Privacy & The Single Life in the Philippines; Part 2 of 3

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  1. I think the US and every other country in the world has been like this some time in there existence. PI is still filled with simple small town people. We are from a society that’s grown beyond that. Good or bad we are what they are. They have to be opportunist because the are so poor in most cases. All poor places are like that. My wife is educated but was from a poor family and we bump heads all the time on how we see things.

  2. For me, all the things you mentioned are exactly what I expected before I even got on the plane. I guess one man’s adventure is another man’s hell. It’s all about perspective. But you’re right about one thing.. it’s not for everybody and plenty of people leave after a year either back home or another country. Me, I love it here in the PH. Oh, the cops and security guards here use shotguns.. haven’t seen any with machine guns on Bohol. Maybe in Mindenao or Manila they do. (??)

  3. Yep.. I agree. Any one of us, if we’d been born here, dealing with some of the poverty I’ve seen here.. I’d be looking for a way to make a buck. Desperate people do desperate things. It’s not just the PH, it’s anywhere. Look at downtown L.A., Chicago or Vegas.. you see the same and worse, more violent even. Yet I feel safer here most places I go. Neighbors always pull over and give me a ride if they see me walking.

  4. Good observation. Although where I’m going is just one example. Just tonight I shared a motorcycle with a woman. She asked where I live. I said, “Tagbilaran”. “Where exactly?” I mean, total stranger, older woman not a young girl picking up on me. Anyway, what does ‘dyan lang’ mean?

  5. I think some of it is the experiences we have in another country. I love the PH and I hope to go to Thailand soon for a 2 month visit. A friend of mine from Cebu stayed in Thailand recently, his report was that the people were rude, not willing to help like in Cebu and he didn’t like the food. I suppose we each have our own preferences, biases, etc.

  6. I’m want to visit Thailand for a 2 month stay. But PH already speaks English, and a woman I’m interested in lives in Cebu. Plus I seem to mesh well for the most part with the people here, they relate to my Latin background very well and are very accepting of me. Thailand I lost that connection. But Thai women are very pretty.. kinda skinny and not so curvy as Filipinas, imho. ha!

  7. I’d say that “some” men and “some” women are like that. I know way too many good, decent Filipinos to just label them all as latent criminals. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole cart in this case. Plenty of horrific criminals have been Americans.. can’t judge all Americans by Jeffrey Dalmer, Richard Ramirez or Ted Bundy.

  8. “Dyan lang” means “Just over there”. Then follow up with “Bye” with waiving your hands and smile. Then they will convey you with their sights until you vanished in the jungle. You know if anything happens they will rush to assist you. In my country kinda like a part of old close family tradition coz if anything happens to you atleast they know where to find you.

  9. It’d be nice to have a camera-guy. Unfortunately over the years I’ve been disappointed with anyone I’ve asked to help on a project. I’ve loved photography since 1984 and to me framing, exposure and angles are 2nd nature. I ask for simple shots and the shot is too wide, highly backlit, not centered.. so I finally decided to just do them all myself. I have no video screen facing me so with practice I learned to self-shoot myself. ha!

  10. Absolutely. A friend of mine spent 3 months in Cebu then went to Thailand. He said, in his experience and obervation, Filipinos were much friendlier to him than the Thai.

  11. As a cebuano I can tell you that asking where you’re going is just a small gesture of them being friendly to don’t have to be specific with your response. You will be taken for a snub if you don’t response at all. I still do that here in the US to the people I know even if it’s not my business where they’re heading….I know it’s kind of funny and doesn’t make sense.

  12. What’s your opinion of a filipina on a dating site who says she lives alone (and 27 years old). Is that suspicious? I mean, aren’t they supposed to live with their parents or extended family? She said she’s in the city living alone because she has to work. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Lots of Filipinas move to another island for work or school.  But almost always they share a boarding room with another girl to save money.  It’s possible she makes good money and lives alone.  Or she’s married and her husband lives out of country, paying her bills.  From so far away, you may never know.  Just one more reason to question any story you hear from dating sites from so far away.  They know you can’t fact-check them on their situation.  But if she asks for money soon, that would be a big red-flag she’s scamming.

  13. im trying to watched all the videos of yours,since I just newly subscribed.hmm I guess lots of mosqutoes getting near you.have the mosqutioes reppelant patch?you will just stick it to what you wearing and the mosquitoes wont get near you.i hope will be helpful.

    1. Sometimes I’ll use ‘OFF!’ lotion, but not patches.  it’s only an issue after the rains, so i kinda stay indoors in the evening or late afternoon which is when they come out.  or i burn leaves in the firepit to keep them away.  i use lavender mossy-coils (incense) to ward them off indoors.

  14. do you think that as alot of western men think filipinas are “gold diggers”, maybe filipinos see western men as “butterflys” or “chickboys”

  15. What do you think about living in a condo? If you can can you elaborate about cost of renting a condo, if thats even an option and any pro’s and con’s about condo living. Thanks in advance.

  16. nice vides i like your’s mostly cuz i grew up ( as if i will ) with guys who speak act sorta think like you . I do have a history in the PI i have a shirt tail faimly not blood related maybe soon i am relocateing but not as you or other expats do so i watch your stuff for good info thanks doing it

    1. just to clarify, so that no expat ends up in jail or prison in the PH…

      it is ‘legal’ for a 17-year old to marry a filipino, with parental consent. (not sure if that applies to expats or not.)

      however… it is ILLEGAL to have sex with a 17-year old (or any minor under age 18). it is also illegal to be in the company of any filipina minor without one of her parents present. which means… any expat seen on a date, traveling alone with or having a minor in his domicile CAN be arrested and punished.

      having a “written note” of permission from the parents does not help. filipino parents cannot provide any written note that will circumvent the existing law.

      so.. bottom line, no sex with any minor under the age of 18. and never be alone, even at a public restaurant, cinema or traveling with a filipina under 18.

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