Prachuap Khiri Khan Beach Walk: After 6 months, DEFINITELY THE RIGHT DECISION TO MOVE TO THAILAND

I wanted to upload this as a reminder of how GREAT Prachuap Khiri Khan was and IS and as we are now in June, YOU CAN GO THERE and go to the beach!
Do It!!!

Here was my first hotel ZEA ZIDE:
(just make sure you ask for a room that is NOT #302 — unless you like the “jet engine-like” water sounds 😉

Here is the second place I stayed at: SUN BEACH HOTEL:
(not to be confused with Sun Beach Guest House — NOT The Same Place!!!)

Here’s a link to the State Railway of Thailand **IN ENGLISH**:
This allows you to verify your train is running BEFORE you show up at the train station 🙂

Live the Dream ~~mikes

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  1. As beautiful as this place looks I don’t think I would be happy there all by myself. Having a positive attitude like you do sure does help but if it were me I’d rather be up in the boonies in the Philippines with someone I love than alone in an awesome place like that!!!

  2. Great vid Mike just added another spot to my travel list for sure.
    They opened the beaches here yesterday and went down to Jomtien, walked the beach and caught a noon meeting there
    Wow it was fantastic 😊

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