1. BRIAN fungus die of at cooper Cu ……must red soil what contain cooper for kill fungus,azzola have more iron she consume Fe ,,,,,,,soil RED have Fe and Cu other minerals

  2. BRIAN test red soil at one line ——red soil colour catch in zone with field up and down ,red soil have cooper and iron for test azzola reaction at minerals……..at 3m line water one hand soil red

  3. OK LOL Brian, I am sure you will get the connection to Robert Stroud the Birdman of Alcatraz. He spent a lifetime devoted to the study of bird life and their diseases and became a world authority as an Ornothologist, over a 50 year span as a prisoner on–The Rock. Well, Bohol is a Volcanic rock too mate and with this Pandemic, Hey, you are like a prisoner there with nothing more to do than solve a problem with Azolla diseases as Robert Stroud did with bird diseases. Pretty soon I reckon you are going to be known as the Azolla man of Bohol ???? Wanna bet???? Anyone else want in on this action?

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