Probable Incubation Failure

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  1. Regarding generators. Gasoline does not store well and gets old quick. Must be refreshed or rotated into vehicles and fresh gas stored. Buy a dual fuel or lp only generator. No fuel breakdown and engine oil stays clean. This is the voice of experience speaking. Seems like you never remember to rotate fuel. Old fuel in generator destroys carbs and vapor lines. Just sayin.

  2. That air bubbler at the Tilapia breeding tank is MAYBE 13 Watts? it did near NOTHING to flatten your solar system ,, well it did 13 watts worth. Lowering your electric bill by using solar for the air pump is not really going to do anything ,,, 13 watts for 24 hours is 312 watt hours ,, at 5 peso per k/w hour you are saving less than 2 peso per day.

  3. Could you not have yanked the car battery from either white or red van and used it until such time as either mains power was restored or the day brightened up?

  4. You had mentioned that there was a scheduled brown out coming and was curious at the time what the plan was on the incubator for that or other power outages So now I know. Yeah you have to have a generator or a computer like back up battery if you r going to raise chicks.

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