Planning Your Trip: Time, Energy & Money. Part 1of2 TEM

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  1. Chair with the 3 legs…a finnish architect Alvar Aalto is very famous of those furnitures too. I had those but had to sell them as so many times did felt down. Better have 4 legs…also put 1 more for your TEM.. TEMF…Trust..We all have to trust that we CAN do that! Without this we failed already before we did start!? Am I right? Comments?

  2. Not sure what Leo is getting to with the 3 legged chair? I guess non-conventional methods can accomplish the same task. I think its good to question and evaluate. Often we don’t think enough prior to taking action. I try to think thing out also. I think of it as a phased approach to doing things. How ever you can over think things also. You need to take action at some point . I can’t cover all the bases but hopefully you get my point. Think but don’t over think. Any action is better than none.

  3. THanks for the videos man, good stuff i agree completely. I’m visiting Philippines beginning of 2014. I believe pinay are by far the best women in the world.

  4. As most people who know me already know, I take relationships here on the slow side. Even so, I recently met a wonderful Filipina who is the closest to an angel I’ve ever met. Just a really good, mature, loving woman. I gotta hide my bachelor card before she uses her magic on me. ha! But yes, there are some amazing women here.. totally amazing.

  5. Yah, forethought and critical thinking are not emphasized in our school system. And then it’s no wonder most people make huge, bad life-decisions their first few years out of high school. I’m not into getting paralyzed with pondering things too long either. The function of thought is to spur good action.

  6. This is a truism in a lot of areas. Funny how these end up in Triad formations.

    Like Time, Speed, and Distance.

    Or Good, Fast and Cheap. Like someone once said to me: You can have it Good, Fast and Cheap, just pick 2.

  7. In economic terms, basically what you’re talking about is what economists would call “opportunity costs”. Which is basically, which is more valuable in this instance, time or money? If It takes me 3 hours a week to clean my condo, but I can easily hire someone for $15 an hour to do that for me, AND I can earn $50 an hour doing what I do at the same time; it makes sense to hire the maid.  OR, maybe paying $15 an hour is absolutely worth paying to have the free time and convenience that it makes available to pursue other interests. It really all comes down to how much you value your time. 🙂

  8. Very good points about Time, Energy, & Money (TEM). Once I figured that out I had much better experiences traveling, personal lifestyle, and projects in general.

    1. @B Adventures it helps me focus on making decisions.  when low on energy, sometimes taking a nap is the most efficient use of an hour, to get other things done.  🙂

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