Prepping for Super Typhoon Haiyan – Heading for Central Philippines (11/8/2013)

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  1. Something else you can do is trim some of the tree branches that are near your roof/windows and also store or lash down any loose items in your yard. Hope you stay safe, Henry.

  2. Reekay… Hope you will “ride out the storm”. When your back in the states for the Holidays why don’t you buy a solar charger either 12v or less that would really make your life a Little more comfortable.
    Hope you get a chance to make that “inside of the house video” before the house is gone with the Wind… Nooo just kidding, i sure hope you and the people you care for will be allright.

  3. Keep your head down Henry.
    I have to be in Cagayan de Oro at the end of next week for wedding.
    I hope they get only the outside of it.
    Better get some charcoal in just in case the gas supply dries up.
    Hope to hear from you when it is all over.

  4. Yah.. most storms here we’ve only gotten the rain and a little wind. But this time we’re right in the path of it. It’s supposed to pass over us in 48 hours. If everything holds together for that long, all will be ok here. But I know many people will be affected by this who have frail housing or are in flood areas. 🙁

  5. It has since been ‘upgraded’ to a Super Typhoon with peak winds at 185/mph. It is on a path for northern Cebu, over the town of Bogo. It will pass just slightly north of here where I am, on Bohol.

  6. Greeting from Kentucky, US of A… hope it’s not so bad and you ride it out safely…. enjoy your videos and want to see some more my friend… stay safe.

  7. Not sure how effective it will be, but we’ll be hunkering down here in Nashville in support of you all there. My wife’s family is in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental with extended families in Cebu City. Bushman Canuck, you’re in Cebu correct? I’m watching your videos and it looks like you’re all prepared. Our prayers are with you.

  8. Its gonna be a monster typhoon fingers crossed for all.. The rain will be starting soon for you Henry don’t forget your brolly if you go out. I hope those Bogo piggies live in strong houses.. Take care all..

  9. I can bring it in the house, have done it before when I’m away for long periods. Or keep it in the patio.. if the patio stays put.

  10. The storm is expected to be at least the most powerful storm to have ever struck the Philippines. It may even be ranked as the most powerful storm ever seen on Earth.

    1. i’m okay.. bohol was spared!  some 45mph winds but that was nothing compared to leyte and bogo which were hammered with winds around 100mph.  🙁

  11. Its total black out in our city. I have experience typhoon and have prep myself. The most important after securing your water, food, shelter and light is to secure your premises. Always be ready to protect yourself and your family with a gun. I have experience those long total black out in our city and bad people will try to rob or invade your home after a big typhoon. that’s why i always lock and load for the worst. stay safe and God bless us all 

    1. ha!.. i grew up with the quakes in california and i can’t even imagine dealing with 5 feet of snow every year like on the east coast.  when we’re not having disasters like this.. it’s pretty much an endless summer.

  12. Hope you are okay my friend after this awful typhoon. God bless you and everyone in the Philippines. Looking forward to seeing your next video and hearing that you are okay. 

  13. Good to hear your prepared. Waiting to see the aftermath. My sis in Negros Island has been in skype 24 hrs. Just to let us know. That ofcourse when their electricity turns off. I had my fair share of Super Typhoons. Twice in Manila. The house I lived was on top of the mountain. No rain, but tornado type winds. 4 winds in all directions. The roof keeps banging. Due to good construction, it did not lift off.

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