police road blocks at all roads into and out of the village.

    Her response was classic dumb-assed entitlement. She told police that she wasn’t concerned because “she had plenty of money to pay for her doctors”. My family there is on lock down, and one of my daughters is terrified, as she already suffers from fairly severe asthma. They’ve stocked up on essentials, and my father-in-law has hidden the keys, so no trips into town without his permission.

    Village life is all about community. Everyone knows, and usually cares about, each other. This is what really appealed to me when considering moving there for retirement. Yes, my wife’s family lives there, but for me it was a slice of the Thai equivalent to small town America, where our culture is as big a curiosity to them as there’s is to me.

    When choosing the name for my vlog / YouTube channel, I chose The Village Farang because it really describes my role there. It’s a reference to the fact that I’m a “farang”, which is the Thai word for a Westerner, and I’m sure that at least for a while, I’ll be considered to be the village idiot, because of the cultural differences in the way we approach things.

    I’m pretty sure that after all of this is over with. 1) My plans haven’t changed, and I’m still going to retire there, and will remain a bit of an oddity, and, 2) I won’t be the ONLY idiot in the village.

  31. Great video, laughed out loud watching Chuck and Chuck! We had to cancel our trip, we would be on Koh Lipe today, going next February now. Love your videos, keep up the great work. Be safe

  32. India is far far worse… The clown imposed lockdown on millions that walk hundreds of miles with no food or water to their respective villages. 90 year old people.. On the road.

  33. As of this moment, 2,067 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Thailand with 20 deaths. It looks like the number of confirmed cases is not growing, day by day. Hopefully, that trend will continue.

  34. I have 15- 1.75 bottles of rum plus 3months food Hope I make it to the end. Hang in there Chuck and Page I’ve watched your videos for a couple of years. Thank you so much. Living in Northern Virginia

  35. There are many of us who would join you if we could .Your double is great , share a beer with him and stay safe so we can see what you`re up to. Dale

  36. Here in Canada no curfew or total lock down but people are advised to stay home stay home on only one person per household can go out to buy food or meds or is you work for essential service. I drive truck so have to work but not many days a week as we have 3 drivers and not enough to keep all busy so we share days.

    So on my time off I am catching up on vlogs and almost there haha. Seems vlogs coming faster then I can watch. Perhaps I follow too many and seems since the virus more vlogs are coming out as no one can go anywhere. That is good tho it means everyone is safe.

    Be great if everyone stayed home and practice social distancing then this thing will end faster but some still don’t get it and don’t follow the recommended rules. Some near Toronto found out the hard way they had a backyard party with several people. The bi law and polices showed up and their party got them a $100,000 fine and probably some $750 individual fines. Come on people lets be safe no matter what city or county you live in.

  37. Amazing that Thailand has a better response to the virus than the US. This virus is no joke. America has reacted like a 3rd world country.

  38. You know that the virus is highly contiguous and easily transmitted and infection rates can increase exponentially. In this case, the growth in the number of infected persons will inevitably be exponential because the rate of new infections clearly depends on the number of people who are already contagious, multiplied by their contacts and contacts of contacts. Think of it as compound interest. Thailand, like other countries, is trying to flatten the curve (rate and speed of infection).

    This refers to using protective practices (quarantine) to slow the rate so hospitals and medical facilities have room, supplies, and doctors for all of the patients who need care. Also, it won’t end. I suspect this will become part of the fabric of flu season in the future and will be hopefully contained with flu shots of the not too distant future.

    But for right now, Thailand is lucky and sufficiently aggressive, unlike the U.S. or U.K. who didn’t take it seriously enough in January/February. You all are healthy so take solace in that. Love watching.

  39. Now, the world can be a nasty crazy place out there, we need a lot of courage and we need a lot of resilience after that, and we will fall down before we stand up…

    What really matters is the silence of the night in our conscience, when we are alone.

    We cannot control what happens but we can use what happens.

    We have so much reserves of love and support inside us, if we can just remember that in our mind and move on.

  40. I was outside Pattaya March 14 and returned to TX on March 28. Wanted to see my girls in Sakhon Nakon but decided best not to fly them to Pattaya or me to go to the village. I don’t look for a lot of the businesses or bars to come back. Don’t know how the people are going to get by. Sad.

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