Preparing for Life in the Philippines; Part 1 of 3

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  1. It’s interesting indeed just how some of these people can justify their actions. I’m thinking that they really believe you will simply accept the offer no questions asked. So unbelievable it’s laughable! You could always find out where he lives and do something equally ridiculous…some totally insane proposition….would make for an entertaining day…Make sure you get it on video!…lol

  2. I’m telling you.. it’s like living in an ongoing Seinfeld episode around here. You just gotta expect almost anything to cross your path. I’ve been in jeepneys sitting with a live chicken next to me. Come across goats and cows as I walk to the mall. It’s nutty, but always interesting.

  3. Well, I could tell he was a bit peeved for a few weeks. Why?, I have no clue.. I’m the one who was inconvenienced by him, not the other way around. But now he’s acting somewhat normal again. Even gave me a ride to town the other day. In the long run, it pays to just stay calm. : /

  4. Consider putting up a sign at your front gate that reads “never without my permission” in Bisayas. A T-shirt might be a good idea, too!

  5. I would’ve bought the chickens, and then tell him to get the hell out of my house and never come back again lol. but your right it pays to stay calm. this was another interesting story.

  6. nice story…im a local…but its best to stay out of other pples lives n live ur own! d more contact d more weird stuff might happen….u never know what they r thinking…sometimes nice n other times not good….d best safe bet is to mind ur own business. unless u really need to talk wt them but just for the sake of eithr work related or business if not do it urlf =) these days it cn be dangerous!

  7. The story about the chicken and the rooster…sound like to me  it’s the classic case of what they call in the phils. “Tsimis or Gossip”. the miscommunication starts with the neighbor you 1st talk with. When you said “like” it means to them…”i want”. trust me, news in the outskirt travel fast than the internet and of course in different versions.

    One thing to look out for 🙂

    1. @Batibot étoile it is outright amazing how much chismis passes around here.  back in the states, i might have known what my neighbor was up to maybe once every six months if we met while mowing  the lawns.  other than that, each of us had no clue what the other was doing and we liked it that way.  ha!

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