Proof that the Chinese government is Lying!

We’ve caught China once again in a bold faced lie!

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    1. Prayers from California USA to our fellow brothers and sisters of all races there us only 1 in truth called humanity.
      God bless u guys for speaking out.😇💛🙏

    2. Africans in every African country hate the Chiniese. They treat the Africans like slaves, don’t abide by any of their laws or regulations, never pay the local workers they hire, usually don’t even try to legally lease the land that they pillage for it’s resources. Instead of at least even leasing the land, they bring in armed forces to shoot any Africans that try to stop them. But why don’t the Africans praise the Chinese for whatever temporary mud road or trail that they had to make in order to access the land for them pillage by gunpoint!? Poor humanitarian China!

    3. Winston, can you put up Chinese subtitles in your videos? I want to show this to my sister-in-law who doesn’t know English. She constantly relies on Chinese sources which is so full of crap. And my Chinese (dialect) is horrific so I can’t translate verbatim that’s for sure. Thanks.

    4. So they dont want foreigners in there so whats going on there doesn’t get reported… which means war is coming. This is Germany all over again.

    5. Please stop with the hysterical race baiting, they are just foreigners that would love to change and over run China. Try to understand that in order for life to exist it has to be tribal.

  1. Hey China. I’m in Nairobi. I see alot of you doing whatever you do in our streets. You better watch your back before we come for you in our tuff

    1. It is the Chinese people who have the superstitious beliefs and poor livestock handling practices that cause these pandemics and result in the extinction of wildlife.

  2. So, add racism to China’s human rights abuses. They are already #1 in that department along with being #1 in world pollution, #1 in property theft, , # 1 in colonial expansionism, #1 in causing modern world pandemics. Again the Left, SJWs, and globalists will just give them another free pass. This will never be reported on lamestream media.

  3. Big feat for a country that wants to place itself as a credible rising “great power” and a “responsible stakeholder”… possibly the new hegemon… Western countries gave China the opportunity to develop as China has been the country to benefit the most from globalization… sure the west has exploited cheap Chinese labor, secretly supporting 劳教 while promoting human rights and accepting China pollute while promoting green and sustainable economies at home… China has been given more space in multilateral organizations in the hope that this would convince China to become more democratic… obviously the experiment has failed miserably and China has brought international organizations such as the WHO to become less reliable instead.
    China has been on the rise for 30 years, perhaps it is time to go back to our small local economies: people serving other people the best they can. Big polluting corporations are not indispensable, China is not indispensable. Young Europeans and Americans are willing to go back to work hard, or they will be in the near future, together with migrant workforce. The EU and the US should make immigration legal.
    Africa has the natural resources, Africa has the people, Africa has the land and respects nature (more than the West or Asia ever have)
    Africa is the future, not China.
    Produce less, produce better. Consume less, consume wisely. Respect the planet and ecosystem. Eco-logy, eco-system and eco-nomy have the same root.
    Thank you Serpentza for sharing your knowledge and experience… 星星之火可以燎原。

  4. So long as China continues to bribe…sorry, fund…the international leftist media, they are reasonably secure in doing what they will without fear that it might be reported to the outside world. Meanwhile, it’s the European diaspora which will continue to carry the stigma of unredeemable racists, and largely for the same reasons…

    1. He lived in China for 15 years, troll. The Chinese have admitted to false reporting. Chinese medicine is scientifically proven to be superstitious bullshit. The poor animal handling practices continue to cause a risk to the world. See you for SARS-CoV-3 when the moronic Chinese change nothing.

  5. Another reason for the whole world to boycott all products made in china and seize every chinese owned asset in there countries and refuse to let them do bussiness in there country

  6. Have you heard the conspriacy about China releasing Convid to stop protests out on the street?
    It sounds pretty dumb but China is a pretty corrupt place to begin with.

  7. The CCP are crooks, and I feel so badly for the Africans and so many others who are discriminated against by Chinese police and politicians. China is ruled by power hungry criminals. The average Chinese are also suffering. What a hell hole, even worse now than before they caused this virus to spread all around the world.

  8. The communist party has never stopped being racists, they encourage racism in the hopes of creating a people anti-everything other than Chinese communism

  9. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on reporting the truth about the CCP. It is my wish, world leaders will some day realize the CCP cannot be trusted in any way.

    I feel bad for the Chinese people. I know a good number of them know the CCP is not honest or honorable. But unfortunately, the CCP has been changing the culture, for the worst, among it’s citizens.

    The CCP should be held responsible for the Covid coverups, human rights violations, and for IP theft in the strongest possible way.

  10. The Chinese economic growth is a miracle no dount. But, the Chinese people are suffering undering this political repression and hope things work out for them. Before the CCP took over, there wes centuries of political instability and China might go through it again if the CCP regime collapses. Good luck China!

  11. It’s very obvious that China is following world events very closely. They learned that COVID19 affected black people more severely than white and Asian people. This concerned them very greatly and this is why they made this effort. To make sure that African people are kept safe from the coronavirus. You see it’s not racist it’s quite the opposite in fact. The Chinese love their African brothers and sisters so much they went through extra effort to protect them in this trying time. We’re all in this together guys. /s

  12. What is this “Our African” she’s taking about? It’s everybody’s Africa. Like Europe and America. According to Westerners, the Chinese are Africans and Americans and Europeans because no one anywhere is different.

  13. Hey SerpentZA fans

    I keep getting Chinese Nationals throwing “Nathan Rich’s” channel at me and it’s driving me mad that it’s so much lying about the west and there’s no convincing them otherwise

  14. How do you attempt to control any population, mislead, misguided, and lie. Negative reinforcement!
    Since the dawn of time. Welcome to the second class!

  15. Any foreigners living under the illusion that they’ll be spared the wrath of the CCP should head for an airport but tell the CCP they’ll be returning soon. Then once allowed out, get out and never return to China. It’s the safest way

  16. i showed my brother your last vid and he didn’t believe any of it. -_- He still watches regular news station and is okay with being lied to. -_-

  17. The Chinese government is lying! Why am I not surprised. They are a heartless murderous soul less bunch of Communists. That has Always come through Loud and clear in every video you have ever posted. It is only a matter of time before the Chinese Communist attack The world again with another biological weapon.

  18. I saw one video i think a Nigerian he told them to keep their gifts. And it’s really bad when the American government has to warn African Americans about this.

  19. Most people I know are still focused on the fear of the virus and have not contemplated the geopolitical landscape. We could be heading for a cold war scenario.

  20. China has always hated blacks. This is just the straw that broke the camels back. The discrimination has been going on for decades. I’m so grateful for the internet and the global media, nothing can be hidden now.

  21. I hope the world will wake up and open their eyes now for what CCP has been doing for so many years. I worry that politicians though will never change their focus on lining their own pockets and still will turn a blind eye to the truth.

  22. My opinion is that the Chinese failed to convinced the world that the Americans brought the CCP virus to China so they are trying to look for another tactics to prove that the virus wasn’t originated in their country so the Africans are in next in line. If they failed again whose next what a propaganda?

  23. This reminds me a lot of Nazi Germany and the jewish people. When will humanity learn, do we have yet another 100 or even 1000 years of evolution before we learn…

  24. Think of it this way – it’s good that the CCP discriminate against South Africans… – they will probably never use them as organ donors.

  25. It’s funny that the CCP cries racism against anyone who criticizes them. It’s time for the people of china to rise up and kick these criminal communist out.

  26. Wow! Who would have thought governments lie, thank god I live in a country whre the political leaders don’t lie an d abuse their citizens

  27. Everyone know they have been blatantly lying and altering numbers of death. The numbers just dont add up compared to Italy, Spain, US etc. They realize they over did it and it looks obvious so need to fix their numbers now. Even with the new numbers, their actual deaths are probably 5 times more

  28. According to some Chinese nationals, the Chinese government is in disbelieve why Africa’s coronavirus cases are still narrow. They think Africa is under reporting cases and deaths.

  29. A bit late now. Why was the States not doing something earlier Vietnam started closing down in Feb and they have less than 1000 cases.
    The States listened to Trump who does not give a rats arse for the people only the Market

  30. Go, Brothers and sisters!!!! I have met and friended lots of black Africans. They are very friendly and outgoing people, they are the cool dudes for me (of course with the exception of a few bad eggs like other races). If you target their race, colour and culture. You better run and suicide yourself. They won’t go to the police or authorities to deal with your racist behaviour. They will bring their “Blackhand justice” where you stand. When you say something about their colour and culture it is like smearing their parents.

    Yes, this 10 million Chinese living in Africa are at risk of the same consequence-the Blackhand way. Hey CCP remember the apartheid back in Africa? Hey CCP You better do something and “apologise” not propaganda excuses because soon you will see your citizen gets hurt – remeber the apartheid? And no nation will help you to sort out the problem you have created and you cant put the military in Africa to stop this. Because that is occupation and the UN and the USA will intervene with no question.

    I don’t condone their behaviour but I agree with their actions – regular justice will not serve well. I mean put it this well treat others good and they will treat you good. Treat others like animals they will treat you like an animal. Its Newtons’ third law of good behaviour.

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