Profitable Earth 2 Strategies

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  1. I flip all time, I bought about 1200 induvial tiles at around 29 cent each and sell for 7usd. this week I only sold 2 but I’ve had a week were I sold 20+. I then go back and buy more and list them for sale again. Having a Filipina to change and update prices makes managing them easier. I’ve been locked out of my account the past 3 weeks but I see I’m still selling sometimes. PS: ethereum fell I guess me selling when I did was a good idea after all.

  2. You just bought a property i was looking at bangkok thailand off the market nice grab, my policy is to mass offer at 80% discount and put back on market and sell at 70% but property has to be correct shape and area like your bangkok grab……GO3JTBVQQO

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