Planting Corn In The Azolla Pits

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.


  1. Hi Sir Brian! I’m a fan of yours and just started viewing your uploads a week ago!
    I have seen and learned from other YouTube featured video of another one of the best or better organic feeds for farm/livestock animals. Scientific name is Trichanthera also locally known as “madre de agua”! These plants/trees are far less cheaper to work with (not labor intensive, not costly) though it takes longer to harvest. and can also be easily propagated. can be another source of income. It was also mentioned that this is a favorite feed for chickens, pigs, goats , turkeys and other farm animals. I don’t know or it was not mentioned if these can be also a food for fish like tilapia or bangus. Try to look at these in the YouTube tutorial or google it for more info.

  2. Brian I hope you don’t think I am trying to tell you how to grow food because it is not my intentions . I will say for the best sweet corn I have planted things with the corn that Flower . The reason for that is the bees will go to the flowers and work with the corn as well . most times I will plant Cucumbers Pumpkins squash anything that you grow to eat that flowers will work. I sometimes even plant flowers with the corn .. But most people love my corn and can’t wait to get some.

  3. Brian, what an amazing amount of work, and progress! You are a very industrious person, and you’ve changed the whole dynamics of that area, well done! You are so right, the people are quite comfortable not working!

  4. Very good video and Taytay needs to be cloned and I think the guys dont think they have to listen to him maybe thanks for sharing I still have to search for your videos as they are not showing for me in notifications or just popping up like they usually do

  5. It sounds like you need to try and hire one guy that just follows you around and learn the way you want to work. The problem is you might have to go through about fifty men before you find one that fits. I once managed a medical clinic and finally just hired non experience people at min. wage to train. It became really clear quickly who wanted to learn and make a living, and who just wanted a pay check to sit on their rear.

  6. Hello Brian! Well, you know my name. I am also looking at at farming here in the Philippines and would like for you to try out some of my ideas. I would be willing to fund your work. You already have my email so please contact me and lets talk.

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