Purchasing Land in the Philippines

buying land in the philippinesBe very careful when purchasing land in the Philippines, there is a lot of corruption and you could end up buying land the seller does not own. I heard about one guy buying land and he found out it was oened by three people and the original owner did not even know his land was being sold. This also goes for buying homes here, just be careful and you will be OK. Always ask to see original documents not xerox copies, if they can’t come up with the originals, something is not quite right about that sale.  My suggestion is to find a trusted attorney to make sure everything is on the level. This is what we did when we purchased our 5 hectares of land in northern Cebu. The attorney did research on the history of the land and checks all documentation for accuracy and authenticity and even interview the sellers.  To purchase land in the Philippines one must be a Filipino or in our case married to a Filipino. The land is in my wife’s name not mine.

Where to find cheap land – If you look north between Bogo and Daan Bantayan you can find very cheap land some of which is even on the ocean. For other areas maybe some of you who know can post some comments. You can also find plenty of land for sale by American / Filipino couples much of which has property such as houses and hotels associated with the sale.

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