Proposed list of rules for bar, pub, entertainment venue opening released by Thai Government. The following is a list of proposed rules that are expected to be presented to the Center for Covid 19 Situation Administration, or CCSA on Friday for a proposed opening of bars, nightlife and entertainment in Thailand. The list was compiled based on feedback given between a meeting of prominent entertainment business owners and Thai government officials led by Gen. Natthaphon Nakphanich, Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army and Vice President yesterday morning in Bangkok.

It is important to note that these are only proposed rules. These are not set in stone nor official until the CCSA makes it so. It is also important to remember that the CCSA has only agreed to deliberate over the proposal and despite some messages on various media to the contrary, no official date has been set at this time for a reopening of entertainment related venues.

As with restaurants and movie theaters and other venues it is likely many of these rules will be adjusted or loosened over time.

Here is the proposed list:

1. Overall level of the crowd must be controlled, no over crowded venues. An exact number of capacity level was not given.

2. Temperature screening must be done for all patrons and staff

3. Provide alcohol gel to wash hands at the entrance, gel available throughout venue and easily accessible to wash ones hands.

4. No more than 5 people in a group per table or in front of a stage for a live entertainment venue.

5. There must be a proper queue system to enter the venue for larger venues and the queue must be socially distanced.

6. Tables must be at least two meters apart OR have a partition or barrier between them.

7. Chairs must be set up at each table. People should be sitting, not standing. Chairs should not be moved and be placed one meter apart.

8. Venue must have good ventilation.

9. Only eating and drinking are allowed. No singing or dancing.

10. No bottle service. A bottle can be purchased but must be poured and ice given by a server and not stored at a table, not by a group at a table. No sharing of glasses, buckets, etc.

11. Disposable menus/no menus that everyone can touch continually.

12. All staff must wear a mask AND a face shield (See below for singer)

13. Stage or performance area should have a partition, such as a plastic partition, between the audience and performer including DJ’s. If a partition already is present that would be acceptable.

14. A singer must wear a face shield, but will not need a mask. Any one speaking on stage or a microphone must wear a face shield.

15. There must be someone, possibly security, in charge of ensuring the rules are followed.

16. Food, if served, should not be on shared plates or utensils, etc. One meal per person.

17. Toilet must be cleaned at least once an hour and completely disinfected.

18. At least once a day the entire business and every touchable service must be completely disinfected and cleaned.

19. No sort of competitions (like a dance contest or darts league).

20. No use of pool tables, darts, game cabinets or other similar items.

21. Specific smoking areas, where it applies, must be socially distanced.

22. Do not allow service staff, hostesses or PR to drink with customers.


My name is Jonny, I am 40 years old living Hua Hin, Thailand. I have been living in Thailand past 7 years.

🔵Some FAQs

Q. How do you make a living?
A. I have investments in housing & properties in Australia

Q. Are you single?
A. Currently I am in a relationship with my Thai girlfriend

Q. How long have you lived in Thailand?
A. I have been living in Thailand for 7 years, I spent 2 years in Phuket, about 2 years living in Bangkok. Now I am in Hua Hin Thailand.

Q. Why did you start YouTube vlogging?
A. I think I will be able to show the best and worst of Thailand though my eyes. A new perspective on Living In Thailand.

Q. Do you speak Thai?
A. No, but I am currently studying it at school.



  1. How could anyone maintain these rules much less police them? It’s getting absolutely ridiculous IMO. Glad they are at least discussing it but it looks like a road map to essentially kill the tourism industry. Thanks for this information, Jonny.👍

  2. Waz up Mate! This is all temporary measures. An Italian doctor has announced yesterday that the virus has mutated now it’s very mild and soon it will disappear at all.

  3. Thumbs down on this one for the stupid party pooper rules 😡. It’s ok to give thumbs down on this one fellas on the count of the stupid rules 😡

  4. J – the LoS seems like it is trying to change direction, like it or loath it, visitors are just guests. Maybe the recent ‘issue’ has made them more aware that most of the economy is based on tourism and that the penny has finally dropped and they actually need a better GDP. This does not mean an end to tourism but maybe an end to ‘party town’ for those looking for it. The LoS has so much more to offer than clubs, pubs and bars. Why embrace the servitude when you can embrace the beautiful…..

  5. How can a bar open without ladies drinks? Boom boom doesn’t work with social distancing. Additional rules:

    1. There shall be no kissing of hostesses
    2. There shall be no holding hands of hostesses
    3. There shall be no fondling of hostesses 8-(
    4. Hostesses must be decontaminated every 15 minutes after violations of rule #3
    5. Boom boom shall be performed only with feet placed next to head (both people not just one sorry)
    6. Women must take 14 days off after any boom boom7
    7. All hostesses must have their Tinder/Thai smiles account checked every day for suspected boom boom in lieu of taking a temperature.

    There fixed the rules

  6. Thanks for the update Jonny. Firstly if the bars think they can’t open under these rules then they won’t. Secondly if customers don’t want to frequent bars with restrictions then again they won’t. I worry for business owners and staff during this time with only the domestic market of Thais and expats I worry that there will not be enough customers to make businesses viable. A Hugh number of people have just got out of the habit of spending time in entertainment establishments. I fear there will be no real normal until there is an effective vaccine.

  7. At these conditions i am not traveling to thailand, sorry, i want my freedom back. Today i heard Cambodia imposed a fee of deposit in cash of 3000 usd once entering the border, the world is getting insane for a fucking virus and you guys had only 60 deaths. In europe they are already opening clubs people are dancing, flights, beaches and all. Crazy world

  8. Atleast they are opening . no responsible govt will do it without necessary restrictions , even if they had done without them people will criticize.

  9. Can’t see how these rules are gonna work.think if I owned a bar then
    It’s probably better to close and save my money unless less stringent rules

  10. I loved #7 to be sure, but #9 was my favorite. I must have missed where the WHO said dancing spreads the virus. Well, can I dance while sitting in my chair? That would satisfy 7 and 9 and then I wouldn’t have any problems, LMAO. Who comes up with this stuff?

  11. One by one. #1 I can understand the concept but “overcrowded” is a “broad” term. Needs Clarification. STUPID #2 Acceptable #3 Acceptable #4 Hmm. Small group 5 or less at a table. Only 5 people in front of the stage? Sure hate it for the the ones that don’t get there first. STUPID. #5 Acceptable #6 Great. If everyone was screened prior to entry. What good, in any, does this do? STUPID. #7 Again. STUPID. The multitude of reasons why this is idiocy preclude me from opining. #8 Acceptable. However, what is “good”? Are we building a fucking Class 1 (ISO3) Clean Room? STUPID. #9 WTF? STUPID. #10 Ridiculous. Partially acceptable. However, imagine going to a fishing park to have dinner and seeing absolutely no bucket of ice, no bottle of whisky or coke or water at the table? Is this stupid rule for everyone or just farangs? STUPID #11 I kind of get it but again. If everyone is sanitizing their hands every 3 minutes, what is the reasoning behind this? STUPID. #12 I’m shaking my head. FUCK! STUPID. #13 Will there be a vacuum conveying system installed (like at a drive through bank) so I can tip the performer? STUPID. #14 That will be fun to watch. STUPID #15 Right. Gotta have the rules enforced. Will security have a ticket tablet to issue citations or will the patrons just swipe their Wrist over the chip reader? STUPID. #16 Thai culture is sharing your plate. Where did this asinine idea spawn from? STUPID #17 I like clean toilets. Define completely. Because I’m on a roll. STUPID #18 Good Luck with that. STUPID. #19 Sounds like the CCP is involved with this rule. We all must toe the line. Adhere to proper moral living and have zero fun. STUPID. #20 Idiocy. Fucking STUPID. #21 There are already smoking areas and people are already practicing social distancing. STUPID. #22 Adopting American Rules there. STUPID. Damn Jonny. Thanks for brightening up my day. 555. Definitely some Grandiose Visionaries in this group. As we all know many things are proposed and adopted in Thailand and frequently retracted or “massaged’ a bit. Let’s hope these proposed rules will vanish. Just like the world economy. Poof. In the shitter. CCP = China Covid Propagators. Wishing you all the best Jonny. Take care mate. Mitch 🙏

  12. These rules are obviously temporary , we are barley through the worst of covid yet , so just chill . Those of you that are that bothered about the go go bars should stop panicking and look at the bright side , there will be loads of “hostesses” on tinder and the other thai sites all offering to host you without the added expence of a bar fine .. then just take her to a bar and use the money you saved on the bar fine to buy her drinks . its a win win ! jonny great chanel mate , probably gonna be spending winter (uk) in hua hin after seeing your videos

  13. I think the Thais are completely Paranoid, I’m surprised that Breathing isn’t banned. I am also surprised that the Gov has not made Hazmat suits obligatory for all short-timers and massage parlours. I also believe that the Thai tourist industry is totally kaput and will never return to days of yore, it’s label has reached its expiry date.

  14. We are gonna go and deliver rice, to people that grow rice, and next weeks job is deliveriing snow to eskimos, and then sand to arabs, weve got a busy week boys.

  15. The so called virus is one big lie and a scam there was more people died of the flue which is influencer flu for short in 2017 in america than has died from this so called virus which is only pneumonia ive had pneumonia twice in my life once when i was about 10 and again back 15 years ago so my doctor said he would give me the pneumonia needle which ladt for 5 years to stop me getting it bad again because every time you get it it damages your lungs plus it fulls them up with fluid and i havent got it since and i keep getting the needle every 5 years and i get the flue needle every year around april or may just before the 3 months of winter which starts in june here where i live in australia theres a signn a highway here where i live in aus it says if you have a cough ring a 1800 number its a so called virus testing place,, What you cant cough or fart or spit any more or your supposed to have the bloody scam virus its a bloody joke this countrys goin down shit creek in a barbwire canoe with out a paddle quick id hate to see what its like in anouther 10 to 15 years i wont see it ill probally have carked it before then and not from no bloody virus either just old age. Just look at Taiwan 21 million people nearly the same as australia and only 7 deaths and they didnt shut there country down its kept operating like it normally did before all thus bullshit virus scam

  16. Actually the proposals seem like an opportunity to impose tight restrictions on tourist nightlife activities (adult fun) There have been suggestions in the press that post lockdown Thai authorities wish to attract more upmarket tourism and no ‘scum’ virus carriers. There seems to be a feeling of resentment towards some tourists. Thanks for the info anyway.

  17. Oh my buddha, what a bunch of stupid, idiotic and anti-business rules. How will the businesses be able to stay open and make a profit with these rules? Imagine Hillary 2 on soi 4 nana Bangkok, before the “beer virus” and imagine it once they open with all these rules and regulations. You will have Thai bar girls with farang customers drinking, dancing, kissing and practically all over each other. How can these rules be enforced? My humble guess is that once the businesses realize they are not getting many customers with these restrictions, they will petition to have them relaxed or totally eliminated. Just my 2 cents opinion, that’s all.

  18. Yes JSH… a fun night out indeed ! As we know any venue has a certain amount of covers or punters needed to make it worthwhile turning the lights on… I was going to say once transmission levels are almost gone then it’s all go but that’s a tough ask in such a big country. Wheres that vaccine?! Then you can have a vaccine pill at the bar ! Get that into you with the old amber throat wash and get stuck in..

  19. This rules are stupid especially only people going right now are people that is a country with no covid and the one that do are Thais coming back locked up in a room or hospital for now. Crazy shit

  20. I can’t sing,
    can’t dance,
    prefer my own company,
    never buy lady drinks,
    have a bad back so prefer to sit down.
    Sounds like a cracking night to me.

  21. If only the Thai Government took the same vigilance and precautions with Hepatitis A, B, and C., HIV and Aids? A 2011 report from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS identified Thailand among the eleven countries in the Asia-Pacific with a majority of the world’s HIV-infected people.

  22. Staff are NOT permitted to drink with Customers, sounds like we’re NOT expected to ever buy ‘girlie drinks’….woohoo 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. Fuck the Rules time to Revolt, Biggest Pandemic been happening a long time Millions Dieing every Fkin year? CANCER… oh shit hold up, these Globalist Bastards own the Pharmaceutical companies and make Trillions from CANCER even though they have Cures. Evil Bastards.

  24. Greetings from Mississippi USA my friend! Miss talking and seeing ya’ll. Not really sure when I’ll be able to return to Hua Hin but I will and we are definitely going to be making our home there! Please stay safe and I hope to see ya’ll soon!

  25. Well Jonny………….Thailand is way ahead of USA…………….it may not be fun but neither is dying…………1 of 5 Covid-19 cases in the World is in USA……….now 120,000 US citizens have died of it……………I am 70 and have survived years of drinking and smoking which I quit at age 40, then quad bypass heart operation, and a brain tumor

  26. Sure these will be strictly observed, just like the no alcohol sales between 2pm and 5pm, midnight closing and prostitution being strictly illegal.

  27. 22. Do not allow service staff, hostesses or PR to drink with customers.Well thats it for gogos and beer bars,like wtf are these morons on?

  28. Thanks for the updates Jonny, but yes only proposed restrictions, if bars do as they are told all should be ok hopefully, I mean I have viewed many vlogs from Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin just to name a few, and the way they have set up screened entry points to malls etc have been by far the best i have seen, the stats prove that. Removing menus from tables or thoroughly cleaning these I have touched on before. They are now and for years have been a huge germ problem, not many get cleaned ever. Take care Jonny

  29. FUCKING CRAZY AND TOTALLY UNREALISTIC!!! As many of Thai regulations….”common sense” often does not apply to Asia….but we all know that…….

  30. I cannot comment about the “new rules” that’s going to be disused but I can tell that’s gonna be temporary and damnnn they did it great with the virus in Thailand :3,151 cases and only 58 deaths compared to the “top”…”powerful” country!! Johnny enjoy your life over there because in the rest of the world is the chaos!! I’m coming soon 😜

  31. More fun in the US right now. Never thought I would say that. Given the situation though I’d rather party here. Things are mostly back to normal.

  32. The only thing missing is no ringing of the bell and no board games as well, But yeah no fun at all at the current time it would be next year for me to visit hope by then it would be fully opened up by then.

  33. The rules are becoming a bit of a joke now. I just cannot fathom how markets are generally back to normal as social distancing does not seem to apply; then you got draconian rules for shopping centres, restaurant bars etc. I perfectly understand there should be still some sort of awareness and possibly safety measures put in place; however there needs to be some logic behind the government’s principals for people to take this covid seriously now. I also don’t understand the logic why you cannot have bars open with limited numbers. I can understand venues like the Go Go bars or smoked filled venues that lack ventilation remain closed.

  34. This will last about an hour in reality. Like the check in process at 7-11 has gone from enforcement to a girl nonchalantly waving the scanner and not bothering to look at it.

  35. I love rule 22 hahaha 😂 If anyone does open just think how frustrated people will be. can’t touch can’t buy lady drinks all you can do is drink and watch that’s it that sounds like torture, not entertainment 😂

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