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  1. “Don’t lie who else went straight to the comments”👒boss

    (“¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🧤

  2. What would’ve happened if every nation in the world had equal amounts of ethnicities? Like if Japan had 10 races(East-Asian, Southeast-Asian, Polynesian, European, African, Arab/Indian, Latino, Native-American, Biracial, and Multiracial) in every settlement, like 800,000 people for each ethnicity in Tokyo(which makes 8 million in total)? What would it be like living in that alternate timeline?

  3. Diversity and candidness are your strength. I can’t always trust Fox News nor CNN, but I know I always get the real scoop from Asian Boss.

  4. What you all do at Asian Boss is beautiful and heart warming, every video reminds me of grace, humility, kindness and love which is what the world needs for sure 👌🏻♥️🙏🏻

  5. Please read my question!!!
    Why korean have the same style? Haircut/hairstyle/ clothes/ why the majority are copying each other? They don’t like to be different?? Why they have a close mind?? I am really curious?

  6. How did the name Asian Boss come to be the title of your program? I am a longtime viewer. I liked the two interviews of the two virus doctors, and how clear your questions were and the follow up questions; now that I know your a lawyer , this answered my questions about your deposition skills . I enjoyed your korean interviews . I am a lawyer for 50 years.v

  7. wow, what a great job Mogao community! 👍 let’s make this video trending in YT! please like and share this video to spread the positivity around us, around the world 😆😆

  8. Sorry I missed this interview. I. musy watch the vetran one. All elderly people need respect, give then your seat own doors etc. We have 1 life ONE LIFE.. help share and cherish it and your actions

  9. Please do put the Asian Boss hoodies for sale. Even if not in line with the core VC business plan, at least it would help the branding for Asian Boss.

  10. I am going to say it because i have been keeping it to myself for too long :
    I’m not asian and i have been watching you for your full fact checked news content and you really restricted yourself with only Asia
    Can you please expand please ? Ready to beg
    We are all connected and we all need to get the full story in every country with ALL the facts and the full picture not just 0.000001% in traditional media
    Love you all & please stay safe

  11. As a 76 year old American woman your videos have opened my eyes to what beautiful people Asian people are. We may have different customs but are still the same inside. Thank you for sharing these stories ♡

  12. Steve: “…ego driven. In other words, I think my nervousness came from wanting to impress people.”

    Thanks for a eureka moment, Steve!! You’re inspiring!

  13. You’re channel is not entertainment you help those less fortunate in Korea and you’re channel is informational especially what’s going on today in Korea and Japan we need something different from what the news channels cover in Asia and in the USA now. I’am not on YouTube all day either. I love other YouTube channels that I subscribe to especially the ones in Japan and your channel. Keep up the great work don’t let demonetized people get you down we watch your channel because we like how you help others and your information and the different stories you put on your channel stay safe.

  14. As an asian that is originally from Central Asia area (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan..) I’m curious what kind of impact Asian Boss would make there. There are so many issues and topics to cover. Bride kidnapping, mother-in-law bully towards daugher-in-law, male-female inequality, domestic violence, corrupted government etc.

  15. I watched your video with Mr Yoo the Korean war Veteran .I submited french subtitles because I’d like to contribute to expand the audience in Europe, Africa, Québec and so more . Asian Boss gives a different perspective to curious people looking for information .

  16. Grass Roots connectity!! I am of European descent, live in Atlanta and blessed to have friends and associates from India, China, Viet Nam, Korea, various parts of Africa, S. America, and Europe, mostly through church and university associations. Keep it up!

  17. I enjoy watching your videos to get a wider world perspective. I’m 73 and live in California. Will never travel to Asia, but I like to learn about various cultures and people. Thank you especially for the interviews with the Infectious Disease doctor. Best explanations I’ve seen so far of covid-19. Please keep up the good work.

  18. Thank you for this awesome video! And thank you especially for including captions on the video itself, rather than leaving it up to auto-generated captions.

  19. This video was great and the participants were awesome. Thanks Stephen 🙏 If you ever would like to expand into Thailand, please let me know – I would deadset do it for free because I’m so passionate about it! My YouTube channel is relatively small (50K subs) but being a Thai speaking Sydney kid, your early interviews in Sydney inspired me to get off the couch last year and do something! Thanks for all that you do 🙏 and stay safe

  20. • “Why should you show off for doing something good?”

    “I think what does help and the whole point of trying to almost show the type of good deed that you’re doing is so that other people can be inspired by you and then do the same thing.. if we exist in a culture where people value influencers showing off things, then why not just show off that you’re doing good deeds or good things..” – Steve, Asian Boss 2020

  21. I love your content and completely relate with Stephen’s story of not feeling fulfilled with a “great” job. I’m glad you followed your heart and started this channel! It’s genuinely insightful.
    I’m a South Korean born and raised in Argentina. So, I do kind of understand what is like having a tiger mom lol
    After my corporate experience, I decided to go back to teaching. I use your content for my English and Korean classes! So, thank you! and Argentina is watching you, too!

  22. *_TIMESTAMPS_* 🔥

    3:39 “Question 1”
    4:48 “Question 1.5”
    6:50 “Question 2”
    7:31 “Question 3”
    11:24 “Question 4”
    12:46 “Question 5”
    13:24 “Question 6”
    16:25 “Question 7”
    19:18 “Question 8”
    19:56 “Question 9”
    21:50 “Question 10”
    26:18 “Question 11”
    28:17 “Question 12”
    29:48 “Question 13”
    31:08 “Question 14”
    33:20 “Question 15”
    35:23 “Question 16”

  23. Regarding the first question and your answer. I am not Asian but the desire to hear the truth is what brought me here. There is no marketing or spin. Just strong ethical standards and good old fashioned news reporting. I shared much of your quality content about COVID-19 to friends and family and it really did clear the cloud of confusion. (and stopped many arguments) 🙂 I also very much enjoy the wonderful cultural content. Thank you Asian Boss for all you do.

  24. Thank you Stephan, Kei and all your staff for sharing with us stories and information from parts of the world. I especially enjoyed your interview with the korean professor regarding the pandemic and shared both interviews on facebook to educate my fb friends and family who appreciated the information. Here in the United States our country is so messed up with political crap, misinformation, riots, bigotry…When I watch what you folks share I feel more at peace. Education is so important and sharing ideas, options and what your goal is has been very helpful. Mahalo to all you good people who are truly making a difference in the lives of us who learn from you…and aloha from Hawaii!

  25. I would like to see more content about Central Asia, there’s so few research about this part of the Asia, and it feels like people don’t even know that these countries exist

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