Praise China or NO MASKS!

China cannot admit to ANY MISTAKES! China needs praise more than anything, they want to sell the rest of the world PPE but only if we praise them!

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  1. Buy cheap goods from China ! How much are those goods costing you now ! The world cannot afford the CCP virus and it needs chasing out of every boardroom and government ! ChinaFree !

  2. Well, brother, you live in the USA now. Have you heard Trump’s briefings? No one is dealing with this virus as well as we are. We make the best ventilators in the world! We now have so many ventilators, that we are sending them to other countries which are impacted by far worse, and they all love it!

    No, it’s not whataboutism – I’m simply saying that the world is being led by egotistical, oversensitive morons.

  3. Charity is better suited to individuals. Not governments. Western governments, particularly the U.S. government, have been giving charity in the form of foreign aid to African, Asian and Latin American countries for years and much of the time the money disappears upon arrival. Years later the same problem for which the money was intended remains. And the money winding up in the pockets of the country’s leaders or diverted to _their_ “special interests.”

  4. Corporate media ! Hollywood ! Universities ! All under CCP control ! Communist liars, cheats and parasites the lot of them ! ChinaFree !

  5. The nations of the world need to strike relentlessly against the CCP in China now. No more talk. No more dialogue. Tariffs, travel bans, assets seized, import bans, divestiture. The full force of the civilized world against the criminal, rogue regime of China. They need to send military assets to confront China in the South China Sea. If China is foolish enough to wage an actual war against the rest of the world, so be it. That will only allow us to excise this cancer that much faster.

    We’re past the planning stage. It’s time for unambiguous and harsh action.

    The entire planet is being held hostage by a small group of geriatric child rapists who abuse and enslave their own people to keep themselves flush.

  6. US investigation thinks China intentionally didn’t announce Covid as a threat until way later to buy themselves time to horde up on required supplies for them to deal with the issue internally, and they influenced WHO, and even now China is still fighting Taiwan from entering the WHO. I really hope this forces other countries to move their manufacturing back to local soil, and for governments to make that lucrative and viable while paying workers fairly. More need to investigate and more needs to be done to punish China. It’s straight up evil what they did.

  7. Pathetic CCP wanting praise for the hell they created. Slap their shitty ‘face’ and tell them to wake up. The world hates you. No one respects you. Look in the mirror; that’s shameful scum on your face. Go kiss a Taiwan flag and kiss the HK protestors’ feet and beg for their forgiveness for the shit you’ve done. The world will take their revenge on you. The noose of economic failure will go around the CCP’s neck until it’s gone.

  8. “a little child, a horrible little bully, and every time he gets called out he starts crying”…you just described president chump.

  9. Your videos and the topics you discuss need more awareness. You speak pragmatically and eloquently, its very refreshing to listen to, contrary to most squabbling and arguments about politics here in the US. Its times like these where we need to come together as a nation and stand up for values we all hold near and dear.

  10. Had An interesting chat with an associate of mine who spotted Nathan Rich wandering around Sanlitun in Beijing this is what I just posted on his website, self explanatory.
    Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, During your wanderings around Sanlitun filming, grabbing a coffee and chatting with the girl with you in the red tartan overshirt, did you not realize you were being followed? Someone I know who is ex military police spotted your tail, two gentlemen and possibly a woman. The interesting thing he said is that if the tail was there for your protection they would have been closer so he doubts that they were. The topic only came up talking about what was happening on the streets, described what he had seen there as a curious thing he had seen and isn’t aware of who you are but gave a concise description of you and the girl with you. When shown an image of you here on youtube he identified you. His statement was” Sycophants have there uses but often as not have a use by date too”. I think it is kind of apt, don’t you?

  11. It’s time for the entire planet to call China/North Korea’s bluffs.

    **ALL** of them.

    If China has the cards, play them. If China makes threats, let’s make them put up or shut up.

  12. What is the scientific evidence that masks works? Most people will not be able to handle a mask correct and instead increase the risk of getting infected.

  13. It doesn’t get more annoying and petty and childish than’s nauseating..and it’s crazy how much control they have over their people

  14. Winston, I really appreciate your videos. It is obvious that you are trying to make a difference in the world. Crazy times mate.

  15. These CCP propaganda dumbnuts should be secretly filmed and shown their even truer faces on every possible media….cause they want WAR and we being the ‘free citizens of the world’ should bring it to them in every front….especially SCS

  16. All I can say the dam has burst. Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall. Thank you China for opening our eyes . China we see you

  17. Its the same as Claiming that CCP brought 1billion chinese people out of poverty when they were the ones that put Chinese people into poverty in the first place, and they are being praised for it. Moreover, the chinese people came out of poverty by their hardwork, not because of CCP giving them money

  18. It’s also suspicious, that Hungary suddenly (after years of fruitless negotiations) agreed to Chinas plan to build a high-speed rail line between Serbia and Hungary. The details of the deal are classified for 10 years. I suspect China used the medical supplies to blackmail Hungary into the deal.

  19. Wait. Their newspaper is called ‘sinhwa’ right? In korean it literally means ‘myth’. If that ain’t ironic…

  20. I am solicited by China companies daily for PPE; I’ve been instructed to report all solicitations from China as spam because all products from China are deemed defective & diseased.

  21. Half the US loves President Trump..he won the election for a’re just surrounded by deranged haters in southern california

  22. 25:52 “It’s a bit distasteful.”

    Winston, Donald Trump is a racist piece of shit. Being a racist piece of shit who is corrupt and a best friend to Xi, Putin, Duterte, Kim, MBS, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, and all of the other totalitarian trash on the planet is distasteful. Calling out Trump as a lying, thieving piece of garbage is not distasteful. It’s patriotism. Calling Xi out as trash is a moral position. Calling the quislings in Hong Kong who betray their people for kickbacks from Beijing is tasteful and moral. You’re failing to see that you’re arguing against yourself.

    You’re new to the US and you’re falling for the same foolish error that many fall for. You don’t owe criminals respect. Ever. You’re using the same stupid-ass argument that foreigners use when they come to China… that they owe “respect” to the CCP because criticizing the CCP is “distasteful.”

  23. Art requires honesty and introspection and empathy.

    All of these qualities are illegal in China.

    That’s why art in China is fucking awful or non-existent.

  24. Lol, the majority of ppe and covid 19 tests comming into Europe from China have been proven to be faulty or at least below standard for months now. To the extent that it cant be a mistake in my oppinion. I dont blame the Chinese people, its obviously the CCP. There will be a time where these people will be held to account. The funny thing is there so arrogant they think we dont see it.

  25. I would not take anything from China because there products may be poor quality. I am trying hard to boycott Chinese products, but they make most things. It is time to make our own.

  26. My theory is the Chinese government release the virus to destroy the US economy and to stop protesters and will release the vaccine they already have to win favor with the world

  27. A Lot of ccp lackeys and sycophants attacking people under peoples comments. China seems to be on a full on propaganda and face saving war.

  28. Thanks for spreading the TRUTH. Only the TRUTH will set China FREE. LONG LIVE for TAIWAN & HONG KONG, & QUICK DEATH for CCP of CHINA. Especially for XI JING PING & WHO’s directors. They ought to be executed for the millions of lives loss. WHO should be renamed to CHO (Communist Health Organization or better yet WUHAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION).

  29. American business in bed with democrat & Rino corruptocrats have helped to create this problem too. We need a free market, not a lopsided, get our stuff made in communist subsidized Chy-NA

  30. Like thanking the guy who stabbed you, for the band-aid he sold to you, to stanch the bleeding. The CCP is a paragon of evil.

  31. You are 100% spot on with Trevor Noah. He does not tell the truth about SA. I lived in CT for 18 years. stunning city. Am now back in Oz. I feel better that i don’t pay taxes to crooks anymore!

  32. Hey dude, if I were to looking for political weakness of Chinese leadership then there are plainly oh these, as for loyalty and other stuff I’d weather fight for it in a lawfully matter

  33. I don’t think Winston and Matthew know the history of the 40’s and 50’s and all the Americans who worked hard to help the Chinese Communist Party take over and tighten their grip on China. Certainly very few of the commenters here know this history. The books are on the shelves of public libraries but they are gathering dust. It is much more fun to watch Stelter and Lemon on TV than to read the ugly history of the CCP and its American collaborators.

  34. Jayoe Nation aka “A boy and his tricycle” aka Latest CCP shill was gathering ppe and sending it back to China while he was here staying in a friends generously nice Airbnb after they escaped when shit started looking bad in Nimbo – only to bail as soon as it was hitting USA back to China after 1 month because “China is dealing better with it and he feels safer…”
    I bet his tail that was between his buttocks landed in China before that package he sent from his concerned and generous patrons…
    Yet he had the nerve to make a video about our lack of PPE being OUR fault while we were getting hit!!!
    No… he didn’t get offers from all his Chinese friends to send PPE to help… nooooo…
    Just sits in the glow of the light from his comforting green code 🦠 and grins like a weasel making videos that amount to nothing … till he can bail on his trike…

  35. It’s not often that I’m commenting on a video… Actually, it’s literally the first time. 
    I mostly always agree with your statements. I’m living in China for 11 years from Guangzhou to now Shanghai (7 years in Shanghai). 

    I want to raise a point about the PPE Disposable masks situation. I might not be 100% correct or accurate but I’m currently deeply involved in disposable and other medical supplies, trading from China to oversea, working directly with trustable and secured factories. 
    As now because all the drama happened previously with poor quality of products some trading companies were selling abroad, for factories to have the authorization to export out from China, they have applied and be approved on what we call the “white list”. 

    I honestly don’t think Chinese government is making money out of the medical supplies (or maybe some middle-level government peoples with under table money) but they let private businesses generating profits out of it. If you clearly think about that… China was sick and hundreds of countries offer donations, but how 1 country (China) can not donate to hundreds of countries, the investment would be definitely too high. 
    Noticing the high price on medical supplies is mostly not coming from greed but by the lack of raw material (Melt Blown). There is not enough on the market and factories are fighting to get it. And they have the laborers to pay as well… They need to eat, pay their rent, etc… It is also largely impacted by the shipping cost that has just getting impressively expensive, has never been before due to the lack of planes and the huge demands. The amount of production is just too high for the government to cover it. 
    Without forgetting the other part of the economy in the country which already got a big hit and needs now to be solved. 

    That been said, the Medical supplies is way more complicated than peoples are thinking without denying that I truly believe it still has a lot of international relation and pressures out of it… But not only from China. It’s a global problem where other governments are playing dirty as well, ceasing products on transit in their country at the destination of other countries (they are legally stealing it), blocking import at the border even if all test reports and certifications been correctly provided. 

    Other governments to pretend that they cannot buy masks it’s a lie,… I can assure you they all can buy if they really wanted it. But there is a power and control game that been installed in every country. I know by fact as we are dealing with some governments from Europe and the USA, they mostly don’t want to invest much in it because again the amount of money is very very high due to the reason I just mentioned before. Mostly private corporates are currently buying the medical supply for a distribution (they cover their expense or generate a small profit which is big according to the volume).

    I hope I could bring some explanations that would help peoples not to see on one side only

    Forgive my broken English, I’m french so I might have made some mistakes.

  36. YouTube is banned in China, dont you have the police confiscating your kit and put you in re educarion camp for 1 party system propaganda? How do you use social media when the great firewall is censoring winnie the poo?

  37. Unless western countries along with S Korea, Japan, India , Australia, New Zealand along with few others get united, none of us stand a change against a totalitarian communist regime, we should answer with a united voice

  38. China’s a country, not a people. Seriousy. That is your arguement. I do not think saying covid 19 was made in China is racist but your arguement is terrible. 🙂

  39. 26:13 A little child that not only doesn’t own up to his own mistakes, but one who, when confronted about his own mistake, immediately shifts the attention to where people around him have made similar mistakes to invoke their sense of guilt although he has no sense of shame at all. Case in point, when China pointed out the slow response to COVID-19 of the U.S. after the U.S. called out China for being capable for the worldwide spread of the virus. Just because the U.S. made a mistake in their response, it doesn’t make dissolve the CCP of the original wrongdoing they were accused of. It’s all childish mind games.

  40. SerpentZA, you are by far the most reasonable, well spoken person that ever existed.

    I could by any means restrain myself at your level were I affected by the matters of which you speak of.

    Well done. You are like a world diplomat!

  41. There’s a joke about criticizing presidents and governments, which goes like this:

    An American says “Mr Chinese man, we have free speech in America. I can go to the president’s office and tell him he’s doing a bad job.”
    The Chinese man replies “Well, that’s no big deal. I can do that here in China too.”
    The American replies, shocked, “What do you mean, you couldn’t do such a thing. You wouldn’t survive to tell the tale.”
    The Chinese man looks at him with a grin on his face and replies, “I could walk into Xi Jinping’s office and tell him the president of America is doing a bad job.”

  42. As I said years ago, you should make a part of your goods in your own country or group of countries and do not produce everything in low cost countries. Globalism is NOT the holy grail.

  43. You are amazingly open/honest……so interesting in digging abit beneath the surface of the CCP and their policies…be safe Serpentza…and best wishes from UK…………..

  44. Sadly the government in SA is emulating the CCP ,no tolerance of criticism of the government.
    Am feeling safe and happy here in Taiwan.
    It is the CCP virus!

  45. They are selling the medical goods that they have seized from the illegal counterfeit ppe factories that have sprung up all over china… the ccp seize it for free but dont put it to waste they can sell it to the europeans they wont say anything they are feminine losers

  46. The Scottish Government (which has its hands tied by the UK) received 400 thousand pieces of protective kit from China. Needs must. Keep in mind *the UK’s Gov conduct has been laughable* during this pandemic & has been criminal toward Scotland. *Asking companies not to supply the Scottish NHS. That happened!* The UK Gov also ordered faulty kit. *But with a PM that literally bragged about shaking hands with virus patients, because things weren’t that bad; then contracted the virus himself & nearly died, what do you expect? An island with the highest death toll in Europe *that has only just started quarantining people for 14 days coming into the country.* It’s pathetic.

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