1. my wife has a bakery and does the same every morning and night,it moves fast,we have 3 riders from different brgys in different directions ,need gabriel to be on the ball,so saving you time,great idear mate$$$plus coming your way

  2. Would ask Brian, did you make that ice yourself?, saw the container . Curious how long it took to freeze solid!
    Can’t wait, back permitting to see the cast netting at the pen. Take care doing that!

  3. Hi Brian, just got word from Australian Immigration, we can leave Sydney for Cebu any time we like. The airlines are however few and far between but it is not impossible. Upon return, if there is still no vaccine for Covid 19 we have to isolate in a Govt isolated approved center for 14 days at our cost of AUD 3K. So, depending upon the asawa who is well—peso and dollar concerned as you might guess, hahahhaha, our return is imminent. OR–she can stay here. My money–my honey, o-sigi? And to hell with that corrupt dickwad in Cebu, I mean really, let’s see him chase me under lockdown from Manila? Looks like fun?

  4. In the Philippines it is best not to report a broken tool or handle, rather than reporting it so that the Boss can have it repaired before next required to complete a task🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️. In a weird kind of way, It’s as if they have an unreasonable fear of being chastised for breaking something while in use of it. So it is kept quiet, only to be discovered later so that nobody knows who actually broke it🤣🤣

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