Proud woman rejects free cash.

This would never happen in the modern world.



  1. That woman who didn’t want the free cash was probably a former Republican in the United States in a previous life. They don’t believe in giving out money to the people.

  2. 2:03 its quite funny you’re basically stalking people, just to help them hahahaha 4:06 you’ve just run out of people to help!? need to find really genuine people to receive help 7:18 that was lovely

  3. I binge on your videos, and watch about 3 a day on average.. was just sat watching thinking why no recent uploads then boom, refresh and you here with a New video… Good stuff as always Sir.

    Any update on your Chinese mother btw?

  4. Maybe your approach is a bit too “in your face” Troy.All women are different, if you had just said to me I would have refused too because I bet she’s thinking “is he for real” or “what’s the catch”.
    Try a Hey, hello. I’ve heard business is really slow here, I’ve got spare cash if it’ll help you out, go on I only have myself to keep, I’d rather someone who’s income has dropped have it.
    Not a dig Troy I promise, just a suggestion x

  5. Troy, you were just throwing off the wrong vibe that day. First woman thought you were gonna kidnap her when you asked if she rode bikes. Second woman thought you were a serial pest, which is not far wrong. 😎 . The kid was very wary, and knew she was in for a headache when she did her MYOB account entries for the day. Never leave the ticket sellers without small change because it makes a lot of friction for their next sale! Good work, and best wishes.

  6. Ahh, free money, if handing cash in developed countries they would look and say “whats the catch”.
    Good to see HCM is back to almost normality even surprised to see tourists at 4:55″.
    Troy, just curious, what is your visa arrangements over in Vietnam? Are you on the 5 year visa allowing unlimited 90 days stays hence the visa runs to Cambodia? Are you able to share why you don’t want to come back to Melbourne? Right now you are a YT star, but what were you doing before this? I have been following Troy for over 3-4 years and I still have no idea about his background and motive other than the charity work.

  7. Dude, you left everybody hanging. We were all waiting to see how the meeting with Co Binh went. You were going to meet her in the courtyard on “the next day”, you even shook on it.

  8. The lady who refused your money does not look poor. She may be thinking, ” What’s the catch?” You are right, I won’t refuse money, but I always feel like I need to give something back when somebody gives me something; so is anything really free? Like for example, you give something to somebody but a video comes out from it, so it is really free? Just a thought, man, maybe the lady does not want to feel obligated. The fairy tale was nice, with a good lesson.

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