1. Brian, Maricel, BEWARE of commenter, ‘sophiadorci’, creating mischief between you and VPP vlogger channel. Almost grounds
    for civil charges of slander. Hate this evil s**t.

  2. you want as many different types of duckweed as possible because that increases your chances that one type might prove resistant to the fungus or whatever

  3. Keep on plugging brother that’s life a continuous trial… giant duckweed variety spirodela polyrhiza is what I found. Spirodela polyrhiza was found to have a protein content of 306 g kg−1. Duckweed showed a high nitrogen and phosphorus uptake from media.

  4. just a thought about the Azolla ! IS THERE ANY CHANCE THAT IF YOU LEFT A PIT on its own it might develop a “heard ” immunity ? I don’t think the duckweed would be hurt !

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