Planting The Rice Fields

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  1. That hard work 💪 to old now ha ha 😂 😄 😆 😅 🤣 Brian you need to have a go 😀 just like to eat rice 🍚 😀 ok have a great day

  2. Those guys are getting SH!+ done, they really move when they know what they are doing and things that they know! That’s amazingly fast, probably just as good of not better than machine planting! Little man wants to join in and help plant. It totally surprised me. Good job everyone!

  3. Good job.
    Mas mahusay bang mag-araro ng bukid bago ang hangganan ng kapit-bahay, halimbawa kasama ang isang mas matatag na pilapil, upang ang mga pataba at sustansya ay mananatiling mas mahusay sa kanilang panig?

  4. Again, another slow tedious process, pulling and replanting, it’s manual no mechanize procedure but it will be done. It’s a century old practice.

  5. Farmers deserve a lot more credit. Average people are ignorant of the hard work involved in food production. Food doesn’t magically appear on store shelves. I’d like to see a pineapple farm. I hope to see one next year in Taiwan. I want to encourage people to support Taiwan and Philippines.

  6. Question: After you described the caribou taking an occasional crap, which made me smile. I was wondering, after you harvest the rice, is there any benefit in stringing some fence around the fields (maybe electric solar) and turning the chickens loose on the fields to let them scratch, eat and take and “occasional crap” to improve the soil nutrients?

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