pro TIP: Easy way to Live the Dream: Do More LIfe!!! Chating with Jeremy about Life in Thailand

I had the honor of being asked to join Jeremy from Do MORE LIFE
(** Check out his channel here: **)
for a chat about what your Life can be like by making the choice to live in Thailand.

Jeremy Clodfelter has lived in the Philippines and Thailand for several years and provides a very interesting view
of life in SE Asia. His experiences are ones that I find many Expats, soon-to-be Expats as well as long and even short-term vacationers can really benefit from.

Jeremy and I have connected over the last few months through our good friend Reekay from LIFE BEYOND THE SEA
(** Check out his channel here: **)
and through Reekay’s newest website that is allowing many SE Asian Vloggers to connect, collaborate and add even more value to the subscribers of each channel.

THANK YOU Jeremy for the opportunity. It’s always a real pleasure to talk about Thailand but Jeremy and I also discuss what it means to be an expat and act with Integrity and why that type of behavior will allow your time, be it short or long in Thailand to be a real joy.

Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!
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  1. The only time I ever took 5k to Thailand was the first time I took my kids. Blew all I could on expensive hotel, private limo, the lot. If you can get $500 spending money, your airfare and your accommodation together, you’re good for a week or two! Bangkok is a great city to walk every day! You do not need to bring much money to enjoy your stay! My two cents! 😉 ((Edit: and I only allowed for blowing through 5k because I wanted my kids to be sold on Thailand from the first visit out.))

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