POBox.ph – A way to purchase items in the USA and get them to the Philippines.

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I just received a package from POBox.ph , I ordered some things from the states and had them shipped here using this service. Nothing got lost and things got here in a reasonable time.

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  1. Very cool. Thank you for the recommendation. Just looking at options to send packages from the US to the Philippines this week. How much did it cost to ship that box?

  2. Jayson good stuff. A option to explore when I arrive back in the winter. Congrats on 2K subs. Will be watching to see what Q you guys will be on. Hopefully it’s easyQ. Be safe Jayson.

  3. Hate to burst your bubble but I’ve seen and bought Hamburger helper before here in Ayala and SM sometimes. Different varieties too. I just miss the most is Oscar Meyer bologna… Haha.. I know it’s stupid but after 18 years here… I miss many things. Can’t wait to get home for a while. 18 years stuck here is way too long. I’ll wait until this country lifts the quarantine requirements. That might be a while. Thanks Jason.

  4. I hate being canadian. All the good info on youtube is for americans. Plus you have better money and better options for where to live within the country. Better everything. Health care in canada use to be good but now its a joke. It’s free yes, if you can get in to see someone but good luck with that.

  5. A timely video, I’ve been putting off researching the best ways to go about ordering from the states. When ordering your Macbook pro, did they add in the import fees and everything associated with an expensive item like the Mac?

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